What was your best win of 2007???

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  • My best (read only) win so far was a Wii, I was so chuffed and shocked!!! Totally hooked now though...

    Big thanks to all who post, good luck to all for 2008

    Happy New Year!!!!!
    £2008 for 2008
    Wins so far - £0.00
  • lyndseyannlyndseyann Forumite
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    only been comping since september so havent had too many wins but i have a couple.ive won a nodding shaun the sheep,set of worthington darts,a cook yourself thin book[from oli pass the parcel!] and my last win i know from 2007 is a tray of wrigleys big ones as i won about half an hour ago!!!!!!! happy new year everyone and good luck in 2008!!! thanx to everyone who posts!!!
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  • lewpsterlewpster Forumite
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    My Wii! Not a really big prize but I have wanted one for ages and cannot wait til it arrives in the New Year! xx :j
  • KittyPrydeKittyPryde Forumite
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    My favourite was my Bourne Boxset or Kelly Brook Perfume (not received yet). :D

    Would like a biggie but all the little ones really make me happy cuz it's stuff I couldn't afford otherwise :D

    thx2.gif to all the posters.
  • djldjl Forumite
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    my best wins were

    Ipod shuffel ( thanks fluffynit)
    whiskey barel/whiskey (thanks kipper)
    2015 wins £4.00 not mse:(
    2014 £44.00:mad:2013 £83.00 2012 £601.50
    2011 £1554.50 2010 £698.00 2009 £2793.00
    2008 £2816.00 2007 £1034.00
  • mogartmogart Forumite
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    my 2 best wins were £100 from puzzler. oddly enough ive won mostly cash prizes!
    Wins in 2007:
    -Real People Magazine (£25), Puzzler (£100), Puzzler (£100), National Magazines (£10), L'oreal Color Riche Made For Me Naturals prize (£40ish), Magazine (£50),Magazine (£20)

    Wins in 2008: Real People Magazine (£25), Essential Songs 2008 CD (£11.99), Real People Magazine (£25), Alvin and the Chipmunks Dvd (£11.99)
  • My best win was finding this website!
    My daughter left home for uni in september and my days were very quiet without her, then I discovered MSE and its comp section :D

    Thanks to all who post the comps, give answers and advice and keep me company without even knowing it!!!.

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  • bamblolobamblolo Forumite
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    Been comping since july and best wins so far have been Jack Daniels trip to Atlanta (although 7hr delay and poor organisation by promoters didnt help but we stayed in a lovely hotel ) Also won holiday with the daily mail/express to Tenerife which i a m taking in March 08. Some Dida tablets that i gave to my mum. Started comping to try and afford things for the kids but not won anything for them yet. Very best of luck to everyone for 2008 and thanks to everyone who posts.
  • VelvetGloveVelvetGlove Forumite
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    I've been so lucky since I started comping that it is so hard to choose, but having looked at my Wins Folder I have come up with the following shortlist:

    Best win in value was probably the holiday for 4 to Tenerife - aiming to take that in April/May '08

    Best win which I have given as a pressie was the Kinder House (think of a Wendy House but made of cardboard & arrived flatpacked!) My 2 year old niece loved it as did her brothers (6 & 9).

    Best win for me personally which may make you all laugh was the 'It's a Wonderful Life' DVD - just love that film :)

    My thanks go out to everyone who posts competitions & those who help with answers, hints & tips :) We all make MSE Compers Forum what it is :)
    Sad because you don't know what to do? :sad: Comping question? Take a look in the Comping Guide to find out :smiley:
  • loobs40loobs40 Forumite
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    My best win this year was the £1000 cash I won in August which has paid for our skiing holiday in 3 weeks time.

    I also won a weekend in Paris which we are really looking forward to, hopefully sometime in Spring

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