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  • These days we can find many free online dating sites, but credibility is the question. Many sites are allowing fake profiles which is not safe to approach with. Anyways, selecting a right person through online is very exciting and could be even safe.
  • has the most comprehensive and best list of all of the free dating sites that you can join.
  • xmaslolly76
    xmaslolly76 Posts: 3,974 Forumite is a free site it has its share of pervs and gold diggers but if you put in the effort you can meet some lovely people. Its not just restircted to same sex messageing either so not only did i meet my partner but i found a whole host of new friends on there too. There are chat rooms, games and they also allow cameras. Warning on the camera front though as i said above it has its share of perverts be prepared to receive some rather out there messages (that is putting it mildly) but you do have the option to block people who annoy you. Cameras can be set to Public, Friends only or one on one.
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  • jl45
    jl45 Posts: 39 Forumite
    www dot datingdirect dot com ("Sorry as a new user you are not allowed to post with links. This is done to stop spammers clogging up the site. Please edit your message below to continue." so this will have to do)

    Normally 6 months costs 77.94, 3 months is 59.97 or 1 month month is 29.99

    If you sign up but dont subscribe they will email you offers until the best deal they offer is 1 month for 5 pound. Cancel the resubscription once subscribed else they will charge the full amount the following month. But once your subscription has expired the offers will start up again and after a couple of weeks I received the 1 month for £5 deal again so I will now resubscribe.

    I assume this cycle will endlessly repeat
  • k_bagpuss
    k_bagpuss Posts: 502 Forumite
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    I met my darling OH on Dating Direct in April 2008. He put all his details in, wrote a quiz you can put on your profile and pressed the "find me my soulmate" button and up popped my profile! After a couple of weeks online conversations we met up during the day in my local where I felt safe and we've been inseperable ever since, and we bought our house together in April this year.

    I'd just reiterate whats been said before - there are false people out there. I had the misfortune to meet one of them before meeting my OH (from a different website) and it put me off internet dating for quite a while. I think trust your instincts and make sure if you meet up with anyone make it daytime and somewhere YOU feel comfortable and safe, and let someone know what you are doing!
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  • you might want to try is another new one that just started but i cant for the life of me remember the name of it...
  • there is a relatively new site that i came across after i met the biggest jerks ever on jdate and eharmony. and this one is free!
    it is called it used to be an invite only site and has now opened its doors to those with university or work email address.

    what i like about it is that people register with their real names so youre not meeting ilikebagels85, you are meeting john miguel or whoever. you can also see how you are connected to your potential mates through your friends.
  • 360
    360 Posts: 5 Forumite
    I have found a few new site recently that are free with no nidden cost atall. One of these site is call its for all ages groups.
  • ChefBungle
    ChefBungle Posts: 205 Forumite
    I actually met my girlfriend on - it's entirely free to post or to respond to a post. They have a few different sections - long term, casual, etc. so probably something for everyone.

    Although there are some spam ones on there, it is relatively straightforward to tell the difference and find the genuine posts. You can also post your own picture if you prefer.

    I would wholeheartedly recommend it, without it I wouldn't be as happy as I am now! :-)
  • fertler1 wrote: »
    To a certain extent this is free. you collect points to allow you to send and receive messages. it is also one of the best i have come across - met someone - though unfortunately did not go further than one date [URL="http://"][/URL] :p

    I met my husband on this site 4 years ago we met and now been married for 8 weeks i would deffo recommend this site
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