June 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Evening all
    Just had a huge collander full of salad leaves out of the potio :T so did us a salad for tea.... It strange because i don't like many fancy salad leaves you get in the supermarkets -yet my own i love and i grow a much bigger variety :confused:
    Hubby has a tuna and sweetcorn mayo salad and hm bread n butter for work tomorrow - well when i say mayo..its actually part tzatziki part quark... that bucket of tzatziki is never ending :rotfl: so this week it will be used to make naans too..i WILL get to the bottom of that tub :D

    Right whilst i remember..
    1. 1 large red onion finely sliced - white is fine too
    2. 1 clove garlic finely sliced
    3. 1" chunk fresh ginger -peeled and cut into fine matchsticks
    4. 1oz soft dark brown sugar
    5. 4tbs fish sauce
    • Throw it all in a pan and stir over a gentle heat until the sugar dissolves
    • That sauce is for 4 servings..although when i do 2 I still do the same mix ;)
    • Then you just get your pieces of salmon -I always use the skinless boneless fillests you get fresh in bags in tesco individually wrapped -but i know LIDL do boxes of 2 in the freezer..place the salmon portions on a square of foil and pull up the sides to form a bag
    • tip over the sauce and scrunch up the bag
    • stick on a baking sheet and place in a medium oven for about 10 mins -or until the salmon is cooked through
    • if you let the sauce go cold first you can make the parcel up and stick it in the fridge over night -great for a prepare ahead meal..
    I have it with stir fry or noodles, the sauce sounds like a strange concoction.. but it works really well with the creamy salmon :D

    Now i don't really need anything this week but all the leaflets came again this morning -every week i get all the supermarket offers :T and REAL have 1 kilo tubs of fresh apricots for €1.49...which is just cruel..so i might have to partake of a couple :p have nearly demolished the 2 tubs of nectarines i got yesterday :o still at least i know i get my 5 a day :rotfl: ok its usually over 10 a day :D
    right will get off...will post the thai curry concoction in the morning :D
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    SAVVYMUMMY wrote: »
    Got a chicken from local butcher yesterday(try to support local shops where possible) and managed to do a roast for today for 4 people, packed lunches for tomorrow and will use up the rest tomorrow night in a chicken curry(hoping I will have enough to freeze for another time), I`ve used the MrT value curry sauce 4p before and thought the sauce was good. Did add onion, mushrooms, coconut milk and had to water down alittle with water(makes it go that little bit further), but well worth the 4p I thought.

    Made a quiche for lunch today and packed lunches during the week and also some short crust pastry for the freezer.

    I used the Tesco 4p value curry sauce on Friday but found it really sweet/sugary. I'll maybe do that next time.

    Nipped into Tesco and managed to get 2 salmon fillets for 30p and some fresh chopped fruit for 18p. Someone was asking when its best to get the whoopsies. Get to know the staff in your shops and always always always be nice, polite and friendly to them. The staff have told me when the reductions get done and when the best time is to pick them up. I've found that just before closing is best, but sometimes everything is finished by then. It can be a hit and miss thing ;)
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    Hi Folks, it's the first of June and it hasn't rained today. Must be Summer. A NSD for the last 4 days as had Mr T round last Wednesday.

    My goodness 29 pages with 580 posts already. My, you have been busy.

    Can any of you good people tell me about using White Vinegar, Soda (for washing) and any other products that can be used instead of more expensive things. I do use the aforementioned but only use the vinegar for descaling and the soda in the washing machine. Is there a forum dealing with this sort of thing and if so could you kindly point me to it. Thanks in advance.

    Love the FM

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    Nasi Goreng - I actually buy the Conimex mix and half the contents and add the following

    Cooked white rice
    Chicken stock
    Crispy bacon / lardons
    Prawns any shape size or amount
    Cooked chicken breast
    Red pepper finely sliced
    Fried white onions or spring onions
    2 eggs beaten to make wafer thin omelette to slice and serve on top

    Stock made up to 100mls with water ,add to mix leave 10 mins.
    Cook rice and cool slightly.
    In a nonstick pan add onions and cook till transparent ,add pepper 2 mins add chicken,bacon,prawns until prawns are cooked.
    Add to rice and mix for 2 mins.
    Make thin omelettes to serve and slice on top of the nasi goreng
    Make several really thin pancakes and slice into strips.
    Serve and enjoy.

    I have looked on lot's of recipes and there are lots of variations ,it depends what you have in the fridge as to how it turns out.Maybe different every time.

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    Wow Mrs M, that sounds gorgeous, have got a box of two from LIDL in the freezer. I will definitely try this recipe;)
    I normally poach them from frozen in milk using frying pan, add a knob of butter and some parsley, seasoned with black pepper then thicken suace with cornflour when nearly cooked. Served with mashed potatoes, (and any other root veg that looks like it needs using up- I boil the lot in a pressure cooker so mash only takes 4 minutes on hob- less gas needed)
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    Sorry Mrs M, posted my request on May (newbie still working my way round)
    £200 for June please.
    Did try and do April and May, so properly fired up for a flaming June (not that it is sunny here today - rainy and horrible.) Will keep posting for encouragement (think I will need it).
    Have 3 weddings, 2 christenings, 30th anniversary,50th anniversary, 2 x 40th birthdays to go to, plus all normal birthdays to do cards and pressies for (will be making my own cards)

    Wow- good luck sounds like it'll be an expensive month, what will you do for gifts? I have two wedding anniversaries this month, a first and a fortieth. I'm giving the newlyweds are getting a bottle of wine from the island they honeymooned on but stuck for ideas for the fortieth, might just give a nice card- definitely too skint to buy rubies:eek: .
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    Sorry just skimmed the posts there is so many to read lol.

    Spent £7.55 yesterday but, my DS9 wanted a take away pizza but managed to talk him round in to making a mammys take away night so i'm guessing I'll have saved at least a tenner. Have beef left off the raost today so will make a stew thing or a curry for tea tomorrow.
    Grocery Challenge. £400. - £35.22 + £19.80 + £109.01 = £164.03
    Other spends (Clothes Luxuries etc)£11.97 + £1.19 + £7.36 + £69.00 + £38.50 + £5.50 + £23.00 +£2.00 = £158.52:shocked::sad:
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    luckily all are not in June, would seriously be broke then, in June, 1 christening, one 40th birthday, 30th wedding anniversary, August - 1 wedding, 1 christening, one 40th birthday and the others are all in September, so working hard!!!

    Pressies - 40th birthday - 1968 - visited website to see what was number one in charts for birthday week and bought it from ebay!!! - putting it in a frame - so it's like a gold disc with a personal message. 30th wedding anniversary - went to Spain in January - cheap flight from Mr Thomson and they do a natty line in engraved/decorative candles - got one and will pop it in a bag with a bottle of bubbly!!

    Christening - not a clue as yet but working on it
    Mortgage free as at 1/9/13 :j
    To start work on the credit cards now!!
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    Hi guys, just adding in another £8.05 bringing my total to £63.94 for the month so far (and it's only the 1st!)

    Hope you're all doing okay.

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    Hi all, battled my way round Morrisons this afternoon, no whoopsies - i did hear a lady shouting about bargains, but she must have been walking round and I never caught up with her. Did get a couple of reduced veg items so need to use them this week. Used my £5 off voucher, and bought a muffin tin that I had been wanting for months - cost £6.99 so really got it for £1.99. Shouldn't need to shop all week now except for bread/milk.

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