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  • wellsie82wellsie82 Forumite
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    wellsie82 wrote: »
    sorry to harp on but im getting sick of tns/mysurvey and want to apply some serious pressure to them, no more of these polite emails where it gets you nowhere

    ive complained several times to them and have sent a few emails everyday this week just to show them im not messing around

    i ordered an amazon voucher a few weeks back and they've not told me where it is, or whether it's been sent, or how it'll be sent

    since then ive accured enough points to order another £5 voucher but im holding fire until they sort themselves out

    someone must have threatened a company like this with some kind of governing body?

    has anyone else ordered amazon vouchers?????
  • wellsie82 wrote: »
    has anyone else ordered amazon vouchers?????

    Yes I have. I ordered one roughly 2 weeks ago but the status on my account just says 'ordered'. They are not the speediest with replying to emails either. :mad:

    Why can't they be a bit more like Lightspeed Panel who send you your Amazon reward vouchers almost straight away?
  • katladykatlady Forumite
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    waited since end December for my points to go to nectar well they have now done that but to the wrong nectar number which was trhe right number when I double check all my detail at the end of Feb. so now no paoints no nectar points what are they playing at they have not given me any points for the whole of Feb are they going under??????:confused::mad:
  • wellsie82wellsie82 Forumite
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    Yes I have. I ordered one roughly 2 weeks ago but the status on my account just says 'ordered'. They are not the speediest with replying to emails either. :mad:

    Why can't they be a bit more like Lightspeed Panel who send you your Amazon reward vouchers almost straight away?

    hi mighy white, sorry for sounding so happy but im over the moon someone else is in this boat with me, was starting to think everyone was still hooked up to the nectar scheme

    last night i knocked up my strongest email yet, i cc'ed in the usual email address and mytns but also found some email addresses online for some head of departments

    it did the trick and today ive had a sensible email back from mytns stating;
    Dear Mr. Wells,

    Thank you for you messages and bringing this matter to our attention. We apologize for the inconvenience and shortcomings that you have found in our communication with you.

    However, you have redeemed you points into Amazon vouchers. merely transfers the points you acquired through our surveys into the requested vouchers in the amounts requested. Therefore, we cannot check on and do not have access to the status of your voucher. This includes when the voucher will be awarded to you or the processing time that it takes for Amazon to complete your order. What we can check on and what I have seen in our records, that we did place the order for your Amazon voucher on Feb. 20th 2008.

    What you must do to get more information on the status of your ordered Amazon voucher is go to the Amazon website at and contact Amazon directly.

    We hope this has answered your questions and if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Kind regards,
    Emma Morisson
    Panel Manager UK

    if im honest, i dont beleive them, if its an online voucher (which the confirmation i got said it was) then surely amazon would not sit on the order/request, its not in their best interests, nor tns' for that matter

    anyway, for what its worth i've emailed amazon tonight and have copied the above email to them, and have asked them what's what

    the frustrating thing is, once ive got this one sorted ive then got another to order (im reluctant to order the 2nd voucher until the first has come through!)

    i'll let you know how i get on, when did you order your voucher and how can you check the status?
  • Hello all Im not new to the site but just registered to use the forums after reading all this about tns/mysurvey...

    I have had loads of probs too which I won't go into detail over, but basically I'm owed around 1000 points at this moment. I had a few go on the other week, which (eventually) were converted to nectar, but nowt else.

    I, too, was sending the same email message every day to them for nearly two weeks before I got a rubbish reply - I know it's not the same but whenever I'm missing mutualpoints, they put them on manually as soon as I email to tell them!

    I'm confused tho as I never have points 'pending' on my account, nor are there any 'surveys available to me', even if I've just had an invite to one! weird!

    I think everyone should either boycott them for a bit, or send a few messages with the link to this thread, so they can see exactly how p'd off everyone is!!!
  • KnightowlKnightowl Forumite
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    after the initial hiccup I am getting regular invites and points going on with odd
    The years starts today ....
  • cantcopecantcope Forumite
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    I'm getting regular surveys to do but no points added?!
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  • milliemillie Forumite
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    cantcope wrote: »
    I'm getting regular surveys to do but no points added?!

    Same here they owe me about 1200 points I still do not have the 780 points for that long boring survey 'My personal routine' even though they have given me the 180 for the follow up. I am fed up of emailing them waiting weeks for a reply and then the waffle on about everything but the question I have asked they seem to just ignore every point I try to make.
  • JAM1376JAM1376 Forumite
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    I can't even get into my account to see what points I have. I'm sure I got about £15 worth for vouchers. It says my mail address is my login but it doesn't recognise it. I know its the right one as I had an invite to a survey through this morning!
    I mailed and asked and they said to check I had typed it correctly (??????) and then to try again in a few days as they had some problems. I just want to order some vouchers!!! (That will take weeksd to come I suppose!).

    Anyone else had problems loggin in?
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  • echoecho Forumite
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    i must say i have no idea about points owing but i had probs a while back logging in.IF i was lucky to get a reply it was just stuff like your login details are one point after not receiving owt back from them i emailed them asking them if they were going to acknowledge me.i managed to login last month but on Tues i couldn't so i emailed them and reiterrated that my login details are saved in firefox so they can't be wrong.just got mail back telling me the usual rubbish.was ill yesterday so not @ pc but today i CAN login.
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