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    After my marriage split in '02, I registered with Friends Reunited's dating site, and as mentioned previously, it is extremely easy to use. I whittled my prospective dates down to a shortlist of 4, and then spent several weeks emailing (via their site, so no personal details go out), and then chatting online via MSN or AOL IM. This gave all involved the chance to get to know a little about our circumstances, and a 'feel' for each other's personalities. It also helped me work out which, if any, I considered might be worth meeting eventually for a date.

    I did meet a very nice guy, who was extremely kind and caring, but seriously not my type (I'm 5' and seeing him literally eye to eye was very off putting, especially as my ad stated I had a thing for tall guys!), I met an RAF chap who had initially seemed very pleasant, but after a few dates it was easy to spot his penchant for red wine and his emotional baggage would fill a 747 hold, and 'Mr Twin Towers' (as I called him, as he'd lost his business in 9/11) didn't even get a date, even though he seemed like a decent enough guy.

    I'd strongly suggest a lunchtime date, or a coffee date, with a stipulated timespan of say an hour for the first meet. Ensure the venue is familiar to you, and don't allow your vehicle to be noticed by the date if possible. Arrange to have a friend in the same venue, if possible, and always nip to the loo to make a phone call to your friend to let them know if you're OK. An hour is plenty long enough to decide if it's a go or a no.

    Don't, as a friend of mine keeps doing, agree to meet a guy too quickly, convince yourself he's 'the one', sleep with him the first night, and then wonder why he doesn't return your calls! She's also met up with a couple of guys via personal ads in the weekend issue of The Telegraph. One of them seemed like a great guy, and his ad was witty, etc. Let's just say the first night was extremely rough and left her with bruising, and he readvertised the following weeks with slightly different psuedonims, but the same witty lines. He was obviously a serial dater, eager to find desperate ladies who put out quickly.

    As it turns out, I met my lovely man in a supermarket carpark. Totally free, and totally random. I do pull his leg about throwing himself desperately in front of my car as a means of getting a date mind you!

    As a warning for all those ladies out there considering internet dating, take it really slowly. I had 2 marriage proposals during my short stint of dating, and whilst I know the first was very sincere, I do think the second was simply his way of playing the field (and as an ex-olympic athlete I suppose he'd be an expert). Even I was taken in though, tho' I didn't accept the proposal, but I did think he was sincere, and then he just disappeared a few weeks later without an explanation. It's very difficult if you're back on the dating scene after a long absence to get to know the ropes again, and we can be terribly naiive, without realising it.

    The simple rule of thumb with all the dating sites is that the more contacts you make, the likelier chance you have of meeting someone special. I made a couple of good mates via the sites, even if nothing romantic developed.
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    Over 5 years ago I met my OH on the Leisuredistrict, that used to be on telewest, now it's on the net and they have set up a dating section, I believe alot of people got together from this site!

    Good luck all you who are looking, but word of advice, be cautious what details you tell people and don't believe everything you are told over a screen! Don't do what i did and have them move in the day you meet:rotfl:

    edit: sometimes the best way to meet people is by not looking at all! We certainly wern't which kind of made it better as we didn't look desperate - just somehow we knew we had to meet!
    We emailed each other every night for 2 weeks, and sent a few letters and talked on the phone. He came down to see me and moved in that day, we've had our problems but it will be 6 years in October.
    I, though, feel like I missed out on the 'courting' and in some ways regret that we didn't have that but it was a distance thing.
    Lol he'd hate me putting this on here but he doesn't read this site
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  • Doctor_B_2
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    How about free advice on writing a profile for the dating site, anybody know of a site that offers good free advice?????
  • loulou_lemon
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    Doctor_B wrote:
    How about free advice on writing a profile for the dating site, anybody know of a site that offers good free advice?????

    This thread might help :D
  • What is this about cheap internet dating,when there is free internet dating websites available.for what they r asking money for? 100% Free Online Speed Internet Dating Services for Singles in UK
  • kickstart_3
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    I am suprised that no-one has suggested I have had a look around that site , and it is totally free ,not just to search , you can actually leave messages and read messages , unlike a lot of others. I cant promise you will meet Mr Right tho' :lovethoug
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    What about this As it says its free for girls!
    My friend uses it and says its good but prefers which always have offers. I think they give u six months free if you dont find the one in 6 months lol

    I used dateline and thats where I found my man..six years later we are happily married - worst £100 I ever spent as I met him on there within the first month lol
  • You could always try , this is a good site to meet friends or a date, also include lots of articles and advice. The site is FREE, and exclusive to the UK.
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    For all those dating online some guidance at might be very helpful interesting reads there about online scams securing your computer etc.
    Found this particular article useful .
  • Hi

    I have been a member of the following dating site for about three years. It's not exclusively a dating site, but a friendship site as well and I have made some great friends over the years. It attracts a wide range of ages and has regular social meets - you can put up a profile for free, post in the various forums and send a limited number of messages for free.

    Check out:

    See you there!:beer:
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