What was your best win of 2007???

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  • kt21kt21 Forumite
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    I've had a really good year comping. My best monetry value prizes to date were my flights to Hong Kong (which im using in March) and a Trip to New York which im also taking next year.
  • DUKEDUKE Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Combo Breaker I've been Money Tipped!
    My fly-drive to anywhere in the USA - going to Hawaii in April :j The years supply of Pizza come a close second :D
  • I only started comping recently but I won an 4gb ipod nano which was brilliant because it was something I would have never have bought myself. Then in the same week a DAB radio, again, far too expensive to just buy so very happy! Also just won but not received yet are some earrings but will be for my mum :D

  • Definitly the 5* holiday to LA for two people- it was worth more than £4000 :eek:
  • isitenoughisitenough Forumite
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    All the wins have been good but the best was a vauxhall corsa in July. Only been comping a few months and was totally gobsmacked. After much deliberating we exchanged it for good old cash at the local dealer. Paid for quite a few bits this year, which was nice.
    Not a lot will top that but in 2008 it's gonna be fun trying! A family holiday somewhere sunny wouldn't go amiss (Disney anywhere preferably!)

    My thanks go to all who post competitions. We all deserve to win!
    Thank you to everyone who posts comps! :A
    I would like to be lucky,healthy & happy in 2020! :T
  • RiTSoRiTSo Forumite
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    Strange you should ask as I just updated mine adding some pictures!


    Had a few others throughout the year, an iPod and a few smaller things but I wasn't trying very hard, got to buck up my ideas for 2008! I'm aiming for the car (or motorbike would do!) and holiday next year!
  • My best win so far has been a set of the Kenwood KMix collection worth £550. Also have won 2 video ipods.

    Thanks so much to all those that post. Good luck for 2008!!!!
  • floydfloyd Forumite
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    My best one was a trip to NYC for a long weekend and tickets to see Gwen Stefani while we were there. It is mine and OH's favourite city and we had an absolute ball over there, so much so that we are going back in Feb next year but we had to pay this time ;)
  • tuppietuppie Forumite
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    My ocean village cruise to the carribean i won it July 06
    but took it FEB 07 so if that does not count then my 42 inch TV home cinema system from Key 103 radio station
    Waiting to win an ITV competition.....:A
  • jojopo000jojopo000 Forumite
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    My best win was my £200 waterproof and shockproof camera that was delivered this Friday just gone. UNfortunately I cannot include my LA trip yet as I wouldnt of known about it if I hadnt googled my name until the NOTW get in touch with me in the New Year.
    I have only been comping since mid-end of November and am now totaly addicted.
    Wins This Year - 2/1 Dog coat.
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