May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • wornoutmumoftwowornoutmumoftwo Forumite
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    When I was doing my shopping last night the Kingsmill 50/50 bread was priced at 88p at Mr T's, i'm sure it used to be more then that?

    It wasn't written up as being reduced or on a special offer.
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  • wornoutmumoftwowornoutmumoftwo Forumite
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    Never really bothered with price checking as I go around, before. So from now on I will be doing this

    I worked out my entire shopping list on mysupermarket and then went over the road and bought it, kept to the list, got the price cut bargains and knew excactly how much I needed to put on my clubcard plus card. (Double points):beer:
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    Jan Shopping Challenge: £202.09/£250
    Frugal Living Challenge: £534.64/15000
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    HI, first time in the grocery challenge, ahh scary! O.K so our usual budget is
    £200 so can i be put down for £200. Thats for 2 adults (one with a huge appetite) and 3 children as well as various guests we seem to have over the month. It doesnt help that my little boy has school dinners which works out at £8 a week. I know thats a luxury but i think it's important to support school dinners or else they'll never get any better. I find that it's one thing to keep to a budget it's quite another to keep to you budget and your ethics!

    Hi pennypinchingmum, one of my boys has ask this week if he can go back onto school dinners. I`ve agreed to this(from next week) as I know he will eat everything. When he had these before he used to tell me that he went up for 2nds and 3rds on both dinner and puds. So I know he is eating well, but with packed lunches his box comes back half eaten. So maybe I won`t be able to reduce my gc (but you never know) as his meals will be included into this.
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    Morning! Got the invalid off work again [had a nasty car accident a couple of years ago & has displaced discs in his lower back:( ] so I don't get to the poota very often:o

    Thirty quid in MrT yesterday--muller yogs; 2 lots frozen veg; oven chips & two packs of 4 Notty Poodles on offer for £1:69--No1 offspring will take one for lunch if the weather's looking a bit iffy, with working outside & all. I'm hoping that will be replaced with HM soups come winter, once I've refined the recipes to taste:p

    Had a splurge in Wilkos too, with Fairy Washing [laundry] Liquid [EMAIL="2@£2:50"][email protected]£2:50[/EMAIL] as opposed to £'s the only stuff we can all use & not on offer as often as other detergents, but I water it down by about a third, & if it's not so much dirt as whiffy, I'll not use any at all. That's something I heard Liz Earle say she does cuz her son has eczema, so if it's good enough for her & all her's def OK with me:T

    Had our Morrocan Lamb Chops from MrT BBQ range last night--£2 & 7 decent sized chops in a good marinade. Now. What herbs/spices would you say they used? I wouldn't mind trying to replicate to use with chook or HM burgers but don't have a clue where to start. I'll go for a nosey round some recipe sites but like many others, I prefer a 'tried & tested' if poss.

    Have been sat here with a silly grin & nodding in a sage sort of way, to all the comments about the response HM food gets when the family start taking packed lunches. In particular I like the peeps who kindly inform the offspring that HM doesn't last as long as shop bought, cuz it doesn't have preservatives.....we wouldn't know cuz it's all eaten before we've a chance to try out that particular theory:rotfl: AND I get orders for fruit cake etc, cuz "my mum/wife won't make me any":laugh:
    Lil'Me! At Last!! Someone else with a reppa-tilly:j We've a Green Iggie so lots of excuses to try weird & wonderful f&v:p Wonder what happened to the peeps with a ratty family:rolleyes: they were on here were they not?

    I've remembered to put a name & what the recipe is for this time so Pablosmummy, could you pretty-please post the recipe for the Boozy Bacon Pie? TIA:D

    As an aside, how difficult/much easier would it be to have a GC recipe thread as a seperate entity? Then when the newbies [& I :whistle: ] can't find one on the current month, it's a quick shoofty & the serious business of :money: remains here....just a musing:confused:

    Good Luck Newbies, Oldies & somewhere-in-betweenies....the more folk we get paddling the Good Ship MSE the better!

    Full time Carer for Mum; harassed mother of three;
    loving & loved by two 4-legged babies.

  • bailsbails Forumite
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    Hi all
    Does anyone know if you can still get Dove's brown bread flour for 55p in Asda please? Can't seem to get it online and wondered if offer was still on before I do a long journey to nearest Asda. Many thanks, off to catch up x
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    BigMummaF I have a beardy so he's a bug eater mainly, still has a bowl of veggies aswell, my hedgehog shares his wigglies aswell. Shirley has the ratties, she hasn't been on for a while...then they are a few with mice families.

    bails, that was the offer in many stores inc Tesco and Sainsburys but I think it has finished now, definately has in Sainsburys
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • SAVVYMUMMY wrote: »
    Made and had HM chicken curry and HM naan bread last night, OH was well impressed with the naan, so I`m pleased as punch. He also took in the banana loaf that somebody had posted(sorry forgot who it was)at the beginning of the week and handed it around. Thumbs up, many thanks to that person.

    Anyway catch u all later.

    Could you tell me how you make HM naan bread please?
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  • curly_cabbagecurly_cabbage Forumite
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    Morning all

    Well i'm stunned, i have just carried out a "stock take" of the frezzer and store cupboards. I have managed to do 27 meals for a family of 4 solely from what we already have in. The will be mince and chicken breast still left and 3 or 4 cooking sauces so i can problery get another 10 meals but, they'll be very much alike. I'm really pleased with this but alittle discussed with myself for allowing my cupboard to be so over stocked at the end of the month and i've been to sainsburys and Tesco's in the last 2 days what a waste as i only brought a few things but they were already in the cupboards and frezzer not very MSE is it.......(Hang my head in shame):shocked:
    So i have no excuses for not coming in under budget as i'll only be buying fresh fruite and veg. If i buy anything else feel free to tell me off.:wave:

    Right i'll go and update my signature and put my menu on the kitchen notice board and keep to it.....

  • bailsbails Forumite
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    Thanks for that Lil Me, was hoping I hadn't missed it as OH is making some seriously good bread here, nomnom! Will look for next best offer then.
    CurlyCabbage, you could beat yourself up about it, or you could tell yourself you're stockpiling to avoind the price hikes - I know which one I'd do :rotfl:

    Vic, big hugs hun, what a nasty thing to happen; I hope Mr S gets back to you with some MOCs at least! (BTW, which supermarkets you using as I keep seeing WW offers on my travels through mysupermarket so if you let me know and which products you like I can give you a heads up on them) xx
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    Feb 16, 2016
  • Hi
    I did my first shop of my first GC today. Spent £21.85 in Mr S, more that expected but couldnt miss the bogof for olive oil, seriously strong chedder and meatballs. Also had to buy some extra food to take to a family party so still hope I can made it through May on £100.

    I love the thread, finding out how everyone else gets by. Off to the allotment this afternoon if it doesn't rain to sort out the bean poles.
    Wouldn't change my life for the world:j .
    Good luck to everyone and please keep all the ideas coming it keeps us newbies going.
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