02 Retentions thread 2

the thing to remember is that all networks are a business. What,if anything they offer you as a retention deal will depend on how much revenue they have made from you during your previous contract term, against how much the last phone you had was worth. eg:

You had a Samsung E900 worth £200 sim free
Your contract was £25 a month over 12 months (no extra call charges)

Total revenue = £ 300

Phone cost = £200

Total network profit = £100

Divided by the year, they have made £8.30 a month from you, which in the great scheme of things isn't a great deal of money, and if you had a more expensive handset worth say £300+, in fact they are still yet to make ANY profit from you at all, so you then see why they may not be falling over themselves to offer you another £300 phone which technically you haven't finished paying for. I know it seems like a kick in the teeth when you have been "loyal" to a network, but at the end of the day, business is business.

CC limits £26000

Long term CC debt £0

Total low rate loan debt £3000

Almost debt free feeling, priceless.

Ex money nightmare, learnt from my mistakes and never going back there again, in control of my finances for the first time in my adult life and it feels amazing. 


  • [Deleted User]
    Did you actually speak to retentions, or just the upgrade people? Those 'first line' upgrade people have nothing of good to offer - you need to speak to the big boys in retentions. They were a pushover, I just told them what I wanted and how much I wanted to spend.. with what free phone. I was hardly a high spend customer (£25 a month contract AND I got them to give me £120 off my last 18 month's bills)

    Try again. If you don't get what you want, try once more. Then go and find a new firm that'll do what you want
  • rdownesy
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    Been with O2 since 2001 (originally BT Genie) and asked what my upgrade options were. They weren't keen to discuss any of the tariffs/upgrades, but instead kept pushing this rolling 1 month contract of 200mins, 400 texts and unlimited O2 to O2 calls for £15 on the basis that they have some 'really good deals coming up so it is probably best to wait a while'. Has anyone else been told the same?
  • diamonds
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    prob *another* refresh at o2
    SO... now England its the Scots turn to say dont leave the UK, stay in Europe with us in the UK, dont let the tories fool you like they did us with empty lies... You will be leaving the UK aswell as Europe ;)
  • student_84
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    eljmayes wrote: »
    I don't think that O2 are buying in the lower end phones for more than say thirty quid cost price, even a top of the range model (excluding the Iphone) would not cost them anymore than one hundred quid to buy in as they buy huge numbers.

    Spot on, the cost price for most mobiles is low. Mobile operators tend to make none or very little profit in the first year of connection, try to establish brand loyalty then milk customers further down the line. All mobile operators group customers into categories when it comes to renewing contracts and have a set spending limit which c/serv agents cannot exceed. From experience of working for both t-mob and o2 my advice is unless you are a high spender per month or you love your operator switch nets when you renew as you're more likely to get a better offer.
  • melissa'smoney
    HI all, just wanted to share this with you. My 18mnth contract has ended with o2 so i rang to ask how much notice i needed to give to cancel and they offered me the following retention packages:

    (i'm currently paying £35pm for 750 mins and 750 texts)

    1.£25pm line rental with any phone from 02 website (except iphone)


    2.no phone (i said i wanted to keep the one i had)....£20pm line rental and £180 cashback...:j
    +free o2 2 o2 calls anytime (not that this is much use to me?!)

    I was surprised at such good retention offers as other mobile companies ive been with really didnt seem to care if you left or not.

    So ive took the 2nd offer and had £180 put into my o2 account today which gives me 9months FREE line rental and then £20 for the next 9 months

    I was pretty pleased with that!! :T :T

    Thank you o2 :beer:

    Quidco to date = £1224 cashback
  • Riq
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    any phone on the o2 website except the iPhone?! What's all that about?!!!

    You did right. :D
    "I'm not from around here, I have my own customs"
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  • wadge
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    Just been offered the same thing...will think over it though. 18m * £20 + £180 cashback
  • wadge
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    Just been offered 18m * £20 + £180 cashback for 750+100 and no new phone.
  • andreweastell
    Just come off the phone to 02 Retentions. Got a Nokia N95, 12 month contract, 500 minutes, 500 texts for £20 a month.
  • DEMO_3
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    Just come off the phone to 02 Retentions. Got a Nokia N95, 12 month contract, 500 minutes, 500 texts for £20 a month.

    thats a good deasl !!!

    im still waiting for my black N95-8gb ! been a month now....

    anyone any idea of when O2 will be getting stock of the N95-8gb ?
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