I Challenge You..save Money You Find On Street..1yr



  • Glad I'm not the only one who is going to develop a humped back, I scour the pavements all the time, started saving it on our "finders keepers pot" ( saving it for a treat for the kids ) in December. We already have £6.50, & most of that was just 1ps & 2ps, also I had a great day when I found £3 left in trolleys!!!
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  • I never find anything above a 2p! If I'm with my son, he normally claims it anyway! He found a pound coin a couple of weeks ago.
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  • ltm07
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    I did this last year & the total i found was £12.63! So far this year i've found 36p. It certainly all adds up!
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  • What amount would you hand in to the police? If I found £100 I probably would, probably even £30... not sure about anything less...

    I think I once did hand in £20 and after a set amount of time you are suppose to be given if it hasn't been claimed, but it was (or apparently was!)

    When I was a teenager you were called names for picking up money. Anyway I saw a 2p piece on the ground and pointed at it with my foot. I ended up falling backwards, breaking one arm and crimping the other!!!

    Now I'll pick up any money, no matter how small!

    Good topic of conversation Possette!
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  • Just reminded me of quite a few years back when I saw 10p on the ground, was really broke ( what's new ), so tried to pick it up & someone had superglued it to the pavement!!!! a group of boys were looking out of the window laughing & jeering at me:o
    Comping again - wins so far : 2 V festival tix, 2 NFL tix, 6 bottles of wine, personalised hand soap, Aussie miracle conditioner :beer:

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  • gillypen
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    me and the hubby do this when out

    i also do it at work in the vending machines its amazing what people leave behind

    i have just ordred a pigsback monsy pig so i may use that for this
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  • red74
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    I always pick up pennies if I see them just because I'm hugely superstitious:rolleyes: but otherwise I wouldn't normally bother for less than 50p - doesn't that make me sound posh - "No darling, I won't consider bending down for less than 50p!"
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  • I pick up coins I see most of the time - they're quite common around train stations and parking meters. However, sometimes I'll see a 2 or 5c and not bother.

    Also, in Dublin on the buses they give you refund tickets instead of change (there's only one place in the city you can change them!), so people leave them laying around on the seats and floors of buses. I don't go scouring for them, but I picked up a 60c refund ticket on my bus seat one day that someone had just left behind. If it was cash I'm sure they would've taken it with them.
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    WOW.This response is great..i will take on board your comments about pub carparks at weekends..funnily enough the £1 coin we found was outside our local!!
    i find in swimming bath changing rooms people leave thier 20p coins in lockers a lot..got 3 in one visit one day!
    dont know what my limit would be before handing it in to police tho..reckon they would keep it and say it was claimed??
    afterall if someone lost £1000 cash,did they deserve to have it in first place?? i know i cling to my bag like velcro when i take a lot to bank..doesnt happen much tho!
  • If I saw someone drop money, or if I knew whose it was I'd hand it in or give it back to the person. If I saw a purse or money sitting in a cashpoint I'd hand it in.

    If I was in a shop and it was over a tenner I'd say I'd hand it in. If I found money laying on the side of the road, I wouldn't (unless there was a means to identify the person who owned it).

    I'd never actually heard of people handing in money (that they'd found on the road for instance) to the police station until I first arrived in the UK - in Australia, the vast majority of people who found it would consider it their good luck, or the bad luck of the person who lost it. Finders keepers and all that.
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