May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Can't believe I've managed to get onto the first page!!! depending on how many messages are viewed

    Well it will be all systems go from tomorrow for the new GC. I am determined that we will not go over budget, even if we have to have a few repeat meals to use things up rather than me buying in extra.
    I still have my basic meal plan but this can be changed around if necessary.

    Good luck to everyone
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    yippeee, a new thread to vandalise!! ;)

    well i'm already into may's spends, am going payday to payday so 28th of the month to 27th of the next.

    as you've already got mine down MrsM i'm going off to potter the web highways before my boss arrives and work begins in earnest

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    Hi everyone

    MrsM, could you please put me down for £175 again (01st-31st May). I went over so much for April but would lke to try again. Will post April total end of today just in case OH decides to buy anything.
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    Hi everyone,

    Can I join your challenge please.

    Have been watching this thread since March and decided to go it alone in April to see how I could reduce things, spent £530 in March as normal shopping and managed to spend £312 in April by following a lot of the advice on O/S. Thankyou to everyone that posts, advice has been inspirational and I was very happy with the April spend.

    May challenge can you put me down for £ 275 for 2 adults 1 Child and 2cats,
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    cauliflower 735g
    leeks (5) 470g
    Tomatoes (40 220g
    brocoli 250g
    courgette (1) 195g
    onions (3) 390g
    carrots (4) 400g
    mushrooms 250g
    potatoes (6) 1.150kg
    2 adults, 2 boys (:footie: sports mad big eaters) (25 & 22)
    My mother always served up leftovers we never knew what the original meal was. - Tracey Ulman
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    Does anyone shop in Makro? Seem to recall someone mentioning it. What is the quality of the meat like? I have a makro card and was wondering if it would be worht stocking up?
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  • Bargain_RzlBargain_Rzl Forumite
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    Hi everybody,

    As I write this I am still in April (my month ends this Sunday) and struggling to keep my spends down below £100 when I budgeted £50 (for a five week month) :eek:

    For May, I'm back to a 4-week month and I still could really do with a Storecupboard Challenge (given that all my good intentions went to pot in April, and my freezer and cupboards are fuller than when I started :o)

    Grocery Challenge starting point for me (1 adult, just for food - wine & household goods are separate) would normally be £20 a week, or £10 a week if I am deliberately aiming to use things up. So by rights I should budget £40 this month, however my humungous bottle of olive oil is almost finished and I'll need to replace it, so put me down for £50 again please.
    :)Operation Get in Shape :)
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    Right, have changed my sig for the May challenge and am determined to stick to it!

    Last month I was overcome by ''stock-up itus' so already have a LOT in. I have adjusted my budget down a bit to compensate but TBH with all the price rises I feel more comfortable having a supply in. Hopefully I can use any extra money left in the budget to stock up on bargains/BOGOF's to keep the overall price of my food at least near to the £50 per week I have allowed for the rest of the year, despite the prices going through the roof!

    So this week have just bought milk/fruit so far. Will need bread but not much else till next week.

  • Put me down for £280 please thats for me, hubby, 2 children and 1 in nappies.

    I WILL do it this month, I've not succeeded yet in 2008, normally over by £150.00-£200.00:eek: but I am determined to budget, meal plan and everything:T
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    Oh brilliant a new thread:D can't wait to start the challenge:D
    misspiggy wrote: »
    I'm sure you're an angel in disguise Victory :)
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