May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi can you put me down for £300 please? 2 adults and 2 kids for half the week. Can't seem to stick to £280 so will raise the bar a little and see how I go :rolleyes: Plus wedding anniversary is coming up so have already bought some bits for a few nice dinners - reduced salmon fillets, half price smoked salmon, reduced sea bass ;)

    My month already started on 25th but am trying to stretch it through to 28th May if I can (in case I get paid late with bank hol).

    Have already spent £150 but sat down last night and worked out we have most of the things we need for 2½ weeks of meals, as well as quite a few lunches - have 2 months worth of washing powder, toothpaste etc, so just dishwasher tablets and then fresh veg and fruit (which we seem to get through loads of :rolleyes:).
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    I really think i should be joining with you for the storecupboard/freezer challenge :o
    Think I am going to aim only to buy fruit, veg, milk and yoghurts this month -famous last words :rolleyes:
    At this time of year i spend so much on salad stuff and fruit...can't blame the fruit on hubby he doesn't eat it...tis me :D i eat shed loads of the stuff... and it only gets worse now summer is on its way... mind everything is coming up lovely in my tubs ... so that will save quite a bit once it gets going properly :j

    I have worked out the main meals for the month in no particular order... and somethings have to appear more than once as they are faves ;) fact only having jackets n cottage cheese once a week is gonna be difficult :o mind can always do it for saturday lunch too :D
    Can you tell we are onto full scale summer mode now :rotfl: we love salads and hubby would live on them so that makes life easy :T ... thing is i like lots of things like peppers, sweetcorn, beetroot on them which adds to the expense but with HM coloslaw etc it will help

    Everything in bold is either in the freezer or i have the stuff in to make it... so i have no excuse for buying anything but the fresh stuff if i mention buying anything else -form a queue and kick me :o
    1. tuna pasta salad X 2
    2. roast chicken wraps and salad X 2
    3. quiche and salad X 2
    4. jacket potato, cottage cheese and salad X 4
    5. home cooked gammon, salad and new potatoes X 2
    6. hot steak and caramalised veg wraps and salad X2
    7. feta salad and new potatoes X 4
    8. bacon and potato salad X 2
    9. prawn salad and potatoes
    10. courgette quiche and salad
    11. hm chicken n bacon pasties and salad
    12. gamon wraps and salad X2
    13. hot lamb wraps and salad
    14. chicken pasta salad
    15. meatball wraps and salad X 2
    16. salami pasta salad
    17. hot chinese steak wraps and salad
    hubby will take variations of the above to work for lunch too... so i just need to decide what "snacky" bits i will be making..think some sausage rolls might appear as i have loads of HM ones in the freezer..they should keep hubby happy... just need to decide what else to do ;)
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    Could I join please?

    As it is my first attempt at this I'm going to go for £240 for the month. Two kids, two adults and a cat!
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    Please add me to the list, I have been lurkin and reading the past few months and I am taking the leap into it properly this month. Can you put me down for £150 for me, DH, DS1(14), DS2(10) and 1 cat. I'm hoping to be able to do this cos thats ALL the money I have left in the kitty for the month so fingers x'd!! My month goes from 1st to 31st May.

    Good luck everyone, I'm off now to finish reading the April GC.
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  • Hi all,
    please can you put me down for £280 for May. For 2 adults & 3 adult children & hungry black lab! Managed to stay under April budget of £300, came in at £275.26!!! well impresed with myself.
    Speaking to friend at w/e, told her I managed to spend only £49.63 in my first week. She was amazed, she spends at least £120 per week for 2 adults & 2 children. She never looks at the prices & never makes any HM food.:eek:
    She sugested I do her food shopping for her,mmmm, maybe a new job for me??!!!! BTW she only works the same hours as me so has the same amount of time available as me.
    How do you add the extra bits at the bottom of the page please??
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    Oh hooray, shiny new May thread! :j

    Please count me in again, I am going to keep trying to reduce my spend until I get it to under £100 a month. Amazingly I came in on budget last month (£150). This month I will aim for £120 :D

    Thanks to those who start and update these threads, and to everyone who contributes - I get a lot of inspiration from the GC :T
    Proud to be a moneysaver :)
  • Hi all, please put us down for may grocery challenge for £250, 2 adults and 2 children. Really enjoyed doing our first month in april although went over a little. OH and I are getting a bit competitive now to see who does the best shop for the week and who gets it under budget so hopefully will come under budget this month!
  • Hi
    Have been reading the GC for ages and have finally plucked up the courage to join. Not even sure if I am putting the message in the right place!!
    Would like to be put down for £100 please.
    Just me and DH at home as the children are grown up and gone. DH is coeliac and cannot eat wheat or gluten. He gets some food on prescription but everything we buy has to be checked for content and things like extra pasta are really expensive.
    We have a small allotment and at the moment have a few veg on it but hope for lots more in the summer. Also have some veg from last year in the freezer so hope we can get throught the month. Love reading all the posts and have already used the recipes. Kidney bean pate a favourite.
    Am looking forward to joining the fun!:j
    Challenge 2 adults food and household.
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  • How do you add the extra bits at the bottom of the page please??
    if you go to user cp near the top of the page, click on it, then click on edit signature on the left hand side of the page ;)

  • Hi, Can I join? I think £350 should be about right, there's 5 of us, 2 adults and 3 kids. Already done my big shop for the month £213.76, so hopefully will just need to top up on essentials, bread, milk, extra fruit & veg if it runs out. Have done my baking for the week, cakes, muffins, cheesy snacks, bread rolls, ready for the lunch boxes.
    The Giggs Lady:o
    ;)May Grocery Challenge - £350.00 ;)
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