June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    I've been Money Tipped!
    A NSD for me today! :j I know it is only day 1 and we had brought back some salad bits from our holiday so a corned beef and egg salad for lunch, I have finally learnt to chill the corned beef first in the fridge before slicing it, it goes much further that way;) the rest is for tomorrows sandwiches. Soya mince chilli and rice tonight, all from the larder.
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    dink1 re:shopping with a list......you must be strong!!! it just takes a bit of will power to stick to whats on it, but you'll get there! just keep focused on what you've gone in there for, and cross bits off your list as you put them in your trolley, or you can roughly add things up before you go out and only take enough cash to cover that

    IfOnlyItWasEasier thanx for not spoiling what happens in the new Indy film ;) glad you enjoyed it....i used to really fancy Harrison Ford :p

    well dipped into next weeks grocery money cos i popped into Iceland, and then to Mr T's for dog food, sugar, pickle etc but hopefully i won't need much more for the rest of the week....famous last words! :rotfl:

    just got soaked taking the dogs out and i'm too cold to be bothered with cooking tea, but i suppose i must! catch up with you all later xx
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    Hello me again and in for another month, starting today - which is a NSD - hurrah.

    So for 8 of us (6 human or nearly so 2 adults + 4 kiddies), 2 perfectly feline. I am going to try again for £595.

    This month I will be using the market more, buying less biccies, and trying out Aldi and Lidl, as I am now working near enough to one to have a looksie in my lunch break - any tips for me?? (or a linkie to the thread please)
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  • Went to Mr M to use another of the £5 off voucher - spent £31.05 but that included a case of larger for OH which I don't include in GC so £21.05. Managed to stock up on some more pasta and a sack of potatoes @ £3.99. Bread flour was still 48p so i picked up 2 bags.

    We were at a wedding yesterday but I had to popped to local shop for bread and milk - £1.60.

    Total so far 29.85 :D
  • Hi everyone!!

    Good luck for next week everyone!! Did you know over 200 people are doing the challenge this month???

    Went down to Mr T this afternoon, but didn't buy anything...OB was shocked when I walked back empty handed.
    Was only really after whoopsied veg but the prices of those still seem steep and it was absolutely packed (did everyone leave their shopping until today as weather was so nice yesterday).
    Talk about will power..the refridgerated area was full of goodies that were just being put down TO final reductions but I've no room in the freezer so I walked away.
    Planning to use a MOC this week (buying other items so can use the £2 off for food) so may pick up some veg then... don't NEED any until next weekend.
    So a NSD for us.

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    Afternoon everyone, and what a wet and miserable one it is here in South Yorkshire.

    Just popped on to update signature with todays spends. Went for my week's fruit, veg and meat and spent over £70 :eek: Did buy a new sweeping brush and pan and a scoop for the cat food, along with quite a few whoopsied bakery items, so shouldn't need to go near a supermarket again this week.

    Last month I tried one large shop and then just the f & v visits but overspent by about £170 :o So this month I'm going back to weekly visits with fresh top ups in between as needed. The cupboards are stuffed though as is fridge and freezer so should manage OK. Just feel that I HAVE to shop each week as that's what we've always done. It's a bad habit I need to break.

    Anyway off to read last few pages so catch you all later.
    Merry Christmas
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    Was only really after whoopsied veg but the prices of those still seem steep and it was absolutely packed (did everyone leave their shopping until today as weather was so nice yesterday).

    I agree SFT i think lots of people went out today for their shopping / whoopsie hunting:D
    I popped to MR T again today :o and it was just after 3pm.
    Absolutly packed in store. No Whoopies( not that i have got any space for them)

    Only went to get a new kettle. Old one gave up yesterday after 8 years hard work:rolleyes:
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    Hi all.. haven't 'checked in' for this month yet but started as usual on payday on 23rd. Trying for a £50 budget and doing ok so far - had a £10 Tesco voucher through so most of this week's shopping has been paid for by that! Total looks a bit high with still three weeks to go but have got loads in, keep finding stuff in freezer and cupboards that I'd forgotten about. Bought a big bag of potatoes at start of the month which has been a really good move, and also a 3kg bag of rice... lots of storecupboard basics in so should only need fresh veg, milk, cheese and a bit of fish/ meat for the rest of the month.

    Hope everyone's having a good one so far!
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  • I always seem to cook a bit too much food for my family and so I am now trying to be good and not just throw it away. Yesterday I had a whole mini-meal left so I have frozen it down to have as lunch sometime, will just need to bung it in the microwave. This lunchtime I just had boiled potatoes left and my daughter is having them for tea with salad cream (which she loves), instead of making her a sandwich like the rest of the family - so one sandwich saved!!! Every little helps!
  • Hello everyone, I am new to this challenge, but what I am impressed with is the community spirit and how everyone gets thanked for posting.:T
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