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May 2008 Grocery Challenge

in Old style MoneySaving
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  • Good luck for the month everyone! My month started last Friday and will run until 30/05, but I have a jam packed freezer so hoping for a good month!!
  • MrDTMrDT Forumite
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    Morning all!

    Can you put me down for £60 in May please MrsM?

    I've already spent £11.90, and this month is a whopper - running from 24th April to 31st May. I should manage though, I'm determined to empty the freezer by 31st May and it's near bursting at the moment!!

    Thanks :)
  • mandy_moo_1mandy_moo_1 Forumite
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    can't believe we're on the 2nd page already :eek:

    i'm having an NSD today :o mmm we shall see! as long as i don't go near any shops i'll be ok!

    i've been busy in the kitchen all far i've made a pastryless quiche to freeze, some choc chip muffins (also to hide in the freezer!!) and a flippin loaf of bread that looks like its tried to crawl out of the oven :rotfl: don't know what went wrong with that one, i mixed the dough in my MR FB, using the recipe for a 1 & 1/2 lb basic white, but i put it on the dough setting, then put it in a 2lb loaf tin to cook in the oven....not sure if i should put a bit less water in next time? what do you think? i make buns every day, and they always come out brilliantly...why can't i make a loaf as well? :confused: i wanted beans on toast for lunch to finish off a tin that's in the fridge. i'm not gonna let it beat me....i WILL make a loaf of flippin bread if its the last thing i do :rotfl:

    oh no, i've just realised, i AM gonna have to spend a couple of pounds at the laundrette :mad: i've got 3 washloads all washed but i can't get them dry cos its chucking it down, so i'll have to go there. aarrgghh!!

    Many thanks MrsM for putting me down.
    Have already started my challenge on the 28th april, but will carry through, I hope to the last day of May:rolleyes: . Spent £15.16 so far, this included 4 x 500g tubs of Utterly Butter for 56p each at MrT if anyone is interested. Great as I do alot of baking and can freeze it too.
    Also brought some reduced Hoki fillets that we had last night in a fish pie. Never tried Hoki before, but very nice, not too strong a flavour, was just right for me and OH and some fish pie left over for DS1 and DS2 dinner tonight.
    Will need to do a bit of a baking session today as out of twinks hobnobs and choccie biscuits, also found a small piece of frozen pastry, so maybe do a few jam tarts.
    Anyway good luck to everyone for the fresh new month.:D

    off to update siggy
    Grocery Challenge 2013: July week 1 £90/£87.41 :D
    week 2 £90.00/£118.38:eek: week 3 £90/£60.54:jweek4 £90/£79.90 week5 £45/£00
    End of mortgage april 2030
    Mortgage overpayment from june 2013 aiming for £400 a month: £451
    Emergency fund 2013 from june £70
  • Thank you Mandy Moo 1 xx
    2011, this will be my year .
  • luby-louluby-lou Forumite
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    Newbie here joining in!

    We are a family of 4 - me, DH, DD1 (5) and DD2 (16 months).

    I shopped yesterday and spent £53.72 on the shopping for the week. But I do need to get more milk today (isn't there always one thing you forget). I'd like initially to get it to £50pw so I know that means I'll already be about £5 over but I should be able to make it up next week as I bought 2 x packs of fish - which has 5 cod fillets and 10 salmon pieces in so that was £20. Obviously that will last us a good few weeks.

    Based on a 5 week month we'll go for £250 for the month - best put it in my signature so I can't wimp out!
  • fedupnowfedupnow Forumite
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    my sig is scary already.

    I have done a mega shop but......... still scared.

    Good luck everybody.
  • luby-louluby-lou Forumite
    245 Posts
    OK, signature updated so no getting out of it now!
  • Kaz2904Kaz2904 Forumite
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    My month started on the 22nd so 22nd April -21st May. Makes me feel a bit better about the spends now as we're 8 days in! Oh no we're not we're a week in- never mind!
    1 box of whoopsied cereal finished already. 2 left.Still got a freezer which may or may not explode at some time in the next few days and the fridge is in a similar state of crammedness!
    Sent DD off to school again today with a salad in a tub. She doesn't want that tomorrow- she's asked for sandwiches, then asked Dad to buy bread- no ya cheeky little monkey- I'll make some!
    So must get off my bum and do that in a minute.
    We've got flavoured chicken stuff for tea tonight so think I'll do a casserole as I've lots of sorry looking stewing veg in the bottom of the fridge. I'll add lentils and stuff to it to bulk it out. If it's well bulked it'll have to be for tea tomorrow because I really can't fit any more in the freezer.
    Will get a sack of spuds at some stage because we need to have a jacket night to use up the 2 leftover portions of spag bol and I've some whoopsied organic cottage cheese.
    Have egg whites to use up too so shall make a merangue.
    Actually- could do LMP- I've some pastry still in the freezer which could do with going and it's lovely stuff!
    I'm determined to get round to trying MrsMc's tortillas at some stage but we need to eat through some of the stocks first.
    I still have a fair amount of sorbet left too which is taking up space in the freezer so will give the kids some tomorrow.
    Confession- I had to throw away a bag of carrots and 2 sweet potatoes at the weekend as they had turned liquid. I hate chucking out food- that would have done us a few meals so why didn't I use them?

    Anyway target for May is £200 again please. One day I am going to make it under budget! TBH I would be happy to meet the budget though!
    Debt: 16/04/2007:TOTAL DEBT [strike]£92727.75[/strike] £49395.47:eek: :eek: :eek: £43332.28 repaid 100.77% of £43000 target.
    MFiT T2: Debt [STRIKE]£52856.59[/STRIKE] £6316.14 £46540.45 repaid 101.17% of £46000 target.
    2013 Target: completely clear my [STRIKE]£6316.14[/STRIKE] £0 mortgage debt. £6316.14 100% repaid.
  • izoomzoomizoomzoom Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Just let the dreadful April budget behind :rotfl: and delighted to see this thread has only just started (not too many pages to be reading):j .
    SAVVYMUMMY wrote: »
    Also brought some reduced Hoki fillets that we had last night in a fish pie. Never tried Hoki before, but very nice, not too strong a flavour, was just right for me and OH and some fish pie left over for DS1 and DS2 dinner tonight.

    There was some reduced in my local T yesterday so I bought a pack - figured I would make a fish pie with it or fish pasta bake, but thanks for the thumbs up on its taste !

    Mrs M, please put me down for £225 this month. We have already spent £50.34, and we can't decide whether we are going away this weekend or not (camping, so self catering so part of GC) so am hanging off buying anything until I sort out an ''either or'' meal plan.
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