May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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    Thanks for all the lovely recipes ladies - I am a compulsive collector of recipes - just need to get motivated to cook now. Have done a meal planner and a list of everything I have in the pantry. I am a bit of a hoarder, I like to have plenty of basics in. We have had quorn stir fry tonight, with cous cous. The veg had been in the fridge a week and would have been thrown away so money saved there. One of my main problems has been buying loads of veg and then not bothering to do anything with it.
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    I've just got a couple of packs of frozen chicken livers from Tescos to try out Weezl's pate recipe. They were 40p each.

    FFM :)

    Hi funkyfunkymonkey - think you'll love the Pate- I made it last week and it was soooooooooooo yummy, much better than any shop bought we've ever tried. Thanks again to weezl74 for the recipe.

    Tonight we had Homemade Beanburgers - thanks to whoever posted the recipe in the April GC, they too were yummy and even the kids loved them. Didn't tell them what was in them at first as never used Beans before. Used some mixed dried beans that I had picked up in Holland & Barratt, whoopsied to 59p for a 500g bag, used half the bag and got 8 Burgers from the recipe so with the other ingredients, not much more than 40p. :T :T The beans were lovely, had Kidney Beans, Barlotti Beans, Black eyed beans etc in the bag so shall definitely buy them again.

    Also made some HM Lemonade, half of which has gone as we had visitors at Lunch as the Schools were closed for the Mayoral Polling.

    At last my tomatoes are poking their little heads up, was beginning to think the seeds had failed but sneaked out to the Greenhouse in between the Thunderstorms today and there are loads coming up now.:j

    Anyway, enough waffling I think - going to try the Courgette Muffins recipe tomorrow as I have 2 Courgettes left from the pack of 3 I bought from Aldi's on their 49p deals. Thanks to whoever posted the recipe - must try and remember to have a piece of paper and a pen when logged on so that I can make notes of names to thank etc, sorry.:o
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    back again, I alwasy make a roast on a sunday or saturday and i boil triple the potatoes i need. Always with the skins on. 1 1/3rd goes for the roast and the rest gets cooled and saved for the rest of the week. I only use tesco value tatties but once they are cooked and cooled i use them for a variety of things through out the week. My boy loves potato salad so i slice them thinly and mix with low fat mayonnaise and grated carrot. It saves time and money cooking them all in one go and they keep for a good 4-5 days.
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    Just wanted to update my first signature.

    Back from my first May shop in Morrisons. £96.39:eek: :eek: :eek: .But, the entry at the bottom for multisaves was £20.78. I now have about 18 Muller yog's in the fridge, well at 10 for £2 you have to stock up, don't you?
    DH commented 1/2 way round, he thought I was trying to spend less, my answer, "well its the start of the month so its allowed". Seriously, with the prices going up on many things, I've decided to stock up more on bargains. Is there a limit to how many multiples of an offer you can have? I'm sure one of the supermarkets used to limit you to 3.
  • Hi Pinkwinged put me down for £350 this month again please I promise I'll try harder this month!! Thank you. Good luck everyone.
    LBM 17th April 2007:j
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    Grocery Challenge £350
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    Spent £3 today on baby bits for ds as he's teething. Should have expected it, he's been a grumpy git for days now.

    I'm off to my caravan tomorrow for the weekend, I doubt if I'll be able to catch up with the posts when I get back.

    Have a great weekend everyone.
    Thanks to all the lovely people on here I have managed to cut my hours down to 2 days a week, allowing me to spend more time with my gorgeous Children. :j
  • Ok so I didn't quite make it into the 225 last month but i still got it under the 250 from my previous month... so i should still be fairly pleased with myself as it was my birthday and I did treat myself to some Baileys...

    No birthdays this month to spoil ourselves on so I am going to try for the £225 again please.

    I must get back into coming on here daily, I have been rubbish these last few weeks!

    Good luck all xxx
    Muddling through debt but can't see any light at the end of the tunnel??!! :confused:
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    Count me in too please. I managed to just about stay on budget last month but it was a bit tight so this month i'd like to declare £85 for the month for dh and myself. We eat at work a lot so that brings down our total loads thank god!
    This month things aren't as tight so we've got a tiny bit more to play with- woooo hoooooo!
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    Re the cats & buying hills have you ooked at any of the online places & investigated going via quidco plus I discovered (from the pet thread here!!) that my cats LOVE burns pet food. see here;
    They'll send you a freebie sample to try and the quality of their coats is much improved but they still get tuna & tinned (from lidl!) for a treat! Poorly puss cats is awful - emotionally & financially...hugs on that! Off to watch come dine with me & get some inspiration!

    Thanks I do buy off the internet at a reduced cost compared to the vets but I'll look through and see if any are cheaper still, sometimes it's just knowing where to look. It helps having all the sites in one place and people's experience of their customer service.
    Bit like the grocery challenge thread really - lovely people great recipes and inspiration to stay on the straight and narrow as far as food spending is concerned:rotfl:
    Thanks to MSE savings we got to go to Disneyworld Florida.

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    Panic over.I just realised I hadn't checked into this months thread and waasn't sure where to find it lol.
    lost my way but now I'm back ! roll on 2013
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