MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?



  • babyharry5
    babyharry5 Posts: 258 Forumite
    How bizarre to be all togged up and then put a pair of slippers on??
    I would defiintely have carried my shoes around with me and not left them anywhere.
    But to be honest depending on how close a friend it was, I would probably leave the party early and go out on the town instead!
    no point in making all that effort to dress up and then walk round someones house in their slippers!!:rotfl:
  • I'd never spend £150 on shoes in the first place :eek:

    However, for the sake of this thread, no I wouldn't ask for them to be replaced. I would have taken 'steps' to make sure they were safe in the first place.

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  • Well, clearly, the shoes have been stolen so I would have thought the first thing to ask your host to do is to inform the police? Give them a list of who was at the party and they can take it from there ...

    If your host doesn't want to do this, then, yes, I'm afraid I would insist on replacements. Whether they cough up themselves or claim it from their insurance, that's up to them, but they did insist you took them off and didn't give you a secure place to leave them, and it's their home, so it's their responsibility.
  • toys19
    toys19 Posts: 32 Forumite
    If you can afford £150 shoes you can afford to be magnanimous. Forget about the shoes but remember that somone at that party is thieving scoundrel
  • Shytalker
    Shytalker Posts: 32 Forumite
    As a bloke I would never own such an outrageously priced pair of shoes anyway but, seriously, the host should take responsibility and pay.

    In fact they should be so mortified that they should offer to pay without being asked.

    If you wear such an expensive outfit, it is likely that the host has plenty of dosh too, although they might not yet have sorted out their insurance.

    They might then ponder which of their so-called friends was the lousy toe-rag who stole them and never invite them round again.
  • liz105
    liz105 Posts: 378 Forumite
    As this is straight out of an episode of SATC I'd do what Carrie does...after being fed up of spending out thousands on the host with gifts over the years she announces she's marrying herself and registers at the shop she bought the shoes at. She sends one invitation (to the host) who then buys the shoes as the 'wedding gift'. A beautiful way to make a point.

    Failing that I'd call the police and shame my host into replacing the shoes.
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  • wow is someone a closet SATC fan? I would ask for them to be replaced if the host hadn't already offered- the price of them is beside the point really, as what is obscene to one person is a treat for another. i'd love to have £150 shoes to wear but not there yet...or anytime soon really... ;)
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  • bigpat
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    £150 ???!!! That's probably more than i've spent on all my shoes together in th last five years (Yes...I'm a man:rotfl: )

    The host should have warned people in advance that they would have to wear slippers (at this bizarre party) and should have arranged a locked bedroom to store everyone's shoes in.

    Yes. I'd ask for my shoes to be replaced, but would I still have the receipt to prove they cost £150?
  • Must admit, I always take my shoes off whenever I enter anyone's house (as do most of my friends) - must be a continental upbringing! If it's a house warming, the host probably feels they've spent enough money on new flooring to try and ensure this stays in good nick for as long as possible and isn't made grubby within a few days.

    Also, I do actually have a (admittedly small) supply of slippers - one size fits all - which I offer guests when they come into the house, so the comment from a previous poster that the host must have money to throw around
    host a party like that and buy slippers for everyone else then you can afford to replace the taken shoes
    doesn't necessarily apply.

    However, for the sake of this thread, no I wouldn't ask for them to be replaced. I would have taken 'steps' to make sure they were safe in the first place. (plus £150 for a pair of shoes !!!!!!!!!)
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  • Smickan
    Smickan Posts: 1,053 Forumite
    bigpat wrote: »
    £150 ???!!! That's probably more than i've spent on all my shoes together in th last five years (Yes...I'm a man:rotfl: )

    Ditto, I'd be lucky if it was £70 and I'm female :rotfl: :rotfl:

    Sounds a bit like a fetish party ;)

    I'd expect the host to pay up, yes - and I'd be wary of going to a party at their house again if the culprit wasn't found.
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