MONEY MORAL DILEMMA: Do you ask for new shoes?



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    And if you're daft enough to spend £150 on a pair of shoes, you've got more money than sense and can hardly expect others to cough up for your own negligence - your property, your responsibility to look after it.

    why does most of this thread concentrate on whether you should be allowed to spend £150 on a pair of shoes. No one has the right to tell me what to spend my money on - if you want to spend 000s on a car - you do that, i want to spend MY MONEY on shoes, or chocolate or wine - you dont know - i might have been left some money by a dear relative, who said 'go out and have some fun'... dont dare to tell me what to do!! (i'm ranting a bit here i know)

    the point is - the host should offer (or at the very least explain cannot afford to pay for - either way) - but it was the host who said you cannot wear those shoes in my house. You didnt take off your shoes by choice, you explained they were expensive, and still the host wanted them off.
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  • I'm a bit stunned by the number of people who think it's bad manners to ask your guests to take their shoes off - or, for that matter, that you must be excessively houseproud to ask. I was brought up that you always take your shoes off at the door so you don't tread mud through the house. But on the other hand I'm not worried about crumbs or even the odd glass of red wine; the little particles of dog sh*t that might be on the soles of your outdoor shoes are a lot more likely to carry nasty germs around.

    I think the person who mentioned the coat analogy had the right idea. My friends also tend to leave their handbags with their coats & shoes - but I lock the door, and if anything was stolen (of mine, or of my friends') while I had visitors then I'm afraid I'd go straight to the police and give them the guest list.
  • JuliaJolie
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    I'm astounded by some of the hostility in this thread. First of all, designer shoes rarely cost £150 - the shoes in that episode of SATC cost over $800 (not $485 as stated in the show and the film). Secondly, the comments about "more money than sense" and "you should have kept your shoes safe" just goes to show the mentality of people on this board.

    If I'm going to a party, I would expect to be relatively dolled up and probably, yes, wearing a pair of nice sandals (though in my current studentish situation it's unlikely I'd be able to afford expensive shoes). I'm a size 9 and it's impossible to just go to a cheapo shop and find shoes, which, even if I did, would probably just give me blisters anyway. When I bought my Timbaland boots I was 11 years old and had to have them specially made at an extra cost because of my huge feet! The point is that I don't own a lot of shoes, mainly because I HAVE to go and buy them at more expensive stores - say, at least £60 each, because by the time it's on sale my size is never there, if it wasn't made in that style in the first place, and shoe stores state they literally often only get ONE PAIR in a size 8 or 9.

    I don't think it's fair that people assume that just because a person spent money on a nice pair of shoes means that they can just replace it instantly and doesn't care about the cost. What if your car (not exactly cheap) was stolen, or your wedding or holiday was cancelled and you lost money? You would have spent all that money and had nothing to show for it. I feel it's rather against the spirit of this site to pass judgement on other people on how they choose to spend their money. My left elbow is now likely permanently disabled, meaning I'm unable to drive. So the money I might have spent on a car and its maintenance, insurance etc - what if I wanted to buy a pair of shoes instead (well, not the whole amount on shoes)? Does that make me "daft" or a bad person?

    The last thing I'd like to mention is that hindsight is so 20/20. It's all well and good people tut-tutting, "well you should have found a better place to put the shoes" but was anyone really thinking that at the time? Did anyone expect their shoes to be stolen at someone's housewarming party? I would have gone to that party with the intentions of having a lovely time, but if I was wearing expensive shoes and had already seen that episode of SATC or read this board, then I would refuse to part with my shoes and assume that everyone there was a potential thief. It's like being in a horror movie, and having seen horror movies before, and choosing never to say "I'll be right back".

    Having said (all) that, If I wasn't prepared for shoe-poaching by pop-culture references, then damn right I would expect to be compensated for my loss. "At your own risk" policies would only apply if it was your choice to take the shoes off. In this case, it wasn't - and you're taking your shoes off at the host's risk.
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    Its very low to steal a pair of shoes from a friends home. Had I have been the host, I would have book a carpet cleaner for the next day and allowed my guest to keep their shoes, its likely some wine may get spilled so carpets cleaners would solve two problems. If the shoes had gone missing I would do my best to find them, if no luck I would replace them without question. So yes, I would expect and request that my shoes are replaced. There has been some crazy suggestions on here, who dresses up and puts on £150 shoes only to take them oof and carry them round with you all night?:rolleyes:
  • Id definately ask for them to be replaced, as Carrie did in SATC (Love that programme!!!)
  • worbikeman
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    :eek: £150 would keep me in shoes for the rest of me life!
    If I was that rich I'd just get me butler to buy another pair! :rotfl:
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