I Challenge You..save Money You Find On Street..1yr



  • tsharp
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    I always find loads of spare change when i sit in the rain with my mangy dog next to a cashpoint and make a sad face. After a few hours I always have a few pennies...
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  • she_grinch
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    I regularly find upwards of 30p in the tea machine at work so count me in :)
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  • FunBrum
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    ecoelle wrote: »
    What about other peoples sofas?
    LOL:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I couldnt understand why my then, 8 yr old daughter insisted on vacumning on a Saturday morning, and industriously pulled out all of the cushions on the sofa. Until one day I asked her why she was so keen. You see, she had cottoned on that my ex would go to the pub straight after work on a Friday night and come home intoxicated and would fall asleep on the sofa! My darling little girl figured that any money that had fallen out of his pocket into the sofa was fair game! Clever girl!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: She made on average £6-10 every weekend!:T:D
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  • me and my mom was walking down the street the other week and she found a penny......further down the street in the gutter she found 2 £10 notes, goes to show the phrase ''see a penny pick it up and you'll have good luck'' is correct :D
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  • Lemon_Tree
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    hi we've been picking up change since i was a child. My mum always used to say 'find a penny pick it up, pass it on to bring you luck'. Any time she does this she's always bound to find a couple of quid during the rest of the day. She once found a huge sum of money in the ladies toilet, she handed it in and the person was very greatful, she'd just got the cash out for the christmas club!
  • 98sidney wrote: »
    Nice one I am always amazed how much money is dropped and not picked up. My daughter who is 5 shounted to me in a shop mummy I have found a coin, everybody was like aah bless her, when I looked at it it was a £2 coin the peoples faces in the shop dropped.
    reminds me when i was about 9 or 10 i was in safeway getting some things for my dad went to the checkout to pay and found a £20 note on the floor, i picked it up put it in my pocket when i got out the shop i went running to my dad waiting in the car and i shouted to him i found £20 waving it in the air i was well happy :D
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  • skint_spice
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    I can't remember the last time I even found a penny in the street, and it's not for want of looking!

    I do remember as a kid we used to do dancing classes in a masonic hall on a sat morn and early on the cleaners used to come in and give the floor a quick mop but they never swept up and we used to find all the change on the floor under the chairs, always managed enough to buy the Jackie!
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  • yung
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    I reckon my son will be a millionaire by the time he 50, so far he has got over £700 in his isa from coins he picked up on the bus and the street.
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    POSSETTE Posts: 1,474 Forumite
    and making me smile...i suppose down your own sofa may not count as its yours anyway..but feel free to visit folk you havent seen in ages,especially drunks by the sound of it,and firk down there sofas!!.:D .stuck my fingers in coffee mc at work tonight.no luck, i will try the other one another day,may even get down on my knees and rummage under it..im not proud!!:eek: :wink: i have to beat you all by december!

    Recall when i was 10 ish,on beach,i was just running hand thru sand,and found 20p,and another,and another then 50ps got about £12 i think.Turned out it would have been the donkey ride mans as he stood there the next day!:rotfl: will be on look out in wales and scotland when im holidaying.

    ps im covering derby/notts border..so stay away from my manor!!:naughty:
  • skint_spice
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    friend who works in a shop says the teenagers come out of school at lunchtime and buy things in hers and other shops then throw away change as it's not worth bothering with! needless to say she makes a fair bit scooping it up!
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