MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?



  • dan2097
    dan2097 Posts: 182 Forumite
    If the situation were changed to it being an expensive coat that was taken off and left as would be the norm but was stolen would that change anything? In both cases unless the person was leaving the party on their own it would look highly conspicuous to take two pairs of shoes/coats. You could even narrow down the list of suspects to those that left the party not at the same time as another set of people were leaving.

    Regarding the original scenario, I suppose I would expect the host to make a sizeable contribution. The first thing the host could do though is contact everyone who came to the party and ask them whether they accidentally took them. (how you would do so I'm not sure unless there was a spare pair of shoes at the end due to someone taking the wrong pair)
  • Elijay
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    I wouldn't spent that sort of money on shoes. Even if money was no object I wouldn't be seen wearing very expensive stuff.

    Surely the wearer has contents insurance and would make a claim?

    BTW as this website is about money saving what sort of question is this?
  • BigMikeyG
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    I wouldn;t wear shoes like that to a persons house as it is a waste. they would deem a special occasion and that is someone other people you don;t know would see them. However in the odd chace they were nicked from me I would ask for half or something because it is partly my fault for having nice shoes lol

    Not that my friends would say yes, we are all pretty selfish lol :-p
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  • Surely if you can afford a pair of £150 shoes, you can afford to replace them, one would think! However, putting myself in the position where I was at a friends party surrounded by other friends I would increasingly find it difficult to then trust any of them that were at the party.
    I would have to investigate who had the same size shoe as me getting my team of CSI agents in to help.
    Needless to say, I'm skint so yes I would ask for compensation from my friend. Who in the god's name has a party and then asks people to take of their shoes anyway!! Party = mess. It goes without saying!
  • moorhen_2
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    No way would I ask for the money. Someone has been nice & invited you to the party, and if they're a friend then they're as upset as you about the theft.

    S**t happens & you learn from it.
  • I am assuming this is someone I didn't know all that well, otherwise I would know their shoe-removal preferences and wear cheaper shoes in the first place!!

    So -as it is obviously an acquaintance I would not have any qualms about asking for the money for the shoes. After all, if you throw a party then you should allow people to keep their shoes on and supply adequate doormats and rugs to protect your carpet - and not just from the dirt on people's shoes!! How about a glass of red wine for example...?
  • Gregm
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    It is unlikely to happen to me as a size 13 male I would not pay that much and then chances are there would be very few at the party that my shoes would fit.

    Surely it depends on how close a friend the host is, if it's a friend of a friend or something then I would expect them to replace the shoes, however if the host was my closest friend then the friendship would be more important to me although I would let them know how annoyed I was.

    I would know that if my friend could afford to replace them they will without being asked, but if I knew they where struggling financially I would let it go but check with them a few times to see if they have turned up.
  • chloecc
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    no one would dare take my shoes, they'd have been placed in a dustbag and held in my handbag for safe keeping!! very particular about my shoesies!! haha
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  • toys19 wrote: »
    If you can afford £150 shoes you can afford to be magnanimous. Forget about the shoes but remember that somone at that party is thieving scoundrel

    what if the shoes were a present to yourself and saved hard for? (or a present from someone else?)

    Just because i drive a car that cost £8k doesnt mean that i 'can afford to replace it' if i dont get insurance (bit of a different scenario, but all i can come up with on the hoof!)
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  • You are responsible for looking after your own property.

    As a host I would be mortified if someone had their shoes stolen but I wouldn't replace them ,I am not running a business (or a cloakroom).

    Your wouldn't leave your wallet/purse or phone ect unattended because you would regard it as valuable ,it's up to you if you choose to leave an expensive pair of shoes un-supervised.

    If it were my shoes I would feel it was my fault for not keeping them safe,but would feel differently if I had to take them off, outside the setting of a private home ,then I would expect them to be claimed on insurance.
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