June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks Tesco. Just thanked you for that :D

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    Almost and NSD for me - I was baking and ran out of flour so just had to go to MR T's and get some stuff spent £9.07 and got .....

    SR Flour
    2 x value bacon - fancied bacon and egg sarnies for brunch
    small sliced farmhouse
    chicken for sarnies for the kids lunches
    Value bananas
    2 x 4 pack ski yogurt on special at 2 4 £1.99

    I have spent the rest of the day doing choc sponge for the kids lunches - except they decided its too dry so I've sandwiched it with some choc cream cheese icing. I have just done a pineapple traybake - 1 tin value pineapple pieces drained and spread out on bottom of baking tray, ordinary sponge mix made with dark brown sugar and poured over the top of the pineapple. I don't like pineapple but the boys do so I'm hoping they'll like this! I've just got some flapjacks to do a bit later. Oh gotta go BM has just finished the dough for me rolls!!

    Banana Lovers
    Buy your bananas in bunches of 5 on Sunday. Then arrange them in order of ripeness and write a day of the week on each banana in felt pen, Monday on the ripest, Friday on the greenest to save time making those decisions on a hectic weekday morning
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    Well thats my first NSD nearly over
    hoping to make this week a minimal spend week too, being optimistic. Also happy as my cucumber seeds starting to show some life--- a few germinated now, also one tomato popping through. Waiting til lettuces a bit bigger then transplanting into bigger trays. Also need to get some net for the strawb and courgette plants :) so can cover them once fruits appear! Great to hear how everyone is getting on.:T :T :T
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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    We just went over our £120 spend in May, but fingers crossed for June. I'm keeping it at £120 as I know I can get it there............ honest :embarassed:
    Sealed Pot Challenge #021 #8 975.71 #9 £881.44 #10 £961.13 #11 £782.13 #12 £741.83 #13 £2135.22 declared
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    Sorry Mrs M, posted my request on May (newbie still working my way round)
    £200 for June please.
    Did try and do April and May, so properly fired up for a flaming June (not that it is sunny here today - rainy and horrible.) Will keep posting for encouragement (think I will need it).
    Have 3 weddings, 2 christenings, 30th anniversary,50th anniversary, 2 x 40th birthdays to go to, plus all normal birthdays to do cards and pressies for (will be making my own cards)
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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    Hi everyone!!

    Good luck for next week everyone!! Did you know over 200 people are doing the challenge this month???

    200 wow! Shows what a great and friendly thread this is.
    May 2013 new beginnings:j
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    KITTY wrote: »
    Afternoon everyone, and what a wet and miserable one it is here in South Yorkshire.

    Just popped on to update signature with todays spends. Went for my week's fruit, veg and meat and spent over £70 :eek: Did buy a new sweeping brush and pan and a scoop for the cat food, along with quite a few whoopsied bakery items, so shouldn't need to go near a supermarket again this week.

    Last month I tried one large shop and then just the f & v visits but overspent by about £170 :o So this month I'm going back to weekly visits with fresh top ups in between as needed. The cupboards are stuffed though as is fridge and freezer so should manage OK. Just feel that I HAVE to shop each week as that's what we've always done. It's a bad habit I need to break.

    Anyway off to read last few pages so catch you all later.

    Hi Kitty, think I will do weekly shop next month from now on, as you can see from my siggy, the amount i`ve already spent:eek:. This does include alot of my cleaning stuff and store cupboard basics, but not too impressed with my spend. I`ve nearly always done this weekly, so thought i`d experiment with monthly, but not any more.
    Grocery Challenge 2013: July week 1 £90/£87.41 :D
    week 2 £90.00/£118.38:eek: week 3 £90/£60.54:jweek4 £90/£79.90 week5 £45/£00
    End of mortgage april 2030
    Mortgage overpayment from june 2013 aiming for £400 a month: £451
    Emergency fund 2013 from june £70
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    Blimey, page 29 already and I haven't even joined yet :rotfl:

    I'm in for £100 (one adult, five-week month running from Monday 2nd June to Sunday 6th July).
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
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    Got a chicken from local butcher yesterday(try to support local shops where possible) and managed to do a roast for today for 4 people, packed lunches for tomorrow and will use up the rest tomorrow night in a chicken curry(hoping I will have enough to freeze for another time), I`ve used the MrT value curry sauce 4p before and thought the sauce was good. Did add onion, mushrooms, coconut milk and had to water down alittle with water(makes it go that little bit further), but well worth the 4p I thought.

    Made a quiche for lunch today and packed lunches during the week and also some short crust pastry for the freezer.
    Grocery Challenge 2013: July week 1 £90/£87.41 :D
    week 2 £90.00/£118.38:eek: week 3 £90/£60.54:jweek4 £90/£79.90 week5 £45/£00
    End of mortgage april 2030
    Mortgage overpayment from june 2013 aiming for £400 a month: £451
    Emergency fund 2013 from june £70
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    Evening all
    Well NSD for 5 or so days didnt o quiet to plan. Yesterday i brought a large sack of potatoes from farm shop for £6.00 and today i forgot to get the chicken out of the frezzer for lunch so ended up going to Mr T's and geting 2 for £6.
    while i was cooking lunch i did a spot of batch cooking which will help with next weeks menu plan. I have 8 cooked jacket potatoes for lunches and teas, 2 quiches, a chilli and a fresh loaf for sandwiches. I really really have no reason to go to the shops now..........Well i think????:rotfl:
    have a good week everybody.
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