MONEY MORAL DILEMMA. Should Howard and Marion replace Richie’s tenner?



  • If he'd already been taught about being careful with his money (like telling him not to put his money in the back pocket of his jeans, etc), then no. He knew the consequences of not being careful with his money and it's never too early to find out what consequences feel like.

    On the other hand, if it was the first time it had happened (and always supposing his parents could afford to), then they could probably give him it all back, with the warning that if he ever lost his money again, they wouldn't pay out again.

    Takes away the sting but a valuable lesson is learned, and eleven-year-olds are mature enough to learn this kind of lesson.
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    When I was 13 I went on a two-week school trip to Greece with something like £100 spending money. Obviously we didn't keep it with us, our teachers had most of it to give out as and when we wanted it. I decided it would be a good idea to keep most of my cash on me, as I figured I was grown-up enough to look after it myself. Being short a purse I kept two rolled up notes up my sleeve (!) and then when I got hot later I took off my cardigan and threw it on a chair, completely forgetting about the money. Of course when I came back and wanted to buy ice cream the money was gone.

    I didn't call my mum and tell her because I felt so guilty, and got by on the little that I still had. I had just a good time on holiday without the money as I would have done with it. As well as being much more careful with my money after that, I learnt that you don't need to spend a fortune to have fun.

    If it was my kid I'd give him the choice - a list of extra chores that he could do and how much money I'd give him for each one (up to £10). Just reimbursing him straight off teaches him nothing, and to talk about him suffering is ridiculous in my book - you're not sending him up chimneys, just asking him to do the dusting or clean the car. If he wants to do nothing and go without then that's his decision too.
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