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  • Travelqueen
    Travelqueen Posts: 204 Forumite
    Another amusing one is (also where every person is vouched for by an ex / sister / friend etc - it's US based (and there are a few articles about it) but there seems to be a small but significant UK contingent too.


    One day everything I earn will be mine and not the banks... ::rotfl:
  • System
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    Unfortunately, Perfect match is only free until you try to send a message!
  • hilstep2000
    hilstep2000 Posts: 3,089 Forumite
    I met my partner three years ago on a free Internet dating site, but I can't remember what it was called!
    The thing to remember is, if you agree to meet someone to do it in a public place, tell someone where you're going, and keep your phone on!

    There's nothing wrong with using sites, just remember not to lose your usual common sense!
    I Believe in saving money!!!:T
    A Bargain is only a bargain if you need it!

  • fertler1
    fertler1 Posts: 38 Forumite
    To a certain extent this is free. you collect points to allow you to send and receive messages. it is also one of the best i have come across - met someone - though unfortunately did not go further than one date [URL=http://][/URL] :p
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  • Miroslav
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    Are there any ads anywhere that are looking for an ugly bloke with baggage and no money?

    Thought not :mad:

    Oh well, maybe someone will take pity on me one day ;) :rolleyes:

    Seriously though, Isn't it a bit dangerous, even meeting in public etc etc? And you never know who anyone really is anyway online, I could be Sally the local launderette for all anyone knows :D
  • ditzymuppet
    ditzymuppet Posts: 301 Forumite hmmmm!! Take this one with a pinch of salt! (Or just the whole saltlick!) Lots of people who log on bored at work... searches are free... sending messages are free... rating members are free....its very easy to kill a few hours on this one.... there are a few freaks and geeks on there... but its all good fun :)

    ~ditzy~ :rolleyes:
    :pLove hugs and glitterbugs :p
  • elan_2
    elan_2 Posts: 1 Newbie
    i've been into net-dating for a long time as i travel a lot :D seems i'm registered everywhere)) though i've never taken it too seriously...u know too many scammers and those who fade away just after you say u'r going to visit their country. But....lololol that was fate, i met my baby on and it's the best one for me :T and you know though there are pretty many users there i felt like they work just for us) then i saw in forum this was not only me who thought so.:confused:
  • I did net dating for a while until I met my current girlfriend on, we've been happily together for 7 months now.

    One potential money saving tip for jdate would be to sign up for the affiliates program:
    If you had your own site, you could put this link on it, sign yourself up as a monthly customer (jdate gives you $20) and jdate would charge you $34.99 to join... minus the 20 and signing up to jdate for a month would only cost you $14.99, only 12 quid.

    Just an idea, not tried it out though.
  • Does anyone have any recommendations for internet dating sites that cater for the older age group :confused:
    Or is this way of meeting people something that should be left to the youngsters, like scuba diving and playstations :wink:
  • marcus01293
    marcus01293 Posts: 17 Forumite
    Try this website for all us singletons out there and its TOTALLY FREE. :beer:

    Members have photos and you can leave people messages for Free and Instant Message for Free. You can also join for Free.

    It's really easy to use and to search for people.

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