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24 for 2024



  • tinkerbelluk
    tinkerbelluk Posts: 842 Forumite
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    edited 3 April at 7:52AM
    Hey guys sorry I've not kept up with this thread, but catching up this morning I can see everyone is doing a fab job 🥳 
    @thechubbyunicorn - You are completely correct in what you said about not sticking things out and enjoying some more than others, but it's amazing when you look back at the progress you've made and think, I did that. I know I won't complete everything this year again, but the way I've always looked at it is that without doing this challenge, I'd have done nearly none of them, so even if I finish the year with only 1 or 2 done of a particular one, it's better than none. Also HUGE congrats on the wedding 💖

    @DundeeDoll hope you're feeling better after your fall

    @IrishRose12 - Great to see you adapting things after already smashing one of your original ones

    As for me, we had a massive shock last month when we lost our beloved dog very suddenly and unexpectedly, especially as he was only just 7, so in all honesty I've not felt like doing anything. I must admit I'm still struggling a bit with the loss but determined to get some of these numbers up this month.
    1. Answer 24 journal prompts of self-discovery and awareness - 0/24
    2. Build 24 Lego sets - 0/24
    3. Complete 24 hobbies - 0/24
    4. Complete 24 things off master to-do list - 1/24 - Managed to finally tackle the airing cupboard which was a great start for my clearing as no real emotional attachment to the "stuff" but it did result in lots of bags of donations to the dogs home.
    5. Deep Clean / Declutter 24 areas around the house - 1/24
    6. Do 24 things with family and friends - 7/24 - Managed to add a lovely one to this last month where we met up with my cousin and his wife and son in Amsterdam whilst we were in the Netherlands on holiday.
    7. 24 Donations to charity - 11/24 - This was a tough one for me as a lot of this was made up with dog stuff as our beloved pooch was spoilt rotten 
    8. Enter 24 competitions per day on average per month - 3 months done, no wins in Feb or March, but still enjoying this one.
    9. Get rid of 24 items from loft / Garage - 0/24
    10. Go for 24 walks or bike rides over 30 mins - 0/24
    11. Have 24 fun family adventures - 3/24 
    12. Have 24 no tech evenings - 0/24 
    13. Learn or do 24 new things - 4/24 - Trying to add positivity to things that don't turn out as planned as one of these included ridding on the back of a flatbed in our car as we blew a tire on the way home from holiday in Europe! Also went in a cold plunge pool whilst away and whilst I'm glad I've done it, don't think it's going to ever be done again! 🤣
    14. Learn and use 24 new words - 0/24 - Learning them isn't the issue, it's using them I'm finding challenging - Anyone got any tips for this? Otherwise I may just change this to learn new words and hope they become part of my vernacular!
    15. Lose 24lbs - 0/24 - Making a start on this, this month as we're going on a cruise next month (one of my comp prizes from last year) so I really want to make an effort!
    16. Play 24 board games - 2/24
    17. Practice 24 mins of mindfulness each week - 13/52 - On track with this one
    18. Read 24 Books - 14/24 - Nailing this one!
    19. Save £2024 over the year - £896.92/£2024 - I'm really pleased with this one as it's all been from surveys, cashback, etc.
    20. Sell 24 things on ebay / booty sites - 1/24 - Sold a competition prize I won that I didn't think I'd end up using
    21. Spend 24 mins each week organising photos - 13/52 - Again, really enjoying this as not only is it something I've put off for years it's lovely to see the children growing up in front of my eyes
    22. Treat / do something for myself 24 times - 3/24 - Finding this one difficult to justify as one of these was a new car (new to me, not new, new) so perhaps I need to look at things that don't cost so I can get some of these off the list
    23. Try 24 new recipes - 3/24 
    24. Watch 24 new to me films / documentaries / TV shows - 8/24 - On track with this one
    So onwards and upwards this month, hope everyone else is well and it's lovely to see a few new faces 🤗
    You laugh because I'm different - I laugh because you're all the same
  • leftatthetrafficlights
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    edited 3 April at 7:58AM
    @tinkerbelluk - I'm so sorry for your loss 😔 having lost three out of my five dogs at ridiculously young ages, I know how utterly devastating it is 😢 take care of yourself and allow yourself to grieve for as long as you need - it took months for me to even function on a basic level x
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    2nd quarter starting weight: 9st 9.2lb
    3rd quarter starting weight: 
    4th quarter starting weight:

