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Don't just throw them away...



  • full-time-mum
    full-time-mum Posts: 1,962 Forumite
    By the way, what do you do with spare hangers? We found tons of plastic hangers in our wardrobes when we moved and the charity shops didn't want them, so I'm afraid they went in the bin (hangs head in shame)

    Your local NCT branch may take child size hangers as there are never enough on clothes sale day.
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  • babwebird
    Great tips! Good idea to use a water-filled plastic milk bottle for the toilet cistern - I used an old brick and now can't get it out!

    For all the smokers out there... as I finish one pack I place the empty pack next to my ashtray and put each stubbed-out butt from the new pack in there - when the next pack is finished I then throw the old butt-filled pack in the bin - stops my bin from stinking of fags and keeps my ashtray free of butts.

    Yes, I know... the alternative, of course, is to stop smoking!
  • Dora_the_Explorer_5
    Raw veg on the compost heap is fine, uncooked - or cooked - bacon will provide a tasty meal for every rodent in the neighbourhood.
  • Luiz
    Luiz Posts: 17 Forumite
    Note re: using water from boiled/steamed veg on houseplants - don't use cabbage water - it makes your plants stink (I'm speaking from personal experience here - it was not pleasant !!!) other than that it works very well.

    Other uses for water from boiled/steamed veg - stock for soup, add to gravy, substitute for water in bread recipes, use it to moisten dry dog food for the dog. Potato and rice water particularly good for bread.

    Notice in some sweet shops/newsagents they still sell sweets by weight ? Those big jars are great for storing food. We used to have them displaying pasta and dried veg/beans in the kitchen. Different kitchen now so no room.

    Some dry-cleaners (Johnsons for definite) will take their coat-hangers back and donate a certain amount to charity for each hanger returned. Remember not to accept hangers when buying clothes unless you really need them. Ditto for shoeboxes.

    The big tip is.... try not to accumulate the stuff in the first place ! Use your milkman if you have one, buy returnable bottles if you can, buy glass bottles in preference to plastic, refuse unnecessary packaging when you can, buy your fruit and veg loose (brown paper bags can be reused or torn up and put in compost or recycled with the paper or burnt on a fire), buy butter if you can - then you've only the wrapper to throw away !

    We've just moved from black bags to a grey bin / green bin + recycling boxes system and wow how much easier recycling is !! And now we can recycle cardboard too which is great. You can tear it up and add it to compost but it's time consuming so we only do it for small items now. However, looking down our street and the grey bins (non-recyclable waste) that were collected today, clearly many people have still got a long way to go to understand how this all worlks... ....bags stacked up by the side of the bins and bins overflowing. Shame. It's really not that difficult.

    best wishes


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  • ksh123
    ksh123 Posts: 1,248 Forumite
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    I notice no one has admitted to washing plastic freezer bags for re-use. Yes, its anal, but it works. Just wash 'em, rinse 'em an stick 'em on the line. They last for months......
    This is a GREAT post. some of the ideas I've been using for years others are new to me, thanks.
    A friend of mine owns kennels and insisits on BUYING plastic bags to poop scoop in - I have been trying to educate her into re-using supermarket bags for YEARS.
    As our poor rabbit went to the great clover field in the sky I now use my shredded paper to pack E-bay stuff. But I still have far too much. I wish I knew of a local rabbit shelter that could use it as I have far too much.
    Thinks......can you put shredded paper in the recycling bins at the tip?I must enquire....
    As I don't work out of the house I have been running very low on bubble wrap etc but have now decided to start checking skips out after reading about them on here.
    I have been shocked to dicover that there is no Freecycle group in S-o-T so I shall look into starting one (oh yes I will!).
    I notice no one has admitted to washing plastic freezer bags for re-use. Yes, its anal, but it works. Just wash 'em, rinse 'em an stick 'em on the line. They last for months......
    I think its really exciting and encouraging to know that so many of us are so interested in saving the environment. We MUST be making a difference.
    (round of applause for all concerned....)
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • lustydog
    lustydog Posts: 37 Forumite
    If you have a shower over the bath like me. put the plug in before showering and let the water collect. This serves the dual purpose of soaking your feet and when the shower is finished you use the waste water to flush the toilet. Its best if you put the water into the cistern as the flush is properly regulated. Another tip for saving water is when showering, wet yourself first, then turn the shower off until you've finished lathering, then turn the water on again and swill off the soap
  • Our dog just loves the old plastic milk containers. When the bottle is finished we rinse it out and put the water on the plants (its a fertiliser), then we have a race with the dog to see if we can squash it on the floor before he gets it. He then chases it around for hours chewing it. He's not a bright dog but it keeps him happy for nothing ans makes the kids laugh.
    BACKFRMTHEEDGE Posts: 1,294 Forumite
    atpug wrote:
    we sometimes collect used teabags in a container in the house, but not to use again. We open the contents and mix the tea in the garden outdoors and in some large flower pots we have outside, them mix it in the soil. Apparently the tea has some good properties to nourish the soil with nutrients over time. Saves buying plant food.

    Is this true? Can anyone else confirm> ;)
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  • radio10
    radio10 Posts: 77 Forumite
    Take a 6pt plastic milk container and cut in half. Fill with the compost you've made and use the bases as large pots for sewing runner bean seeds. Also, divide into two with a piece of thick cardboard and get two 'pots' for the price of one. Cut a 1 litre orange juice carton in half and use the base as seed pot for tomato seeds. Discard when planting them out. (or keep and reuse next year!) Remember to make a few holes in the bottom for drainage.
  • savvy
    savvy Posts: 31,128 Forumite
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    I stored some students work in biodegradable plastic bags this time last year. Big mistake!!!!! When I took them from the top shelf it looked as if it was snowing - millions of pieces floated down.
    If all bage are like this in the future it will be better for the environment.
    LOL my students are getting used to me recycling now. Everytime they want a bit of paper to write notes on they reach for the printers icon8.gif

    But now they are used to me screaming 'Stop right there! Here you go' as I hand them one of my many bits of scrap paper picked up from the printers and copiers around the college! icon11.gif

    The waste around the college is ridicluous, and the students attitude is that it's paid for by the government! :rolleyes:
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