MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Do you ask for new shoes?

You go to a house warming party kitted out in your best gear but the host, gives you slippers and says please leave your new £150 designer stillettos/Italian leather loafers at the door with everyone else's shoes to stop dirt. When leaving your shoes have gone. After a week the host still can't find them, and you're fed up. Do you ask for new shoes?

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  • Skippy2roo
    Skippy2roo Posts: 279
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    Damn right i'd ask for new shoes, and give them a time frame in which to replace
    Hello again
  • claire2007
    claire2007 Posts: 72 Forumite
    Reminds me of a certain SATC episode!
  • shellsuit
    shellsuit Posts: 24,749
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    I wouldn't ask for new shoes because I would never leave £150 shoes from my side ~ I would have carried them with me! :)

    But, say for arguments sake, I did leave them, then Yes, I'd ask for new shoes and ask the host just what scally wags she had invited!
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  • What an awful position for the host to find themselves in! I'd be mortified if I found that one of my guests had stolen another's shoes, thereby casting suspicion on any of my friends who had the opportunity. I'm assuming the host has, by this time, already phoned round everyone to check that no-one took the wrong shoes by accident.
    I would hope, though, that the host in that situation would offer at least to make a contribution towards new shoes without being asked. If they can afford to by slippers for all their guests (presumably having to buy extras too since they wouldn't know the guests' shoe sizes) then they can probably manage to replace the shoes. I would never spend that much money on shoes though. If it was near my birthday/ Christmas and/ or the host was someone who would normally give me something, I'd try to make it less embarrassing for all concerned by subtly suggesting that new shoes might be a particularly welcome birthday/ Xmas gift.
  • ovetta2001
    ovetta2001 Posts: 296 Forumite
    I would have to say yes.
    If the host insisted that I wear their footwear that is fine
    But they should have put my shoes in a smart place!
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  • Taffybiker
    Taffybiker Posts: 927 Forumite
    Definately. If the situation were reversed I would expect to compensate my guest since it was my fault.

    Although to be honest I don't think I would attend a house warming party of anyone who was snooty enough to expect guests to remove shoes. If the house is that immacculate why bother having a party there? It will only get dirty anyway.
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  • i would ask for a replacement though i would hope not to be put in that position and the host should offer to replace them first after doing everything they can to find them, i know i would, we all know money is tight but if you can host a party like that and buy slippers for everyone else then you can afford to replace the taken shoes.
    if slippers were required then why didnt the host add that onto the invitation then everyone would have brought their own and not have felt the need to wear such expensive footwear anyway as no one would see it.
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  • Dorrie
    Dorrie Posts: 66
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    I would expect the host to pay for the new shoes as they were left in an unsuitable place on their insistance. As others have said, it is a bit odd to start with that they have a housewarming party and then don't want any mess! Were people allowed to eat or drink indoors at this party?

    Their insurance would cover a lot of the cost of the shoes anyway - provided that their excess is minimal (£50 say).

    Although I have said they should pay, it wouldn't happen with my shoes as I have to have them made through the Surgical Appliance Clinic at my local hospital, so no-one would steal them in the first place! :)
  • emmy05
    emmy05 Posts: 2,085 Forumite
    to be fair, i wouldnt wear them unless i knew i was going to be wearing them ALL night
  • emmy05 wrote: »
    to be fair, i wouldnt wear them unless i knew i was going to be wearing them ALL night
    yes but unless it stated on the invite that slippers would need to be worn you would expect to be wearing them all night wouldnt you.
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