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  • DundeeDoll
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    @tinkerbelluk so so sorry to read your news - we lost our beloved german shepherd aged 5, heart-wrenching. Still miss her despite the spaniels (got after her death) now being 11
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  • DundeeDoll
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    edited 5 April at 9:48AM
    that sounds an excellent challenge irishrose - i still have two ducks (town trails and bike rides) - I'm still determined to get on my bike when the weather improves but have amalgamated museums and town trails and, inspired by yours but slightly different, added 'sort 24 drawers' - realising i have 17 just in my bedroom!!!
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  • DundeeDoll
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    edited 5 April at 11:17PM
    Friday's update - hand and knee much better, many thanks for your good wishes. for the last 7 days
    1 fiction book finished - A winter grave, very good
    1 show - Hamilton - absolutely brilliant
    1 litter pick
    1 drawer emptied, cleaned and everything put away in the right place
    1 new pub - the maker on easter day in between services with church friends - very nice
    1 place named food - Brunswick ham yummy
    1 documentary - mammals
    1 off the to do list - booked the dogs for a haircut
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  • fendi-bag-lady
    fendi-bag-lady Posts: 199 Forumite
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    Hello! I'm still here :) My laptop decided to pack in last week and I've been cut off from the world. Sounds like everyone is doing well on their challenges. 

    March Update: 
    1. 24 solo days out (2/24)
    2. Tick 24 things off my bucket list (3/24)
    3. Try 24 restaurants / cafes I've never been to (10/24)
    4. Read 24 books (0/24)
    5. Watch 24 movies I've never seen before (5/24)
    6. Lose 24lbs (0.5/24)
    7. Explore 24 Scottish villages / towns / cities I've never been to (1/24)
    8. Walk 2024 (472.87 / 2024) 
    9. Create 24 (positive!) habits (0/24)
    10. Save 24 of each coin / note denomination (13/1p 9/2p 15/5p 9/10p 10/20p 11/50p 20/£1 11/£2 8/£5 7/£10 8/£20) 
    11. Listen to 24 audiobooks (3/24)
    12. Buy 24 £20 gift cards to spend next Christmas (9/24) 
    13. Try 24 foods I’ve never tried (3/24)
    14. Watch 24 documentaries (0/24) 
    15. Eat 24 different cakes / puddings (3/24)
    16. Go for a walk 24 places I’ve never been (5/24)  
    17. Complete 24 things on my master to do list (0/24) 
    18. Run for 24 minutes (1/24)
    19. Try 24 new recipes (1/24)
    20. Post 2024 photos on Instagram (283/2024) 
    21. 24 outings / experiences with DP (2/24)
    22. Go to Slimming World 24 times (6/24)
    23. Sell 24 things (2/24)
    24. Do 24 things that make me look / feel better (5/24)

    There's clearly a few things I need to focus on over the coming months!
  • DundeeDoll
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    edited 6 April at 10:49PM
    one of my challenges is to do 24 local buses and another is 24 green places - today I did the #22 to Craigowl and walked back through Clatto Park which leads into Templeton Woods then over the road to Camperdown. A lovely lovely afternoon, and definitely something encouraged by my 24 challenges 
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  • DundeeDoll
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    edited 12 April at 2:39PM
    Another good week. Not sure i'll get any more done today so here's my Friday update.
    1) finished another workout programme so that makes 6 / 24 so far
    2) finished a non-fiction book (an astronomer's guide to earth) and read another (eat pray love) taking me up to 7/8
    3) as already reported #22 bus all the way out to Craigowl (3/24)
    4) then back through 3 parks (10/24)
    5) 1 donation to CS (6/24)
    6) 2 jobs off my list (purchase and hang dream catcher, hanging baskets 9/24)
    7) another litter pick (11/24)
    8) 1 academic submission - i thought it had to be in by end of April, fortunately checked on Friday, it was the 8th so guess what i was busy writing Sunday! (7/24)
    9) 1 talk on street art in Dundee (11/24)
    Which takes me to 163 / 576
    Hope you're all having a good time. 

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  • thechubbyunicorn
    I've been letting this challenge slip recently as I've had a lot going on. All the things on my list are things I enjoy and I feel recently I've not made enjoying myself a priority. I've got a few big things on at work that are taking up a lot of my brain and time. They should hopefully be finished this week and I'll get on with having some fun! 

    Last weeks update: 

    3. Try 24 restaurants / cafes I've never been to - The Velvet Coaster (Blackpool) 
    8. Walk 2024km - 38.52km 
    10. Save of each coin / note denomination - 4x2p, 4x10p, 3x£10 
    12. Buy 24 £20 gift cards for next Christmas - Screwfix 
    13. Try 24 foods I've never tried - Curried fish balls / Prawn wontons 
    20. Post 2024 photos on Instagram - 

  • DundeeDoll
    DundeeDoll Posts: 4,924 Forumite
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    oops been busy so bit late with my Friday update. So for week ending 19th April:
    Number 6 bus route- very interesting journey
    2 kitchen drawers emptied, cleaned and sorted - a bag of surplus cutlery will be going to good home tomorrow
    Melon to add to the fruit list 
    Friend's talk on her visit to the Antarctic (her treat to herself when she retired)
    Another documentary - The Flying Scotsman from the Footplate
    Butternut squash soup
    Baked bread
    Had a haircut
    Which takes me up to 181
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