MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Would you contribute to the cost of repair?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Would you contribute to the cost of repair?

You are going on holiday with a group of three friends and decide to hire a car between you so that you can go out and explore the island. Only one of your friends drives and has agreed to hire the car in their name and do all the driving whilst away. Unfortunately, whilst trying to park in a particularly busy spot your friend backs into a lamppost and causes £500 worth of damage to the car. As it's under the excess this is charged straight to his credit card. Would you contribute to the cost of repair?

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  • LittleVoice
    LittleVoice Posts: 8,975
    Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Yes, I'd pay a quarter. No dilemma.
  • Incisor
    Incisor Posts: 2,271 Forumite
    Yes, I'd pay a quarter. No dilemma.
    Me too. ........
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  • smithcvs
    smithcvs Posts: 28 Forumite
    Yes, no problem, I would contribute.
  • hethmar
    hethmar Posts: 10,678
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    Of course you should! You are sharing the hire of the car, so you share the responsibilities -
  • jonven
    jonven Posts: 598 Forumite
    Yes I'd have to pay a share of it, we were all using the car it wouldn't be fair to leave the cost to one
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  • auntymabel
    auntymabel Posts: 433 Forumite
    Yes - he's driving on behalf of all the people in the car.
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    (From Mae Stewart's book 'Dae Yeh Mind Thon Time?')
  • Clueless969
    Clueless969 Posts: 52
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    If we were all together on the drive when the accident happened then a full share.

    Under any other circumstances, it would depend on those circumstances.
  • pezza88
    pezza88 Posts: 28 Forumite
    I think you would have to share the cost unless the accident was a result of unreasonable carelessness. A bump in a car-park seems like an unfortunate accident and you can't leave the driver to foot the bill!
  • baffcat
    baffcat Posts: 502
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Yes, I'd help pay.
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  • frx209
    frx209 Posts: 15 Forumite
    Yes I would definitely pay my share. To have a driver for the holiday would be great and then to expect him/her to pay out for damage is out of order.

    Not quite the same thing, but we went on holiday with another couple to Spain and both us men agreed to share the driving, when we got to the rental desk and it came to filling out the forms, he suddenly decided he would not drive and it was all down to me. Would have loved some help.

    But he was a rubbish driver anyway!!!

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