What was your best win of 2007???

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  • irisroseirisrose Forumite
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    Great to see all the prizes that everyone has won. My one and only prize was £50 Faith shoe vouchers, hopefully next year will be great for all of us.
    Thanks to everyone that posts on here.
    Happy New Year
  • EverDecreasingCirclesEverDecreasingCircles Forumite
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    I've had a fantastic year (well, since I started in March). The most valuable prize was the white gold/diamond necklace from the Fairy win a diamond promotion - worth £1000.

    My 'best' prize though, the one that I'm most grateful to the comping fairy for, is my laptop (thanks Hamster for OP) from Tesco. It's made life so much easier comping wise.

    Here's wishing everyone a fantastic 2008. May you all have lots of great wins.

    Luv Jen x
    Biggest win: £10,000 from Pepsi
    Favourite win: Handmade jewellery worth £1000
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    I shall write in ever decreasing circles until I have nothing left to say
  • ambyukambyuk Forumite
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    The cruise I just won on DFDS seaways. I actually won a cruise to Norway worth £100, but when I went to book it said I had won a Commodore Class cruise to Amsterdam which is much better (we get an actual day in Amsterdam as opposed to 10 minutes in Norway!). It's worth a lot more too (£226). Now we just have to hope we can save up spending money/travel money to get there!
  • I think my best win for this year was £200 from puzzler added together with my piggy points paid for a trip to legoland for the family.
    We all had a fantastic time, and the kids enjoyed it too.:rotfl:

    Also the 2 ds lite's from the fanta comp, my boys have had so much use out of them.

    And something that I would never buy, and did consider selling it but thought I'd treat myself was the ipod nano and mariah carey perfume. I love the perfume and use it all the time, and the nano I just love.

    I've had a fantastic year of comping, thanks to all you lovely people on here, and hope next year will bring some more exciting letters and parcels from the postie.

  • brook_sonbrook_son Forumite
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    Wow what fab wins, my best win has to be my last one for this year (well i guess it will be) which is the animal man going to my sons school - hope it works out for them all - my son is hoping he can go into school on his birthday.

    :dance:Carry on Comping :dance:
  • It's great to see so many fantastic prizes won in 2007, lets hope 2008 is even better ;)

    My best win to date since I started comping in November is the 3 night 5* trip to Rome I won with Napolina. My OH and I are hoping to go in July and are really looking forward to it :D We're never been to Rome before but it's a place we're always wanted to visit.

    A big thank you to everyone who posts, I hope you all have a fantastic 2008.

    Happy New Year!!! :beer:

  • My best win this year was 6 VIP T in the Park tickets (won in an offline magazine comp). I was going anyway so it was fantastic to find out I'd be going VIP! Unfortunately it was the worst weekend ever and the VIP tickets were hardly anything to be excited about but I made a fortune selling the tickets I already had hehe.
    Back comping after a wee while off!

    2012 wins: Mark Hill Shine Spray
  • A little bit about me,,,,,,,,,, When I am into something, my family groan.. I end up seeing it as an obsession and I am led to beleive I can be a total pain in the wotsit.
    Anyway, it was my 40th in November, and I was bought (yet another) pair of boots.. they have been my "thing" for about 3 years.. I now own 8 pairs of boots from my favourite shop, as well as 3 other pairs... I agreed with my family that enough was enough.

    I even joked that I now needed a new obsession.... Anyway, I found it, in comping! I have entered a minimum of 50 per day, 100 sometimes, since I started in mid-November.

    My first (and definately best so far) win???? £50 voucher from FAITH... The actual shop that my late-obsession was centred on!!!

    I couldnt make this up if I tried, no-one would beleive me.. but I was good, I took my 20 and 16 year old daughters to Faith and treated them in the sales...
    2011: £10 Sports Direct Voucher, Peppa Pig Wii Game, Trivial Pursuit Card Game, £100 Chat magazine win, Dance workout dvd, Grease wii game,
  • white_starwhite_star Forumite
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    My Best Prize To Date Is this Rock n' Roll European Break ...
    We'll fly you out to your chosen destination, collect you from the airport in a luxury car and take you straight to your luxury hotel where you'll spend the next 3 nights.
    While in town, you'll get to take in the concert of your choice. Not only that, we'll give you a fantastic Sony MP3 Player pre-loaded with a back catalogue of your favourite artists work!
    ...which I won thanks to Kippers post of the Virgin Radio Comp :T :T

    I still haven't taken it yet, so need to get searching to see who's in concert.
    A Big Thankyou to everyone who contributes on this site & Well Done to All the Winners, There has been some fantastic prizes won. Good Luck Everyone for 2008

  • My best win of the year is my holiday to Dubai which we are going on in April :j

    Another of my fave wins was only a little ol' DVD called Here Comes A Digger but my 2 year old nephew absolutely loves it and it always makes him smile and join in. :D
    Enjoyed spending over a £1000 in various vouchers too.....free stuff is ALWAYS good!! :beer:
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