May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • madmittensmadmittens Forumite
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    Happy Friday everyone!

    Well, first spends from shiny new budget (the cashpoint machine even gave me shiny new notes!). Have spent £19.81 so far (including £5 on cat food - luckily was passing an Asda so got 2x 6 pack Whiskas on offer again, saving 86p). Also managed to pick up some reduced items at Tesco - 1kg carrots 10p (was 50p), white bread flour 24p (48p), twin pack organic avocados 38p (£1.88) just in time for making guacamole tomorrow for Cheesy Nachos! So can I join the 'Whoopsie' gang now please :p ?!

    MrsM - thank you so much for keeping track of us all!

    Lizzieanne - sorry about your poorly pud, had a similar thing with my old cat a few years ago. Just a thought, can you claim back prescription food on your insurance?

    Welcome to everyone even newer to the GC than me! Good luck

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  • nessquic80nessquic80 Forumite
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    Well a NSD for me y'day and hopefully today only need bread which ive got baking in oven thats it tempted to go to mr s to get the bogof muller yoghurts ds loves them for breakfast instead of cereal!! lemon maderia all gone hobnobs all gone so i better get my finger out and making more:rotfl:
    l'il sis thinks im sad making own bread, i told her when you come for lunch and eat the lot then we'll see!!!
    always on the lookout for a bargin always better when its free!!:T

  • shaz_mum_of__2shaz_mum_of__2 Forumite
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    Do you put milk(dried or otherwise) and marge/butter in your bread dough for rolls ?..................and is it brown or white you want to make?



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    Morning all

    Well it is a NSD day for me, which I am pleased about, have brought my lunch in to work as I do most days and got my meal all planned for tonight.

    Also, I have just realised that the Asda shop I did yesterday also contains some bits and pieces for the OH flat which he will give me the money for so am looking forward to working that out when I get my delivery tomorrow and changing my sig to a lower amount spent :j :j

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  • pinkcloudninepinkcloudnine Forumite
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    Morning all,
    first shop of the new month today, Mr T's was very quiet at 6am! dropped DD2 at swim training & picked up a few bits & bobs £10.06 worth!!! including Pain au chocolat & croissants for breakfast & bread [forgot to put BM on]
    DH taking me out to lunch today, yipee!!!!!!! :j :j [won't be coming out of my GC money] Feel guilty as DS will be home on his own, revising hard for end of yr 2 exams at uni.
    Have made choccy cake, sausage casserole & Twinks hobnobs so far this am. M & FIL coming for tea on Sat, will be arriving same time as I get home from work, so have got to be prepared early.
    Have a good day everyone
    ps, must update my sig!
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  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    Mrs M

    thanks for your response, loads of plain flour indoors, so muffins it it

  • wornoutmumoftwowornoutmumoftwo Forumite
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    Do you put milk(dried or otherwise) and marge/butter in your bread dough for rolls ?..................and is it brown or white you want to make?


    I use this recipe for breakfast baps;

    1LB Strong plain white flour
    2 level tsp salt
    2oz veg fat (I use melted marg)
    1/2 oz yeast (use 1 packet - should really check how much is in a packet)
    1 tsp caster suga (used gran as didnt have caster)
    1/4 pint milk (used semi skimmed but have got powered)
    1/4 pint tepid water

    I mix it in the BM and let it rise.then shape the dough, leave it to rise and cook.
    The insides are cooked right but they just don't seem light enough, I cover them with a tea towel but I would really love to make soft soft rolls.

    If I don't cover them they are rock hard on the outside.

    Thanks for any advice.:eek:

    I'm just a snob with bread as I do like shop bread (Kingsmill). I like bloomers and and soft rolls but I would also like to make my own near enough to the bloomer taste and texture anyway.
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  • debbymdebbym Forumite
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    Can I join too please , May starts today for me as I've just run out of milk :( Based on last months receipts (and taking off 10%) can you put me down for £450 for 2 adults and 3 kids (sounds an awful lot now I write it down:eek: ), this is for food/household stuff/ clothes/nappies.. i.e. everying except the fuel for the car
  • clair2305clair2305 Forumite
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    ....was a nightmare, arrived there at 6pm and wandered round for two hours!!

    No whoopsies at all!! Not on bread, meat, anything!!!

    And to be honest, considering the only meat I bought was chicken wings, belly strips and some steak (£8) and I didn't need toilet rolls (because of the Charmin offer last month), I'm a bit surprised at the total.

    I buy loads of smartprice items, the UHT milk, most tins, also bought smartprice pasta (we'll see how that is).

    As last month we were talking about the price of bread, pasta, rice, I'll let everyone know that Asda Basmati Rice 1kg used to be 97p, now a whopping £1.47 :eek: and their pasta used to be 3 for £1, now one 500g bag is 67p :eek: :eek: and bread, well the shelves were nearly empty and i had to buy their bulk standard break (not smartprice) and that was 65p a loaf.

    It's strange really cos their bags of dessicated coconut are 11p and I bought porcini mushrooms for 50p.

    Although the cupboards, fridge, fruit bowl and freezer are full (DH has to ask where things are in the cupboard, it's jam packed), I'm not confident that, what I hoped would be a monthly shop, will be just that....I can see a few more trips to some dreaded supermarket or another :mad:

    Decided to keep most fruit in fridge, help it last longer.

    And I forgot the chocolate for the giant jaffa cake and the greek yoghurt for the lemon curd ice cream (thanks for these recipes, can't remember who posted them) :T

    So, do I run my freezer and cupboards down over the next couple of months (prob have about 12 tins of beans and toms, 3 bags of rice and pasta for example) but this will mean a massive shop probably at the end of July or do I keep trying to keep it stocked :confused:

    ADDED: 18 free range eggs for £2 and I will possibly have to try this bread making lark, hubby was not happy yesterday morning (b4 I went shopping) that there was no bread (only the bagels with seeds he doesn't like) for his egg on toast, had quite a strop really, but aaahh, he is working away and so want his creature comforts when he gets home and there was me thinking that was me!

    So any advice about bread making would be great, including can i do it without a breadmaker?
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    GOOD MORNING EVERYONE:hello: just a quick update, will read posts and update siggy in a mo.

    Did a MrT shop today and spent a total of £41.95:eek: , bit more then I wanted, but hoping some of the items will run into next week as well.

    I wrote a few of the prices down as I went along and found that they had over charged my mince by 7p. So off I plod to customer services and they refunded me double:j so 14p off is included in my shopping. Never really bothered with price checking as I go around, before. So from now on I will be doing this. May be alittle longer shopping, but you never know what you`ll save.

    Made and had HM chicken curry and HM naan bread last night, OH was well impressed with the naan, so I`m pleased as punch. He also took in the banana loaf that somebody had posted(sorry forgot who it was)at the beginning of the week and handed it around. Thumbs up, many thanks to that person.

    Anyway catch u all later.
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