I Challenge You..save Money You Find On Street..1yr

Pretty obvious challenge really..when your out and about,walking dogs,at work,shopping...pick up any money you find on street or elsewhere,and save it in a separate pot all year...lets see who has the most at end of year!!:confused:

So far whilst walking dogs DH has found £1.12 just this week!!:T


  • My son is always finding money!!

    I'll start keeping my my eyes peeled !
  • robpw2
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    lol .. good challenge but know there wont be any for me to find now

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    eyes down folks!!
  • 98sidney
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    Nice one I am always amazed how much money is dropped and not picked up. My daughter who is 5 shounted to me in a shop mummy I have found a coin, everybody was like aah bless her, when I looked at it it was a £2 coin the peoples faces in the shop dropped.
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  • My OH's dad found 75 quid whilst walking the dog... he regularly finds money near the local pub.. there's a good place to start looking
  • debrag
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    yeah i wouldn't pick up anything below £1
  • Always pick up coins off the street no matter how little it is.
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  • oscar52
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    I used to do this in school - other people used to throw away all their "shrapnel" - i used to find around £1 - £2 a day in lose change, sometimes found a few pound coins into the mix as well - made me upwards of £10 a week
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  • Shineyhappy
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    I have heard that the best time/place for finding money is Saturday/Sunday mornings in pub/nightclub car parks.

    Dont know how true this is as I am not an early riser, but I saw a friends coin collection from the Xscape car park in Milton Keynes and he used to get about £5 on a good morning walk!
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  • zipzap
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    We often go past Tescos and the chippy at lunch time and the amount of change the school kids drop is STARTLING - just coppers usually but my 5 year old has a great time running round spotting them!!
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