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Don't just throw them away...



  • Kaminari_2
    Kaminari_2 Posts: 660 Forumite
    I save glass jars and empty bottles and one use I have for these is to pour the left over oil from cooking in them so I can throw it away instead of pouring down the sink.
  • Kaminari_2
    Kaminari_2 Posts: 660 Forumite
    Poppycracker you could pee in a jar or bottle and pour it over your compost to avoid mooning the neighbours.
  • poppycracker
    poppycracker Posts: 1,735 Forumite
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    :eek: thanks for that Kaminari! :rotfl:
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  • Rebob
    Rebob Posts: 1,010 Forumite
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    I put the plastic hangers in the plastic recycling at the dump it after removing any metal hooks.

    Reuse take away tubs to store and freeze leftovers.

    I am now well into freecycling both giving and have received 3 great things in the last month!

    Reusing carriers as bin bags and bread bags as poop scoop bags.

    Hubby has found alsorts in skips over the years. A silvercross pushchair with raincover (gave to a friend as we were only after the wheels and raincover and her need was greater), a remote control monster truck with battery pack, controller and charger and a folding alluminium ladder for starters.
    The best bargains are priceless!!!!!!!!!! :T :T :T
  • twink
    twink Posts: 3,827 Forumite
    best i had was when grandfather went to the dump and got a pushmower and turned it into a sack barrow for us and right handy its been too
  • Rebob wrote:
    I put the plastic hangers in the plastic recycling at the dump it after removing any metal hooks.

    My hubby uses the metal hooks for securing weed sheets onto the soil in the garden
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  • We buy concentrated windscreen wash for the car (just in winter tho, in summer we just use washing up liquid). Mix the concentrate with water in empty clothes washing liquid bottles ... the residue in the bottle is being used up and the bottles have handles and are easy to pour into the water reservoir tanks in the car (so my hubbie tells me !!!!)
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  • cefynbach
    cefynbach Posts: 52 Forumite
    As I have an open fire plastic containers make great fire lighters and envelopes can be burnt in winter. I feed my grass cuttings to my miniature horse and also, as I work in a restuarant, the peelings of carrots etc. and outsides of greenstuffs also go to him. We also save plastic containers from marge to icecream size for store bins, saves a fortune.
  • I find that when shopping for clothes, if you ask for the little coat hanger tag that gives the size you will build up a good collection of different size and colour tags. I have trousers that cover several sizes, shirts also, ones for work etc, these little tags can be clipped onto the hangers in your wardrobe so you can instantly find the clothing size and type you want. I got fed up with pulling out black trousers only to find they were my small ones, or my work ones, or the ones from my suit etc. Simply unclip the tag when you take the clothes out and put in a box, refit once washed and ironed and rehang. We all tend to keep the small sizes for when we loose weight don't we... :T
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