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  • I was married to a tight man, so tight that I could not even get £10 out to buy nappies for my baby daughter (years ago).
    If I got him and myself a bargain he would say 'you only got me something to make yourself feel better' and it would be something like a £20 jumper for him. And I bought thinking he would appreciate a bargain for a jumper he needed. When we were overdrawn by £400 after bills had gone out. Had no credit cards just a mortgage! he would say WHAT!!!:eek: and blame me for not controlling the account. We never went out or had fun or good holidays and eventually divorced in 2001. He took all the profit from the house for himself and took my daughter. I am now better off than him (not moneywise) but he married again and now his wife is divorcing him for violence (he did that to me also) and she is claiming 50%. Hurray:T
    She said he was so tight he would not buy her a bunch of flowers and he never spent anything nice on her. My daughter even has to manage without enough clothes he is so tight and yet he earns £42,000!!

    So I believe its ok to have a little debt. I got the debt just by trying to have the odd night out and paying my bills. Not enough coming in to cover what is going out.
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  • Gemmzie
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    I used to be a spendaholic, I think I spent to make myself feel better. I have so many clothes with the labels still on them - stuff I'd love to wear but always felt too big for or were too brave. I live in jeans, vest top and zip-hoodies - safety I suppose.
    I'm not buying new clothes for a looooooooooong time.
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  • Lelc wrote: »
    I'm about 20 miles north of Inverness and about 100 miles south of Thurso. It's nice in Thurso and the coastline up there is amazing. In the summer we love exploring the beaches up there which are beautiful gold sand and never a soul in sight. Heaven.

    We went there for a week last year, and it was absolutely gorgeous. I have never felt so relaxed in all my life. Very envious of you living there!!
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  • jennyred wrote: »
    maybe you should give us numbers CS - you know how we DWF LOVE being part of a club! :rotfl:

    then maybe we should use the thread as a bit of school teacher type affair. when we've done something naughty - we some come and confess all our sins!! lol

    i'll happily go first - went to the shop to pay for the papers ( only get them delivered on a sunday) to see cadburys chocolate bars on offer - thought fab - get them and use them in OH pack ups for rest of week - came home and ate the lot!!!!! oh well. day started so well. :p

    OK, OK, I'll start the numbers!!!

    And consider yourself duly reprimanded Miss Jennyred!!!!
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  • Hiya Compulsivespender79,

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that gets carried away with the plastic on the Internet :p:p, you do right to close the page down before you check out, tough sometimes but it does calm the old impulsive streak down a bit. I analysed my spending for last year and I was spending about £100 a month on amazon at one point :eek: That's a lot of dollar for extra luxuries! I have calmed down a lot now but it's just so tempting.

    I'll have to spend more time on this website posting and reading rather than spending :T
  • madge7
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    I am not a compulsive/addictive spender, BUT I do waste a lot of money on things I dont need and feel that money really does burn a hole in my pocket!! Since moving out of home I have HAD to be more careful, as had no option. My best pal and I both agree that when you are looking at something and thinking you'd really love to buy it, persuading yourself not to and then walking away can be as satisfying as buying something! Obviously its only satisfying if you know you cant afford it and walking away leaves you with extra money - you get my drift. I used to enjoy going to Sainsburys just so could buy a magazine, because that was spending money - ridiculous!! Hope this helps x
  • tallyhoh wrote: »
    I am not a compulsive spender but my OH is. I wont bore you with the long details but I can say that the problem can be just as destructive as drinking, drugs or gambling.
    His problems stretch back as far as 1971 & I thought we had cracked it this time. I have now found he has secretly spent over £9000 in addition to his monthly allowance of £500 since June last year. He has nothing to show for it, not even a new pair of shoes.
    Its obvious that he needs serious help but there doesnt seem to be any for this problem. Its not debt counselling he needs.

    moan over

    Does he know where the money is going? Thats an awful lot to go nowhere? Spending diary of any use so he can see where its going? Must be v.frustrating...
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  • I'm exactly the same as you. There were six of us when I was growing up, and my dad was the only wage-earner, meaning that money was always tight. I think you're right, I want to be seen as "doing well" for myself.
    I too buy (bought) clothes from Next for my daughter, and Marks & Spencer. All in an attempt to make people think that I'm doing good.
    How selfish is that?

    ISOM: The drainer is in use, labels off and everything!!!

    Me three:D :D:D have just got back from blowing £140 on clothes - including a summer vest. Do you know how f*cking cold it is in London amt the moment:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Wot a wally I am!
    :grin: Save me from spending...
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  • Oooh I like this thread. My name is donteatthat and I am a compulsive spender haha!

    At the beginning of the year I decided to set myself a "no clothes or cosmetics challenge" due to the huge amount of stuff I have aquired. I am lucky I guess that I don't have debt on anything other than mortgage and a car, but I feel that the amount of money I have got through is quite honestly an embarrassment, and when I think of what I could have done with the money I have spent on clothes, shoes, make-up and cars I could get quite depressed. It could have paid off most of the mortgage. (The MFW board is a bit boring - don't tell them tho!)

    I failed my challenge within the first few weeks of the new year by clothes buying, so join me up to this and I will do my best to gain some self control.
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  • OK, we now have numbers down to Gemmzie's first post, so I'll try and update them again later - they're on my OP.

    How are we doing today? I didn't do too badly on the compulsive spends yesterday, although I did buy two flapjacks instead of one (huh?). Don't ask me why.
    Bit worried about today though, I've got to pop to a well known supermarket at lunchtime to buy the following items;

    Sanitary products
    (MORE) Gloves for my daughter (fifth pair this winter!!!)

    Hopefully, I will come out of that well known supermarket having bought only those items.

    Time to 'fess up everyone (and that means you jennyred!). The confessional is now open . . .

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