May 2008 Grocery Challenge

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  • yoooh4yoooh4 Forumite
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    i am really new so please excuse but how do i keep a total at botttom of my post like all you lot????
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  • Penny-Pincher!!Penny-Pincher!! Forumite
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    Please put me down for £220 for the 4 weeks which will include our diesel too.

    Have just looked in the fridge and we have:

    3 large packets of cheddar (dated till June)
    20 small FR Eggs
    1 x Ham (dated 14th May)
    3 packets of bacon (dated June)
    and loads of bits and bobs that need using should keep us going for a bit.


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  • In_Search_Of_MeIn_Search_Of_Me Forumite
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    Evening all...havent read through (so many pages already lol!!) but will catch up later. Just to be difficult I would like to do from today until 20th (my payday) so a partial month for me & my 3 puss cats but in view of that will go for £70 which for me will be tight as I normally spend about £40 a week! Have quite a bit in the freezer so will try & make that last which will mean that I end the month o/d but not as horrendously as it could be!! Off to make weezles chicken liver pate & will be back later to catch up!
    yooo4 to do the signiture go to "user cp" which is on the blue bar (2nd in from left I think) & then edit signiture...think you only get 3 lines now so you may need to be frugal with words if you have lots to put in! Hope that helps!
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  • MonikerMoniker Forumite
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    Well I managed a grocery NSD today. I had a delivery from Sainsbury late last night with all the dry goods and packets and tins and will be going tomorrow on my day off to buy the fresh meat fruit veg and milk.

    I have a confession to make though - I ordered not one but two cases of wine from a newspaper offer that my MIL gave me two £25 vouchers for. It works out at under £4 a bottle and it's not cheapy stuff! I hope this will last us the next 6 months or so. Anyway this is the reason for my increased budget for May. After the delivery last night and the wine I have just about £200 to last for the rest of the month - it will be tight but I am going to go for it!

    Looking forward to a long weekend as work has been very hectic lately and I'm tired! Mind you DH has promised to help me clear out the loft!

    Hope the sun shines on all of you this Bank holiday! Will update my sig tomorrow when I get home from the shops!

  • Hi everyone
    Got a nice 40p off coupon from ComfortTropical today and 2 free samples.
    If interested
    Keep up the good work everyone!!!
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    Hi there claire2305

    Sorry i have been trying to reply to your PM... yet again it picks and chooses when it will work :confused: so please don't think i was ignoring you :D same goes to anyone else if you PM me and i don't answer :o its not me its my PC :confused: does anyone else have the same problem?
    Yep the flour i used was just ordinary plain flour and i just used that recipe and dropped it in mini muffin cases.. it made 36... but not sure how many normal sized ones you will get out of the mix.... just don't over fill the cases as it did rise well.....
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  • gilliana_2gilliana_2 Forumite
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    Mrs M.,
    This is my first time on the grocery challenge, please can you put me down for £80 for the month, that's for one adult.
    Thanks :)
  • shaz_mum_of__2shaz_mum_of__2 Forumite
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    The french bread was dough made in a breadmaker on dough only cycle then knocked back and risen twice more (the last rise was in the fridge overnight)

    then the dough was halved and shaped and scored then put in a special mould/tin to rise then baked,the tin keeps the stick shape it cost £6 from a posh kitchen shop but you can get them on amazon

    French bread recipe

    315ml water
    450g bread flour
    1.5tsp salt
    1 sachet easy blend yeast

    as theres no fat in it it doesn't keep very long although i must admit thats never a prob in this house....!!!

  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    Could I please be added for £180 this month? We were slightly over last month (must do my final figures) but in May we are down from 3 adults to 2 because my daughter is moving back to Edinburgh this weekend ....and has joined the challenge and posted just above....
    Hello gilliana:hello:

    I'll be following her grocery challenge this month as closely as my own!!

    Good luck everyone
  • gilliana_2gilliana_2 Forumite
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    Now that I am gone you should be able to get your own grocery challenge right down!
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