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  • I have to vouch for UK dating site - not only is it relatively cheap to use (I believe £20 for 3 months, with a free sign up), but every person on there has had their profile and picture chosen by a good friend, meaning that you often learn a lot more about a person than they would've chosen to write about themselves!! Me and my girlfriends had a lot of fun on MSF last year when we were all single, and met some genuinely nice, funny, gorgeous, intelligent people - and we knew they weren't nutters!! It's a well designed and simple to use site - highly recommended!:D
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    Any suggestions appreciated!
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    Me & DF met on Faceparty - first made contact in January/February 2003, met up early April & are now engaged & living advice is take it slowly, get to know each other on email / MSN / phone first, and tell someone where you're going & then let them know when you get home!
  • veloo
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    I wonder if we could have a singles section in here. I would much rather date a moneysaver, than another high-maintenance woman!!! Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt, paid the price and... finally debt free now.
    I am starting all over again...

    I think all we need is to find people living nearby and meet up in a public place. If we don't like anything, we don't need to reveal anything at all and/or make any contact again. No one is any the wiser, and I am no worse off than before...
    It just feels too complicated writing everything down about myself plus everything else, and go through this whole rigmarole... Also, I am a bit uncomfortable putting all my details on these (dubious?) websites. Perhaps I am just old fashioned...

    PS: Do any monesavers want to meet up for a drink?

    Edit: I've just realised I have posted in this thread titled "The Great 'Cheapest & Best Internet Dating' Sites". Guess what? It just might be!!!
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  • I met my OH 3 years ago through Loopylove. I think at the time it was £20 for a month but compared to a night out thats peanuts.

    We had both been single for a few years and had got fed up with pubs and clubs as a way of meeting someone. We both like quiet nights in which is fine but doesn't leave much scope for finding a partner.

    The site itself was ok but once we "clicked "we moved over to MSN messenger to chat online free as I think a lot of people do.

    I feel if its a site you need to pay for its more likely to have people genuinely looking for a partner rather than time wasters looking for a shag. Although that is not always the case

    Yes I had my fair share of perves,married men and saddos messaging me but you soon learn to weed them out and most people on it were pretty "normal"

    It was the best £20 I ever spent and after months of messaging, texting then phone conversations we finally agreed to meet.

    Although we were both nervous it really was like meeting someone I felt I'd known for years, which is one advantage of online dating. You get to know so much about each other prior to meeting theres very little chance of awkward silences.

    I'd say to anyone considering internet dating to give it a try. I met a wonderful man and we are very much in love and now have a beautiful little boy together.
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  • Met my wife on faceparty, and were married within two years.

    BUT we were lucky to meet someone else looking for the same thing. Not everyone there is, and some were quite rude when replying to a friendly hello email. Like a lot of singles activities (such as nightclubs) it can be depressing to see the same old faces over and over, who vaguely want to meet someone, but act like they want to be single forever.

    Worth a try, but keep doing all the other things like hobbies, societies, sports etc.
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  • miserly_mum
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    Met my wife on faceparty, and were married within two years.

    BUT we were lucky to meet someone else looking for the same thing. Not everyone there is, and some were quite rude when replying to a friendly hello email.

    I couldn't agree more in that it is pure luck that both of you were genuinely looking to meet someone (as my OH and I were at the time we met online)

    Then again that could apply to meeting someone anywhere, bar,club through work etc. The advantage is online you can just block the nasty ones and you soon get to know the serial online daters because they are on every dating site.

    Speaking from a womans perspective I think if someone wants to meet you after a few days i'd be wary. If someone is genuinely interested they'd want to take things slowly and get to know a bit about you first. If only to rule out the fact you are a bunny boiler
    How does a brown cow give white milk, when it only eats green grass?
  • tina36 wrote: »

    Hi Guys / Martin

    I represent an internet dating site and posted a note in your Cheap Dates section, and its good to hear you have now set up a topic just on internet dating.

    Here's some advice:

    The majority of dating sites are free to post your profile, !however, !to send messages or to read messages from other members you have to pay anything from £5 to £20 for the month, which may sound like a lot, but at least you know everybody who is a member is serious in using the service.

    Free sites are great, although you have to ask the question, whether these people are truly serious or just sending spam type messages just because they can as they dont have to pay for it.

    For description of this persons site and what it offers - see the referrers section here.

    Only problem with this is as you say, its free to register a profile, so we pay to join and endup being one of few who have paid, so how do you know if anyone else has a paid for profile.

    To be honest i now think internet dating is dead, Profiles that are not paid for or have not be used for ages are all still on there, it make the site look like its got loads of users but its very hard to weed out the people who are active and paid upto reply

    So the comment about Knowing everyone else is serious is not really valid, best bet would be to use a free site, at least you will get to chat to someone on there.

    I mean over the last couple of years i must have had three different paid for profiles on one site i have used!!

    Profiles should indicate whether the person is paid up and indicate when they were last used.

    Well thats my point of view anyway :confused:
  • This one that has a large number of users and is 100% free it's a very good site, much better than udate, dating direct or This site automaticly shows you the last 10-20 people who have logged into the site within your area.

    There's also which is 100% free, though isn't quite as active.

    There's another site which is for single parents. Although it's not 100% free, they do allow you to send one free messege per day as well as allowing you to view profiles and any messeges you've received, as well as a free chatroom
  • I have also come across one online dating site named okcupid. Everything is free on OKCupid!
    You will also get free profiles, pictures, tests, personals, match rankings.
    There are really some good features which I found on this site.
    1. You can see who is online now and who's viewed your profile.
    2. You can also compare your profile with another member's profile by clicking on the "Compare Profile" button on their profile page.
    3. You can search profiles with various criteria like: gender, age range, religion, ethnicity, Languages spoken.
    You may also filter sort your result by……
    Those who have photos only
    Those who are single.
  • The best site i've found is and on top of that registrations are all free! just give it a try you'll see ;)
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