• wellsie82
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    PeteMc wrote: »
    They've sent me a £5 Amazon voucher today but I've re-signed up to the Nectar transfer as I've (slightly) more confidence this will work smoother.

    ive also had my payout today, took them 6 weeks all in all

    ive emailed them to thank them for sorting it out, but more importantly ive asked them whether their "issues" are now resolved, or whether they've sent me the £5 voucher to get me off their backs!

    im do another payout soon (50 points away) and id like to keep on getting amazon vouchers if they're going to be quicker!
  • kaza
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    I do the TNS food diary, you tell them what you eat via tick boxes for 2 weeks then get 15.00 in vouchers, in this months diary theyve included a slip to refer someone, if anyone wants referring pm me your details and I will forward it to them.

  • wellsie82
    wellsie82 Forumite Posts: 502 Forumite
    emailed mysurvey the other day with this
    Good evening,

    I am writing to thank you for sorting my order out. I will shortly have enough points to claim another reward and would like to ask you something.

    If I order another amazon voucher, how long will it take? I understand you have had issues with regards to the new website however I would like to know whether six weeks is the standard time I would have to wait in future or whether you have resolved the issue quicker because I have been sending so many emails to push you.

    Please be honest as it will help me to help you.

    Kind regards,

    and after 3 yes THREE chase ups they've replied back to say
    Dear panel member,

    Thank you for your message.

    We would say the the timing for receiving a voucher should be quicker this time around, but I would allow for the full 5-6 weeks despite this as it is still early in the process and more hurdles could be encountered. If speed is essential to you, then perhaps you should not undertake another voucher.

    I hope that this has answered your question.

    Kind regards,
    Emma Morisson
    Panel Manager
    MySurvey UK

    sounds like they're getting beter but if i know it'll take 5-6 weeks then so be it, this time i just wont chase them up till after 5 weeks
  • wellsie82
    wellsie82 Forumite Posts: 502 Forumite
    hopefully my final reply on this thread!

    ordered my 2nd amazon voucher on 10/04/08 and today its been emailed to me, 4 days, i cant beleive it

    hopefully this is a sign of things to come, so glad i persisted with the first voucher and then opted for the second one as the rewards on nectar are not worth bothering about :T
  • mrsdinozzo
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    daisy2002 wrote: »
    I've been having problems completing their surveys.
    I keep getting quite a way through their surveys when a message comes up saying i don't qualify.
    This has happen 3-4 times in the last couple of months.
    Last week i had a survey for 390 points & i was 65% the way through when it said i didn't qualify & that i'd get 25 points. I wasn't impressed as at that point i'd already spent near on 20 mins doing the survey. I've emailed them complaining but i've had no reply. I think i will stop doing surveys for them.

    I've had the same problem...and I've unsubscribed from them - a waste of time in my idea how many points I've accumulated and to be honest, I really can't be bothered...I've got more than enough in vouchers et al to come from other places less isn't going to hurt...
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  • princessmoneysaver
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    Am I the only one not having any problems with them at all?

    I have had quite a number of points added, within a week or so at the latest, even after the change over

    TNS - 16/01/2008 300 points
    TNS - 25/01/2008 60 points
    TNS - 25/01/2008 25 points
    TNS - 07/03/2008 360 points
    TNS - 07/03/2008 35 points
    TNS - 19/03/2008 25 points
    TNS - 02/04/2008 25 points
    TNS - 09/04/2008 200 points
    TNS - 09/04/2008 25 points

    All were added almost instantly
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    No problems here either ...... having my points converted to Nectar and they seem to go through great ! As I only really use Sainsbury's for 'top-up' shopping, this has been a great way to boost my nectar points !
    :jWeight loss to date 1st 11.5lb :j
  • carol_a_3
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    Mine all seem to be transferring to Nectar OK too.
  • toshkininny
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    can I just ask, are the points received at TNS, the same points at nectar. So, if you are rewarded 600 points for doing a survey with TNS, they are also 600 points with Nectar, which are then worth £3.24?

  • aqueoushumour01
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    can I just ask, are the points received at TNS, the same points at nectar. So, if you are rewarded 600 points for doing a survey with TNS, they are also 600 points with Nectar, which are then worth £3.24?


    yes. but 600 points = £3.00

    i decided to get an amazon voucher this time and am happy to say it came really quickly!
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