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    Is it possible to buy glue which is removable or peelable?

    I am trying to make a scrapbook/photo album but have not been able to get all the photos gathered together in time. Some might need to be moved so that I can insert others in chronological order later on so I don't want them permanently fixed at this stage.

    I don't want to use a self-adhesive album with the plastic film over the photos, but a more traditional type album.

    Any help would be great.
  • julie03julie03 Forumite
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    Have you thought about an album with remove able pages so the photos didn't have to be taken out as I think most glues would leave a mark
  • auntySauntyS Forumite
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    julie03 wrote: »
    Have you thought about an album with remove able pages so the photos didn't have to be taken out as I think most glues would leave a mark

    Thanks for the suggestion.
    Yes, that is a possibility but it was in case any of the individual photos needed moved if there were more than one on the page and another one came to light which fit in better. It's a nightmare trying to gather all the photos together.
  • Hi,

    I have been looking everywhere to find an oldfashioned type scrapbook. I can only seem to find ones where you glue things to the pages and write on. Really I am looking for something with little pockets on the pages so that you can put tickets in the pockets or photos and write next to them on the page. As I am trying to make a travel and date scrap book I want to be able to take the tickets out to look out. Any ideas where these can be purchased from?
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    You can buy adhesive photo corners which I have found useful as they slot onto the 4 corners of the photo then stick onto the page so the photo doesn't get damaged and can be easily removed.
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    I've merged the scrapbooking threads together to help those that are new to the craft ;)
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  • hi everyone, I need inspiration. im creating a nature theme scrapbook of the photos of mine and my mams walks. where do I get the background paper for my pages? the letteringbetc? anyone got any ideas or inspiration...also I need to start it off by sunday with a broken hand too!
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