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Don't just throw them away...

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • Penelope_PenguinPenelope_Penguin Forumite
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    Cacran wrote:
    I am puzzled!!!!!! Why are all the 'in' and 'the' words in red.?is very distracting. There must be a reason, I guess but I can't imagine what.

    Did you do a search with *in* and *the* in it? Any words in your search will be highlighted in red.

    Penny. x
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  • queenpigqueenpig Forumite
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    Grocery Challenge. £400. - £35.22 + £19.80 + £109.01 = £164.03
    Other spends (Clothes Luxuries etc)£11.97 + £1.19 + £7.36 + £69.00 + £38.50 + £5.50 + £23.00 +£2.00 = £158.52:shocked::sad:
  • I use those balls to make a little water-softening mixture with (mind you it only takes one!) Buiy some washing soda crystals and mix them with really hot water, pour the solution into the ball (or make it in the ball), then put the ball in with the washing. It really helps to soften the water!
    My mum is a superstar at recycling and to be honest I used to be embarrassed as a teenager...But now even I have started washing out my freezer bags (the good quality ones) and re-using as they last forever!
    I also cut the tops out of milk-bottles to use as mini-greenhouses, and I mix leftover mini-amounts of eye-shadow with a bit of hair-gel to let my nieces have some fun "dying" their hair mad colours (like metallic green and purple etc.!)


    Where can you buy washing soda crystals from? I haven't seen any in my local Sainsburys or Tesco....

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  • hazzie123hazzie123 Forumite
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    Tesco sell it,cant remember where abouts though,wilkinsons also sell it and it`s near where the dishcloths are in my nearest store,homebargins sell it aswell for 59p
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  • vfairbrassvfairbrass Forumite
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    Somerfield are currently giving you a free bag for life for every five Somerfield plastic bags. I have recycled twenty of mine so far and got four bags for life. They will replace the bag in the future if needed.

    I cut the Tetrapaks that my juice comes in into two, lengthwise. I pierce drainage holes in one on the halves and fit it into the other which acts as a drainage tray. I then sew seeds in the top half. When they are ready to plant out I cut the tray open and the seeds come out easily with little disturbance to the roots. Haven't yet found a use for this cut up tray but I expect someone will tell me one.
  • vfairbrassvfairbrass Forumite
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    By the way, what do you do with spare hangers? We found tons of plastic hangers in our wardrobes when we moved and the charity shops didn't want them, so I'm afraid they went in the bin (hangs head in shame)

    Cover them with old tights and you have a padded hanger for your jumpers.
  • vfairbrassvfairbrass Forumite
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    claz wrote:

    also with shopping i have still got those reuseable green baskts safeways had for a while and it is great, i keep them in the car all the time

    they should bring things like that back as i think more people woud use them now, does anyone agree?

    I completely agree. I have three of the green baskets (Asda ones from a while back) and they are quite enough for a family of four's shopping each week. And it is so much quicker to pack and unpack them at the checkout and at home.
  • vfairbrassvfairbrass Forumite
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    cafcfan wrote:
    Anyone know what to do with expanded polystyrene packaging? Can it be recycled in any way. There's only so many chips you can put in the bottom of flower pots!! Also, its not so much the small stuff, I use it as packaging. It's the big pieces that come with large items such as our new computer.

    You could use it (packed into a plastic bag perhaps?) to fill up the spaces in your freezer when it is not full of food. This will make it run more economically.
  • morganlefaymorganlefay Forumite
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    Thanks everyone for fabulous ideas - I thought I was quite green and good at recycling but people here do much more than I do. One thing my council won't take is any sort of plastic pot. Now I Easiyo I don't have yog ones any more, but still have them for other things (cream, things from deli etc etc) apart from using them to put things in fridge in and plant cuttings does anyone now of anywhere which will recycle them 'properly' ? They are the one thing which really makes me feel guilty these days as I sometimes just have to bin them when I've had a lot and have nowhere to store them.:confused:
  • QuasarQuasar Forumite
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    Broccoli stalks. I do NOT throw them away, unlike every single person I know. I cut off the very bottom where they are dry and "old", but I dice the rest and cook it, and eat it as a variation to root vegetables as it's rather starchy.
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