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Don't just throw them away...



  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    the rim of the steel bucket doesnt half cut into your bum tho :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
  • trafalgar_2
    trafalgar_2 Posts: 22,309 Forumite
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    the rim of the steel bucket doesnt half cut into your bum tho  :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[
    OUCH ::)
  • RachelD
    RachelD Posts: 217 Forumite
    Apart from using them as bin liners I use plastic carrier bags when I am cooking. I hang the bag over the edge of a kitchen drawer by the handles, and tip in whatever. If I'm baking it's eggshells, margarine wrappers and small leftovers of pastry and cherry cartons. I roll pastry out on a floured sheet of greaseproof paper and just gather up whatever detritus is left and tip in my bag. Same goes for fruit and vegetable peelings. Saves countless drippy or floury trips to the bin.

    I wash out small screw top jars like mustard jars and use to store small items like fuses or screws. They have also been used (once sterilised) for taking urine samples to hospital appointments. This saves your blushes as otherwise the only available container is often a 2lb coffee jar.
    if i had known then what i know now
  • I keep a couple of the smaller plastic bags (the ones for putting fruit & veg in at the supermarket) handy when baking or doing other messy-handed cooking. If the phone goes I just slip my hands inside in order to answer it. Also if I want to turn on the tap, lift the kettle, open a drawer, etc.

  • lswwong
    lswwong Posts: 407 Forumite
    Just been clearing up in the office in anticipation of a move at the end of next week.

    Here are some of the things I found in the recycling bins:
    • Lots of card file dividers in good condition - worth £20
      2 presentation books - worth £30
      various plastic pockets and wallets - worth £5
      £20 note
      unused notebooks - worth £5
      brand new business cards wallets folder - worth at least £5

    Amazing what people throw away just because they can't be bothered ??? ??? ???
  • Lucie_2
    Lucie_2 Posts: 1,482 Forumite
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    pee in the bucket every day for a fortnight

    The newsletter that comes with my (free) compost bin said that weeing into the compost bin is one of the best ways to speed up the composting process. Now I always empty my rabbit's litter tray into it - not quite got round to perching on the edge myself......!

    Another use for those plastic milk cartons - fill with water & freeze (remember to leave a gap at the top - water expands when frozen) & use as ice packs in your cool bag.

    I save my carriers for my local greengrocer - he saves money buying them, his prices stay low & they get re-used.
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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    egg boxes are always welcomed by free range egg peeps as well
  • GlennTheBaker
    GlennTheBaker Posts: 2,974 Forumite
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    Sorry if this sounds like the bleedin' obvious but I recently bought a small, cheap electric paper shredder. Now even stuff which has personal details on can go in the recycle bag. I also bring all my work's junk mail and even used till rolls home for recycling.
    This space has been intentionally left blank
  • aycor
    aycor Posts: 277 Forumite
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    The plastic water bottles with pull up tops can be used for oil. I dispense cooking ( olive or corn) oil into the small ones and then use it to drizzle oil on to frying pan in small controlled doses and saves money too as you don't over do the amount. :)
  • cathy_3
    cathy_3 Posts: 1,500 Forumite
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