I Challenge You..save Money You Find On Street..1yr



  • (Land_of)_Maz
    (Land_of)_Maz Posts: 11,738 Forumite
    I'm going to join this one too, if that's okay?

    I found a tenner on my way out of Sainsbury's garage once, just swooped down, picked it up and kept walking!! Never ever been that lucky again!

    Good excuse to leave the car and walk about a bit at lunch time!
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    (it's part of my charm!)
    POSSETTE Posts: 1,474 Forumite
    friend who works in a shop says the teenagers come out of school at lunchtime and buy things in hers and other shops then throw away change as it's not worth bothering with! needless to say she makes a fair bit scooping it up!
    dont ya just love the little darlin's:T
  • skint_spice
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    I did find money (about 100E) with a passport etc in Paris - ain't I posh - and handed it in. It was some poor bloke from africa so just hope he got it back. I would always return even a £1 if I saw the person drop it.

    I handed a lot into a shop once (as a kid) about £250 and my folks gave me a hard time as the shop keeper was apparently dodgy and I should have taken it to the police. you just can't win!
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  • pandapaws
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    Oh God, another challenge I can't say no to!!!

    I remember being in a nightclub in Bournemouth one night - actually the night me and DH got together - and taking my shoes off because my feet were killing. Felt something under my foot, and it was a pound coin. Had a look around and found some more loose change. I remember thinking this was a great game, so went the whole way around the pub (which was so busy you could barely see the floor) and picked up all sorts - £20 note and many £1s included!!! Unfortunately I spent the lot on a round, which ended up costing far more than I'd collected, but I have a feeling that was how me and DH started talking...!

    So for those of you who're still young enough to go clubbing, keep your eyes well and truly on the floor, and you may find £20 or a husband!

    I won a quid in a TK Maxx trolley recently, but think it was probably before the new year, so nothing to count so far.

  • tsharp
    tsharp Posts: 1,532 Forumite
    I've often thought that it would be great to have the pot or jar that you collect small change in to be directly linked to your mortgage/credit card/overdraft. That way whenever you chucked some money into it, the debt decreased. It would be better than having the jar in the corner of the room being occasionally emptied etc, or like mine, raided for the higher value coins and the rest left there.
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  • pandapaws
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    Higher value coins? In our jars, that means the ones that aren't old 5ps, pesetas or bottle tops!
  • tsharp
    tsharp Posts: 1,532 Forumite
    I try to put at least a £1 in every week, but all that happens is that I need a couple of quid for essentials in the local shop.
    "I have enough money to last me the rest of my life, unless I buy something."
  • jo1972
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    On the way to work this morning, I watched a woman wade into a huge deep puddle which covered her shoes completely just to pick up a coin that was in the middle of it - come on, own up, which one of you was it!!
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  • Yorkielass
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    I’m another one whose big on picking up change, working at a university I’ve found vending machines to be a really useful source of coins! I’ve got a money box where I collect money I’ve found for the Olympic Challenge so I’ll keep an eye on this thread with great interest and report how much I’ve got when I count my money in August.
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  • It wasn't me wading through the puddle - honest:o but had I seen a coin in a puddle I would have!!:D
    i found a £1 in a trolley today, have started making a de-tour to walk past the supermarket:rotfl: even when I don't go in there. I did go there for a few bits today though.
    Comping again - wins so far : 2 V festival tix, 2 NFL tix, 6 bottles of wine, personalised hand soap, Aussie miracle conditioner :beer:

    Married my best friend 15/4/16 :)
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