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Don't just throw them away...



  • tesuhoha
    tesuhoha Posts: 17,971 Forumite
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    Its probably a lot easier for men to pee on their compost heap. I do my weekly shop on line and I give all my carrier bags back to the tesco driver for recycling. They take plastic carrier bags from any shop, not just Tescos.
    The forest would be very silent if no birds sang except for the birds that sang the best

  • rsbright
    rsbright Posts: 23 Forumite
    Fill a two pint plastic milk carton with water and put it in your toilet cistern, saves water every time you flush. Especially if you still have the older style large capacity cisterns!
  • in_my_wellies
    in_my_wellies Posts: 1,647 Forumite
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    I stored some students work in biodegradable plastic bags this time last year. Big mistake!!!!! When I took them from the top shelf it looked as if it was snowing - millions of pieces floated down.
    If all bage are like this in the future it will be better for the environment.

    I have insulated part of my greenhouse using bubblewrap from ebay purchases. I made a little greenhouse within the greenhouse and just heated this part on frosty nights, lifting up the front during the day. As the number of plants increases so I expand my little house.
    Love living in a village in the country side
  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
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    Banana skins draped over your tomato plants will help the fruits to ripen more quickly.
    When children are little an empty shampoo bottle is a lot more interesting than any bath toy you can buy.
    Yes I HAVE made soup from potato skins left over after having baked spuds, but you can also make potato skins like you get in pizza hut, and see just what a rip off it is to buy them!
    Tumble drier fluff to light the fire, doesnt smell as bad as firelighters.
    My chicken's poo makes great fertiliser:)
    I have old tea towels for cleaning round the house when doing mucky jobs like oven cleaning.
    I put washing up sponge/scourers through the dishwasher, they usually have a bit more life in them.
    The paper from my shredder is going to make nests for the easter bunny to leave eggs in for my children;)
    If I ever get anything in a large box I use it for storage if i need to or fill the box with stuff for charity/freecycle. BUT I always keep my shoes in their boxes so it is easier to keep them organised.
    Member no.1 of the 'I'm not in a clique' group :rotfl:
    I have done reading too!
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  • amazon_spice
    amazon_spice Posts: 1,639 Forumite
    Carrier bags in bins - another long time user :)
  • amazon_spice
    amazon_spice Posts: 1,639 Forumite
    Kaminari wrote:
    Poppycracker you could pee in a jar or bottle and pour it over your compost to avoid mooning the neighbours.

    >>>>>>>>>> :rotfl: <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  • hamaradam
    hamaradam Posts: 266 Forumite
    My local kebab shop saves me and fetches it over, during deliveries, lidded buckets of leftover kebab meat once per week for my two large dogs. This would otherwise be thrown away. It is either too dried out, or the end of the kebab from the spit - the bit shaped like an apple-core, or orders which haven't been collected or wrongly made up orders, and sometimes cheesy pizzas, they absolutely love it, sometimes the resident fox also enjoys some, and sometimes they save the dough bases leftover from previous day, but cooked and these go to a neighbour with ducks. I just asked them once out of curiosity, about any leftovers and they are very happy to oblige as it cuts down on their waste too. The buckets once washed are useful for a neighbours horses (water) and I grew a great crop of tomatoes in six buckets last year too, in the green house. The seeds were saved from bought tomatoes. Likewise with seeds from peppers.
  • My hubbie has always peed over his compost - well he peed into a watering can in the garage and then poured it over the compost - he didn't want to frighten our 93 year old neighbour!! Anyway I read somewhere, and I can't for the life of me remember where - some book on composting - that only male pee is any good for the compost heap. Apparently us girlies have far too many hormones in our pee and that isn't so good for the compost!!!
  • needmoney
    needmoney Posts: 4,932 Forumite
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    TigerLily wrote:

    Fill empty milk cartons with water and use instead of dumbbells! My mum has upper arms like a champion badminton player and at no cost.

    Any others?

    Tigerlily i need to tone my upper arms they are gone all flabby since I don't do the physical job I used to.

    I wonder would it be too much to ask just how your Mum uses them, that sounds silly I mean would she tell me just how she excercises with them, how many times etc.

    Thanks nm
    Women and cats will do as they please and men and dogs should get used to it.;)
    Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself.
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  • fatpiggy
    fatpiggy Posts: 388 Forumite
    cefynbach wrote:
    As I have an open fire plastic containers make great fire lighters and envelopes can be burnt in winter. I feed my grass cuttings to my miniature horse and also, as I work in a restuarant, the peelings of carrots etc. and outsides of greenstuffs also go to him. We also save plastic containers from marge to icecream size for store bins, saves a fortune.

    PLEASE - DON'T FEED YOUR PONY WITH GRASS MOWINGS!!! Plenty of horses die every year because well-meaning people dump their mowings over the fence. Within minutes of being cut, grass starts to ferment and horse's guts don't do fermentation like a cow can. I know of one case of a very large horse which died from eating just two or three handfulls of mowings. Put them on the compost heap instead
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