What was your best win of 2007???

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  • dollopdollop Forumite
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    mines was the mazda convertible courtsey of win a mazda with asda and heinz, 2nd was the wii games room courtsey of fanta,3rd was the years supply of pizza from chicago town,£250 off a radio station for my home makeover lol,ive had loads of fantastic wins this year,first year of comping to,somehow i dont think im ever ever gonna be that lucky again.

    have only done a few comps this last 2 months cause ive been very busy but i hope to take it up again very shotly when my house is done

    Id like to take this oppertunity to say a HUGE THANKS to all the poster and everyone that contributes to this thread and wish you all a wonderfull and lucky 2008 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    It`s getting to the point
  • StrepsyStrepsy Forumite
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    My biggest win was the Citroen C1 but best win, was more a freebie really, although I did get the offer sent to me through signing up for a comp, and that was the family hol to Europa Park in Germany. Had a lovely time.
    I've been lucky, I'll be lucky again. ~ Bette Davis
  • iwannabeonthebeachiwannabeonthebeach Forumite
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    Trip to the ice hotel in Sweden which I exchanged for £1200, though I would have taken the holiday if I could have had it in school holidays, but the £1200 will pay for a different holiday
  • angelbreezeangelbreeze Forumite
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    my best win of 2007 ,has to be my 3 nights in new york, which i won through the channel 4 website.we had an amazing time
    that was all thanks to kipper.:D
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  • BatgirlBatgirl Forumite
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    My best prize and only really big one ( except the rampant rabbit :eek:) was £200 red letter day voucher which I was going to use to take my kids to london but it was going to cost too much for the whole stay so i sold it and now have the money waiting in a LEGO LAND envelope which i can't wait to take the boys to next year, I have only mentioned it once to them that we might go and they were excited just at the thought, so that is def my best prize for this year.

    Now i just need to win a mini break to celebrate my 10th wedding anniversary in July :D heres hoping anyway!!!!

    Good luck to all MSE compers next year

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  • this nice 20" widscreen, LCD HD Monitor that I'm currently comping on was a great one, not least of all because it stoped the OH from taking the micky out of my comping addiction,

    Kyle bear was also great as my daughter loved it,

    £100 cash was nice as I brough my daughter a DS with it, and the £100 sainsburys voucher was also good as I got loads of nice wishy for presents for people this christmas and would not have been able to afford it otherwise,
    Started comps 7th August 2007 total for 2007 £1890
    had a break for a couple of months £835 / £2008 wins this month,
  • orangelily8orangelily8 Forumite
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    Had a few lovely wins this year,
    £250,£50 and 2 x £25 cash from Puzzler :D
    Luxury weekend in Glasgow (Home Town)
    Also 4 day luxury Golfing break to The Algarve which we
    have booked for March for our 10th wedding anniversary.
    And the 5 goodie bags from Morgans spice, which sorted a few
    Christmas presents out.
    THANKS to everyone who post the comps :A
    Hope 2008 is good to us all
    I AM WHAT I AM ;)

  • My best win has to be my sony walkman phone, it my first major win, and it came at a time when I really needed a new phone because I had broken my old one.
    In terms of value the most expensive prize I wan this year was the 4 pairs of Rockport shoes and mountain bike from a Mens Health competition!
    feeling lucky?:beer:
  • NEgirlNEgirl Forumite
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    mine was a ps3 - went down a storm on christmas day so im pleased i saved it as one of the boys pressies! :D
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    GOLD Holiday - won flights to RIO!
    SILVER Kitchenaid
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  • I started online competitions in July, and I've been really lucky. Best wins so far have been 20" LCD TV/ DVD combi; 4 First Class Train Tickets ( which meant we could take my Parents on a trip to Brighton for my Dads B'day); and the Champneys Spa Trip, which is something I've always dreamed of winning.
    Thanks so much to everyone who shares comps here. Happy New Year to all MSErs, and Good Luck for 2008!
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