What was your best win of 2007???

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  • ginjimginjim Forumite
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    trip to hawaii but was only there for 3 days
  • robpw2robpw2 Forumite
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    mine has to be a cheque for 2500 from itv ..we had a great weekend in london

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  • BatgirlBatgirl Forumite
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    I need to change mine!!!

    Last year I won a cinema première trip and thought it was worth about £20 but called them today as I still hadn't heard about the prize and they are sending out a cash alternative amount of £150:j I am delighted !!!!!

    Its going to go into our 10 yr anniversary doing something fund !
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  • MyzdamenaMyzdamena Forumite
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    Mine was the DS I won.. I've had higher monetary value wins in 2007 but that one gave the best smiles and excitement when I gave it to DS :)
    :j A-well-a bird, bird, bird...b-bird's the word :j
  • 19721972 Forumite
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    It's got to be the family holiday to Australia which I won through Virgin Radio.

    Worth about £9000 with all the things that were included.

    Don't think I will ever win anything like that again....but I can try!
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