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I thought it was about time for a new diary. 
Ive been a member of MSE many years now and got my debt down from £20,000’s to a big fat ZERO.
I kept the debts to myself as I was the one who built them up. Dh would have been ok and we’d have worked through them together…..but it was my mess that I wanted to clear myself and not have him working extra to pay. A pride thing I suppose, I never knew exactly what the figure was as I definitely buried my head in the sand. It seemed like millions never mind £1000’s.
I had my LB moment in 2006. In fact the 4th January when I was rushed into hospital with a perforation in my tummy. Anyway a couple of operations later, 6 weeks in hospital with a couple of sessions in ICU brought me to my senses. I had a stoma (which was later reversed than another permanent one as I had a 2nd perforation in 2020) Throughout all this I was more worried how I was going to manage my debts then my health. Not the right balance at all 😳 In a funny sort of way it did me a BIG favour as the cc insurance kicked in. I wasn’t sure what pay I’d get from work but I was paid for 6 months and I couldn’t go out or do much so I threw every spare penny at the debt. It took me several years to pay it all as there were some more health challenges along the way. But I did it.
I had to take early retirement due to ill health  from work in 2020 but still have 9 months until I can claim my state pension….don’t even get me going on the extra 6 years since they changed the retirement age 😡😡
Roll on to 2024…..I plod along nicely, a fine balance between pacing myself and generally keeping busy. My aim is to keep within my monthly budget and not break into my savings which will have to serve me a long time as they’ll be no more nest eggs, that I know of, coming my way….unless I win the lottery - which is unlikely as I don’t do it 😂😂
Ive not made any New Year resolutions as I don’t stick to them longer than a couple of days BUT I do want to continue trying to get my weight down, keep motivation going to do things - crafts, using my gym membership, visiting friends etc. But mostly to keep my finances in order as I never want to be more worried about money than my health again. I’ll do this by savvy shopping, home cooking, and keeping waste down. When we do go out to eat which we do fairly regularly- it’ll be wherever gives the best value. I do intend to enjoy life whilst keeping finances in order 👍😁
I’ve had a lazy day today sitting under my heated throw I got for Christmas watching a bit of catch upTV. I haven’t had any heating on. Dh has gone to work but only 2 days this week. 
No cash has left my purse or cc yet in 2024 😁👍
Tea will be pasta with chopped gammon left over from New Years Eve in a tomato and garlic cheese sauce with pasta. I’m using my leftovers up👍 

January spends - £587.58


  • Sunshine_girl2
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    Happy New Diary. 
    Debt free April 26th 2021

  • RelievedSheff
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    Found your new diary. Looking forward to keeping up with your travels in 2024.
  • Seasidegal58
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    Looking forward to lots of posts from you in 2024!😀
    Finally Debt Free! - July 2016 🌟
    Finished Emergency Fund- £10,000 April 2017
    RETIRED: MAY 2021!!!!😀🎆
    My diary: “Seasidegal's Scrimpy Retirement Diary!”
  • milann
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    😂😂😂😂I’m still a technophobe. Posted my new diary and then I couldn’t find it 😂😂😂😂
    ive bookmarked it so I should be ok now 👍
    January spends - £587.58
  • CRANKY40
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    Happy New Diary 😊
  • Sun_Addict
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    Happy new diary 🙂 I’m thinking about moving to the Mortgage Free Wannabe board when I’ve paid the last payment of my windows/doors at the end of the month. 
    Christmas Savings 2024 £163.94/£600 February NSD:5 January Surveys £51.87
  • beanielou
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    Happy shiny new diary. 
    I am a Forum Ambassador and I support the Forum Team on Mortgage Free Wannabe & Local Money Saving Scotland & Disability Money Matters. If you need any help on those boards, do let me know.Please note that Ambassadors are not moderators. Any post you spot in breach of the Forum Rules should be reported via the report button , or by emailing [email protected]. All views are my own & not the official line of Money Saving Expert.

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  • Baileys_Babe
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    Happy new diary. Thank you @CRANKY40 for posting a link.
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     income, home educating family 
  • amber03
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    Happy new diary, I’ll come along on your journey.xx
    :j Debtfree and and staying that way.:j3-6 month emergency fund, No.61 £140.00
  • Onebrokelady
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    Yay I found you Happy New Diary Milann. I'm also thinking of starting a new diary but need to figure out how first 😂😂
    Original Debt Owed Jan 18 = £17,630 Paid To Date = £6,050.1 Owed = £11,579.90
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