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Don't just throw them away...

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  • ziggy2407ziggy2407 Forumite
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    Thanks everyone for fabulous ideas - I thought I was quite green and good at recycling but people here do much more than I do. One thing my council won't take is any sort of plastic pot. Now I Easiyo I don't have yog ones any more, but still have them for other things (cream, things from deli etc etc) apart from using them to put things in fridge in and plant cuttings does anyone now of anywhere which will recycle them 'properly' ? They are the one thing which really makes me feel guilty these days as I sometimes just have to bin them when I've had a lot and have nowhere to store them.:confused:

    Do you have a nursery or toddler group nearby? , they love making things with yougurt pots and things:D
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  • donna73donna73 Forumite
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    thanks for the ideas about reusing the big plastic milk containers for planting in and protecting the plants outside. i'm just about to embark on trying to grow some veg with my kids( should be interesting!!!!) so these ideas will come in very handy
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  • LizzieanneLizzieanne Forumite
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    RedBalloon wrote:
    Save your tumble dreyer fluff and put it out for the birds when they start making thier nests so they can make comfortable nests!

    I've been doing this too!
    I also save the fur that comes off my cat when I brush him, the birds in our garden have used his fur to line their nests for several years now (we know, because when we clear out the nesting boxes over the winter, they all have little fur mattresses! :D )
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  • amyandoliamyandoli Forumite
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    cut off corner to use as slot on corner page bookmark
    reuse, scribble out or cover up old name and replace with new
    use paint thinner to remove sticky labels/tape off envelopes and reuse
    use as a template for making new envelopes
    use to store vouchers, seeds, craft items etc
    use unusual envelopes (with coloured/patterned/textured interiors) in hm recycled notebooks for gifts (other recycled paper great for this too)
    cut up and use as scrap paper for shopping lists, crafts
    use envelope plastic windows for card crafts
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