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Don't just throw them away...



  • Sarahsaver
    Sarahsaver Posts: 8,390 Forumite
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    Round here all of our household waste is 'recycled' to a certain extent. We have a box that takes paper, bottles (glass) and plastic bottles, but nothing else. The cardboard, tins etc we used to put in the 'green bags' goes in with everything else now. They sort ALL the household waste anyway, that which will rot is composted, metal is magnetised or shaken out, and they BURN whats leftover as a fuel called FLOC. I would rather put nothing in the bin than have it this way. The green boxes are there so councils can say they are meeting their recycling targets, and there is little point in actually sorting anything. It's like the mice in Bagpuss making biscuits out of breadcrumbs and butterbeans...
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    I have done reading too!
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  • perriless
    perriless Posts: 22 Forumite
    Here's a weird gardening tip, given to me by my chiropodist - when you cut your toe nails (and fingernails) scatter them around your rosebushes!!! Apparently it feeds them, and they come up smelling of roses! :money: :money:
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  • ksh123
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    That Is Amazing!
    Stop looking for answers....
    The most you can hope for are clues.....:)
  • Ellie2758
    Ellie2758 Posts: 2,848 Forumite
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    TigerLily wrote:
    Some good uses for items that would otherwise be thrown away:

    Save up the free carrier bags from tescos, Sainbury's etc and use them as bin liners for small bins, especially kitchen bins. They even have handles so are easy to tie up and throw away. You won't save megabucks but it is very environmentally friendly and personally I think they are stronger than the white plastic variety!

    Fill empty milk cartons with water and use instead of dumbbells! My mum has upper arms like a champion badminton player and at no cost.

    Any others?

    Hmm, does that mean she has one well-developed arm and one normal one then?:confused: :rotfl:
    Ellie :cool:

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  • jomary85
    jomary85 Posts: 11 Forumite
    Plastic milk carton tops red, blue, green can go to Naomi House Hospice near WInchester for fundraising I send stamps with envelope corner to cats Protection newspapers, loo and kitchen roll tubes are welcomed by RSPCA centres along with plastic plant pots, yoghurt pots make good plant pots for cuttings for fundraising sales, and gives freepost enevelopes for recycling ink cartridges and phones for your chosen charity. Cat charities welcome knitted blankest from wool scraps or the wool itself,.
  • claz
    claz Posts: 179 Forumite
    Luiz wrote:
    However, looking down our street and the grey bins (non-recyclable waste) that were collected today, clearly many people have still got a long way to go to understand how this all worlks... ....bags stacked up by the side of the bins and bins overflowing. Shame. It's really not that difficult.

    in our area if your bin lid is up they will not empty it, we have just moved and so seem to have loads more rubbish than we used to because of redecorating etc. even with 4 trips on a weekend to the skip we are still struggling to close the lid

    also when we refurb our kitchen (not enough room at the mo) i am going have different coloured bins for different things eg. paper, glasses, compost and other i think this will make it easier to recycle as at the moment all out recycling bins are in the garage as we seem to have a bin thief in our area (god knows what they do with it though!)

    also with shopping i have still got those reuseable green baskts safeways had for a while and it is great, i keep them in the car all the time

    they should bring things like that back as i think more people woud use them now, does anyone agree?

    Well we finally did it got a house not on a main road, next a railway line or any other werid and wonderful things that get on my nerves!!!

  • savvy
    savvy Posts: 31,128 Forumite
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    claz wrote:

    also with shopping i have still got those reuseable green baskts safeways had for a while and it is great, i keep them in the car all the time

    they should bring things like that back as i think more people woud use them now, does anyone agree?

    I do! icon10.gificon14.gif
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  • jomary85
    jomary85 Posts: 11 Forumite
    beware of bio-degradable bags. When i visited the Isle of WIght Zoo ther ewas an exhibiton there showing how the sisal used to make the bags is grown in areas that have to be cleared ruining the habitat of the long tailed limas. You cannot win. How about a thread on water saving tips for the garden. Some i have heard apart form the recycled water and waterbutts are:- line the runner bean trench with newspaper before digging and planting as this will hold moisture, insert plastic bottle with small hole in base next to new plants so that watering into the bottle goes directly to roots, watering in the cool of the morning is even better than evening, watering well twice a week is better than watering a little every day, carrots and sprouts for veg do not need much water.
  • allym316
    allym316 Posts: 55 Forumite
    Kaminari wrote:
    I save glass jars and empty bottles and one use I have for these is to pour the left over oil from cooking in them so I can throw it away instead of pouring down the sink.

    If the oil can be made to solidify you can store it in containers and put it out for the birds as fat balls. This is good for them and cheaper than calling out drain cleaners as this gunge regularly clogs our drains and sewers

    We also add any fat that drips out of sausages/ burgers etc from the electic grill gadget (she says not wanting to advertise that famous one cos asda do one half that price)
  • allym316
    allym316 Posts: 55 Forumite
    ksh123 wrote:
    .....Thinks......can you put shredded paper in the recycling bins at the tip?I must enquire....

    My local kerbside collection scheme takes shredded paper no problem, but Herts kcs wont take it. Ive suggested my friend uses it in the compost bin as it should help to balance out the wet tea bags, veggie peelings and grass clippings that folks tend to put in. Wet compost bins without heat tend to go smelly and foul :(

    We dont seem to have any facilities to recycle plastic though which annoys me when my wheelie bin has to go out thats more or less all thats in it, its maybe one third full a week - dont think thats bad for a family of 3 but my next door neighbours bin overflows every single week

    Oh, I use my veggie peelings to make soup for the dogs and they love it with their biscuits

    Some great ideas on here :beer:
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