May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • Ouch just done my first spend of the month and it came to £26.88. Mind you I did stock up on pasta and bread flour, won't need anymore this month so I suppose if you put it into perspective that was ok. Got 18 different flavour sausages marked down on yellow label in Morrisons too, they are tucked in the freezer for later in the month too
    May Grocery Challenge £254.16/£320
  • Hi, Can I join? I think £350 should be about right, there's 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 kids. Already done my big shop for the month £213.76, so hopefully will just need to top up on essentials, bread, milk, extra fruit & veg if it runs out. Have done my baking for the week, cakes, muffins, cheesy snacks, bread rolls, ready for the lunch boxes.
    The Giggs Lady:o

    I love baking and always do cakes and muffins but haven't tried savouries. What are your "cheesy snacks recipes" please?
    May Grocery Challenge £254.16/£320
  • shaz_mum_of__2shaz_mum_of__2 Forumite
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    I am new to this thread and rather than fail horribly can you put me down for £400 for the calendar month we are 2 adults and 2 teens(say no more) my budget also covers birthday presents haircuts and any craft stuff i buy!!etc as per rules of house laid down by OH and food when we go away in our caravan about 2 weekends month

  • Good morning all another newbie here - my first post after discovering this website 2 weeks ago! I'm way impressed, and find you all inspiring.

    I wrote down every single penny I spent from late March to late April (and am still going with my little notebook - sometimes I wonder what people make of me scribbling away on the Tube). DH and I put our heads and figures together on Sunday and we found we'd spent about £300 last month on groceries and toiletries. Our May GC target is £250 - Mrs M could you put me down on your list please?

    Some principles we have agreed on are:

    Use what we have already (this will help declutter our kitchen as well :cool:)
    Don't buy more than we need (especially fruit and veg)
    Buy less processed food and make more of our own (for us this especially means soups, cakes and cookies)
    Buy less meat

    Last night I cooked up a black bean soup to use up the black beans that had been hanging around for ages, DH initially said he wasn't keen but he has said he'll try some tonight!

    Our month started on 28 April and will go to 27 May, when I go to the US to see my parents.

    Really glad you are all here - I can see this could turn into a positive obsession!

    March GC: £147.75/£180 groceries + £36.75/£50 meals out

    February: £163.19/£180 + £66.14/£50 monthly budget for eating out Total £229.33/£230 :j
    January: £170.01/£170
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    Morning all :)

    Well I achieved my first NSD for quite a while yesterday, and should have had another today - that is until I realised this morning that I hadn't got any bread out of the freezer for lunch :rolleyes:

    So, today's spend is 69p - but you should be proud of me :p as I did only buy what I went in for - even avoided looking for any 'treats for tea' on the reduced shelf, lol

    DFW Nerd no. 884 - Proud to [strike]be dealing with[/strike] have dealt with my debts
  • bigsmokebigsmoke Forumite
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    another first-time poster here, hello everyone

    could you please put me down for £90 for May? i have no idea how much i spend on groceries at all, but i'm fairly sure it's quite a lot more than that at the moment. i will be counting any luches bought, and also my organic veggie box subscription, but if i eat out at all i was planning on counting that as entertainment (i'm going away so know that it will happen at least once): does this sound right? how does everyone else do it?

    thanks for having me and good luck everyone!
  • Please put me down for £450, this will be my first month. Seems a bit steep, but with 4 adults in the house its about right. I will work on reducing next months.

    :o Sainsburys c/c £1,110.78 0%, Nationwide c/c [strike]£430.57[/strike], Natwest c/c £3,342.93 0%, Additions [strike]£58.96[/strike] 0% :o
    April Grocery Challenge (1st) - £450
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    Hi everyone,
    a big WELCOME to all the newbies this month :hello:

    I`ve been to the shops this morning and bought a big bottle of cough syrup and a big box of balsam tissues, these are from my own money and not the gc money cos they`re only for me and i`ll be hiding the tissues from DH as he has handfulls in every pocket.
    I never buy stuff like this but am feelin so carp i`ll be goin back to bed soon for a sleep.
    The only other things i bought will be coming out of the GC, 2 pints of milk, 2 bags of flour and some chicken that was on offer in Mr S.
    BTW Mr S breadflour is still 48p, thats why i bought it but we don`t need it, didn`t need the chicken either but the offer was BOGOF so i hope it will fit in the freezer.
    I need to update my siggie later to show the spends, i think i`m gonna run out of money again this month but we`re well stocked up so i`ll see how far we can stretch it.

    Good luck guys and gals!
    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • Tibbie's_mumTibbie's_mum Forumite
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    Count me in, although I'm never very good at keeping to any of the challenges. But I have had some success clearing a bit of clutter, so I'm up for trying something else.

    Put me down for £250 for 2 adults and 3 littluns under 5, that's for everything food, nappies, formula, booze......I think the last one will have to go!!!
  • the_catthe_cat Forumite
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    Popped into Somerfields for bread and found my favourite cheese reduced :T (pilgrims extra mature). Spent £10.56 stocking up for the month:D :D

    Should be it for this week:T
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