1p Energy Saving Bulbs

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What's it about?

Tesco is currently offering energy saving bulbs for 1p each. It expects quite a stampede, so the offer's limited to four per customer. The deal includes both bayonet and screwfit bulbs, and there are several different brands available at 1p, including Tesco's own brand. These normally cost about £1.50 each, so this is a great bargain.

Where can I get them?

Bulbs are available both in store and online (there's a delivery charge for online shopping). If you're not sure where your nearest Tesco is, then use its store locator to find out.

But at that price won't they run out?

The offer was launched on 12 March it's been so popular already some people are reporting them not being available in their nearest stores. If you're making a special journey then it's worth ringing your store to check before you leave home.

P.S. This deal was originally spotted by MoneySaver Gerf below. This post was inserted so we could give you the full lowdown. Thanks for the top spot!

For more energy saving tips, read the Cheaper Gas & Electricity article.

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  • Gerf_2Gerf_2 Forumite
    2 Posts
    Hello everybody!! This is my first post and I hope it will be of some use to all you bargain hunters out there!! Tesco (all stores) will be reducing the prices of some of their Energy Saving Lightbulbs to 1p tomorrow morning. This will apply to ALL Energy Saving bulbs with a green band on the packaging saying "lasts for 6 years". Usually Tesco refuses to sell any products priced at 1p as there is usually some sort of problem with the product, however we have been told that we are receiving extra shippments of the above bulbs to clear all company stock of "6 year" bulbs to comply with a new government legislation that Energy Saving bulbs must last a minimum of 10 years!! All stores have been informed about this price change, which will go live at about 5am!!! By the way this price will apply to all Tesco branded bulbs as well as General Electric, bayonet cap as well as screw cap, all shapes- as long as they are marked with the green "6 year band"!! So get out there and bag a few bargains!!!!
  • super_dadsuper_dad Forumite
    771 Posts

    I'll pop down tomorrow and get myself a few million of them!

    Hating Hastings Direct!
  • Ohhhhhhh WOW guess where I'll be tomorrow morning THANK YOU
  • keith99_2keith99_2 Forumite
    1.2K Posts
    Seems odd that they are in a rush to do this when its traditional style lightbulbs being phased out first (see item below).
    However if the energy efficient ones are 1p its got to be good all round so fingers crossed that it is them.
    As for the reply by alanwarwic, was that really necessary? It reads as though the OP works for Tesco so the comments were a bit nasty.

    1. The Government has proposed, as an illustrative schedule for the phase
    out of inefficient lamps, that retailers might want to follow:
    • By January 2008, cease replacing stock of all inefficient (General Lighting Service, GLS) A-shaped incandescent lamps of energy rating higher than 100W (predominantly 150W lamps).
    • By January 2009, cease selling all inefficient GLS A-shaped lamps of energy rating higher than 60W (predominantly 150W lamps, 100W lamps, plus some 75W lamps)
    • By January 2010, cease selling all GLS A-shaped lamps of efficacy of energy rating higher than 40W (predominantly 60W lamps)
    • By 31 December 2011, cease selling all remaining inefficient GLS A-shaped lamps and 60W "candle"
  • rbulphrbulph Forumite
    547 Posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Sounds impressive, though it would be nice to see a link to this information on the Tescos website before making a special effort to go and buy these.

    super_dad if you buy a million of these, have twenty light bulb sockets in your house, and they each last six years, your stock should last you 8,000 years. Hope you stay around long enough!
  • Gerf_2Gerf_2 Forumite
    2 Posts
    The information given in the post is based on an internal e-mail sent to all stores-whether it is just a clever "stunt" to drive trade I would not know. I did however request the price decrease labels for tomorrow already today to verify that these prices will in fact go live tomorrow-which they will with 100% certainty!!! If you pass a Tesco store tomorrow it will definately be worth to get a few.
  • BristolfarmerBristolfarmer Forumite
    185 Posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    The OP tells the truth, I work for Tesco Express and we had this down on email today! Remember it's just the 6 hour ones!! Enjoy!
  • Thanks for the heads up Gerf, and dont lose heart when just one plonker repeatedly has a go at you! You tried to be as factual as possible and whatever the facts regarding legislation, this is clearly a bargain, so thanks once again
    I have gained from advice as well as bargains here, so if I can help in any way, I am only too pleased to do so and appreciate your thanks.
  • suman_dassuman_das Forumite
    133 Posts
    Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work Gerf. Welcome to MSE.
  • kentyykentyy Forumite
    139 Posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Great bargin, thankyou for letting us know!
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