MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?



  • teddyco
    teddyco Posts: 397 Forumite
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    What idiot would go out and purchase special slippers for each guest and then demand that their slippers were better for their carpet than my £150 Italian loafers?
    How would they know what sizes to buy?
    Come on Martin, you can do better than this one!

    If this scenario really did happen, I would leave the party, pick up some fish-n-chips on my way home and
    watch a good Clint Eastwood movie with a nice cold one, happy that I wasn't at that party.
  • Nicki24
    Nicki24 Posts: 165 Forumite
    My boyfriend has friends that insist you take your shoes off when entering their drives me nuts.....they invite you to a party and your all glammed up but walking around with nothing on your feet its ridiculous, after the first couple of times I gave up with the dressing up and now turn up in jeans. I have to say I agree with a lot of the posts on this board, if you are so worried about your carpets/flooring being ruined then you shouldnt invite people round - the bizarre thing is when they come to our house they take their shoes off at the front door - I tell them its fine to wear shoes but they insist on taking them off - v. bizarre.

    Anyway in answer to the initial question if I was forced to remove my shoes and found out they had been pinched by someone at the end of the night then I would definately expect the host to foot the bill for a new pair.
  • hayley11
    hayley11 Posts: 7,625 Forumite
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    Oooh this happened in SATC...I would definitely ask for the money back. In fact if that happened to me I wouldn't have left them by the door, I probably would have hid them somewhere :rotfl:
    :heart: Think happy & you'll be happy :heart:
    I :heart2: my doggies
  • A.Jones
    A.Jones Posts: 508 Forumite
    Did the host have a sign up as you entered saying that the management takes no responsibility for items stolen from their shoe storage area?
  • lindseykim13
    lindseykim13 Posts: 2,978 Forumite
    I wouldn't ask but i would make it very clear i was not happy, keep calling etc until she offered to buy new ones.
  • Nicki24
    Nicki24 Posts: 165 Forumite
    TeaClipper wrote: »
    Also, I do actually have a (admittedly small) supply of slippers - one size fits all - which I offer guests when they come into the house, so the comment from a previous poster that the host must have money to throw around doesn't necessarily apply.

    Teaclipper, thats all very nice but who wants to wear a pair of slippers that have been worn previously by other guests? I certainly wouldnt.

    I do however agree that everyone has the right to request that people dont wear shoes in their house......its your house, your rules at the end of the day but.......I think guests should be pre-warned so they atleast have the choice of bringing your own alternative footwear and can also dress accordingly, there is nothing worse than turning up in a little black dress only to discover you have to wear pre-worn slippers or walk around with bare feet all night.
  • geri1965_2
    geri1965_2 Posts: 8,736 Forumite
    TeaClipper wrote: »
    Also, I do actually have a (admittedly small) supply of slippers - one size fits all - which I offer guests when they come into the house,

    Seriously? :rotfl:

    In answer to the OP, I would probably not ask my friend to replace them, but I would be seriously annoyed about it (whilst not blaming her specifically).
  • Aspal
    Aspal Posts: 122 Forumite
    Fortunately, I'd never spend £150 on shoes, or have friends that were so houseproud that they'd make me take them off!!!
  • brownbake
    brownbake Posts: 561 Forumite
    Reminds me of an episode of the funniest programme EVER made Curb Your Enthusiasm.
    Larry goes bowling with Ted Danson and when he goes to get his shoes afterwards someone else has taken them!! LOL He ends up leaving sock footed and shoeless.

    As a side note does anyone know why Channel 4 buy what must be expensive brilliant HBO TV series and then buries them either on little watched E4 or very late on Channel 4.
    They could dominate the whole UK TV market if they put on these brilliant multi award winning shows that they waste money on if they kept them at the same reasonable say 10PM timeslot every week instead of clogging up the TV arteries with crap like Big brother.

    They have bought Curb, The Sopranos and Oz 3 6 full series of excellent HBO TV that should be "water cooler" TV every week. The British public loved The Office and would love Curb but many people haven't even heard of it!!
  • JayD
    JayD Posts: 698 Forumite
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    First, I doubt I will ever own a pair of shoes that cost £150.
    Second, if I did, I would most defiinitely NOT leave them anywhere, if I had to remove them - I would keep them with me all the time.

    Would I ask for new shoes?
    I wouldn't need to - mine would be safely with me the whole time and would be walking nowhere without MY feet inside them!
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