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24 for 2024



  • Week 8 update...I've been working a lot this week so I haven't ticked much off...

    3. Try 24 restaurants / cafes I've never been to - Leopardo (Glasgow) 
    8. Walk 2024km - 32.74km 
    10. Save 24 of each coin / note denomination - 3x1p, 2x2p, 2x5p, 2x10p, 2x20p, 4x50p, 1x£1, 1x£2, 2x£5
    20. Post 2024 photos on Instagram - 1
    22. Go to Slimming World 24 times - Rejoined (again!) this week 
    24. Do 24 things that make me look / feel better - Haircut 

  • I've been rubbish at updating here 🤦‍♀️ sorry!! I will do better from now on! 

    February has been a bit of a nightmare month for a variety of reasons (anniversaries, birthdays, illness etc) but I'm determined to get back on the wagon in March!! I'm not updating on the dailies for February as I have done some stuff but certainly not daily!! That all starts tomorrow 😉

    1) 24 mins of housework daily 
    2) 24 mins of asana practice daily
    3) 24 mins of walking daily 
    4) 24 mins of self-care daily 
    5) 24 mins of writing daily 
    6) 24 mins of gardening weekly - done on a couple of weeks but it's been far too wet to do much. I have started off seeds though and am tending to those along with the houseplants 😁
    7) 24 mins meditation weekly - this has totally dropped off my radar 🤦‍♀️ however, I'll begin again in March 
    8) 24 days of Italian practice monthly  - not done - starting it tomorrow 
    9) 24 days of strict WFPB eating monthly - I've done a number of days but I have no idea how many
    10) £24 reduction of monthly grocery budget  - I've managed this!! 🙌 I've put the money away as soon as it comes in and work with the smaller amount
    11) 24 alcohol free days monthly - nope!! 🙄 I'll try again in March
    12) 24 NSD'S monthly - I've done some in February but no idea how many...
    13) 24 'home spa' days within the year - haven't achieved any so far so will need to catch up!! 😳 
    14) 24 tech free days within the year - these are going to be on my 'spa' days....
    15) 24 'out of the house' days within the year - 5/24
    16) 24lbs lost within the year - 1/24 🤦‍♀️
    17) 24 new books read within the year -  1/24 - I started another one yesterday so should be able to catch up by the end of April 
    18) 24 different veg/herbs grown within the year -  First seeds planted earlier in February 🙌 I'll report on the varieties once they survive their first transplanting 😁 
    19) 24 bottles/jars of condiments/cordials made within the year -  I'm not sure whether to adjust the parameters of this one to include fermented stuff and, if so, whether to make it batches as opposed to jars/bottles 🤔 I made my first ever batch of kimchi recently (which is lush!) so if I do make the change its batch 1/24 or if jars its 4/24...I need to consider my options!!
    20) 24 new recipes made within the year - 2/24 
    21) 24 items decluttered within the year - not started
    22) 24 items donated to the food bank within the year - not started
    23) 24 sunrises watched at the beach within the year - not done yet - too soggy and overcast!! 
    24) 24 sunsets watched in the garden within the year - not yet - see 23!! 🤦‍♀️😂
    Tilly Tidy Fund 2024: £66.09/£100

    Weight loss challenge 2024:
    1st quarter starting weight: 9st 13.1lb
    2nd quarter starting weight: 9st 9.2lb
    3rd quarter starting weight: 
    4th quarter starting weight:

    GC 2024 - Annual Target: £2712- Running total:£629.12/£2712
    Monthly Target: £226
    Jan: £74.12; Feb: £300; Mar: £190; Apr: £65; May: £; Jun: £; Jul: £; Aug: £; Sep: £; Oct: £; Nov: £; Dec: £

  • DundeeDoll
    DundeeDoll Posts: 4,902 Forumite
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    very much enjoying - i am doing 20 24s rather than 24 24s and some things are multi-part (like my workout programmes) so have some decimals for those - all done in the same spreadsheet i used for 2021 (20 21s that year)
    1) Workout programmes: 3.7
    2) Fiction books: 4
    3) Non-fiction books: 2 
    4) green places: 7
    5) End to end local buses: 1
    6) Bike rides: 0
    7) Shows: 3
    8) films: 7
    9) Donation to CS: 0
    10) House jobs: 2
    11) Litter picks: 1
    12) Town trails: 0
    13) Churches: 4
    14) Different types of fruit: 15
    15) Museums: 5
    16) Bridges: 5
    17) Pubs: 5
    18) Academic submissions: 4
    19) Lectures: 5.3
    20) Documentaries: 4.7
    Total: 78.8
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  • DundeeDoll
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    edited 3 March at 3:02PM
    The thing I love about this challenge is that, while all the challenges should definitely be enjoyable, I can use them to remind myself of things I've been meaning to do. Case in point, a lot of non-fiction books on the shelf. Yesterday I finished a book about stars and today I read 'A message from Ukraine' which a friend had lent be a while back - now returned! I am also finally getting to explore bus routes I've always wondered about, and watching documentaries while doing my workouts - win win and all very mse. I still though haven't braved my bike - it's nearly 25 years since I last got on a bike so I thought 24 times out on the bike was a good challenge to set myself - now the weather's getting better I'm hoping to start ticking that one off. What encouraged others' challenges?
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  • thechubbyunicorn
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    @DundeeDoll At the beginning of the year I realised I needed more adventure in my life and I wanted to get out and about more, especially on my own. I think about this list most days because most of the things on it I enjoy doing. Some I don’t particularly enjoy like selling things or running but I still want to achieve these so breaking them down into 24 wee tasks seems so much more achievable. I never see anything through to the end and I’m delighted I’m still here after 2 months. It might seem silly but this challenge is giving me some focus on what areas of my life I want/need to improve and I’m determined to see this to the end!
  • thechubbyunicorn
    thechubbyunicorn Posts: 47 Forumite
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    edited 4 March at 9:11AM

    End of February update...

    1. 24 solo days out (1/24)

    2. Tick 24 things off my bucket list (2/24)

    3. Try 24 restaurants / cafes I’ve never been to (6/24)

    4. Read 24 books (0/24)

    5. Watch 24 movies I’ve never seen before (3/24)

    6. Lose 24lbs (3/24)

    7. Explore 24 Scottish villages / towns / cities I’ve never been to (1/24)

    8. Walk 2024km (293.16/2024)

    9. Create 24 (positive!) habits (0/24) 

    10. Save 24 of each coin / note denomination (8/1p 7/2p 9/5p 7/10p 7/20p 9/50p 13/£1 1/£2 6/£5 6/£10 4/£20) 

    11. Listen to 24 audiobooks (1/24) 

    12. Buy 24 £20 gift cards to spend next Christmas (4/24)

    13. Try 24 foods I’ve never tried (3/24)

    14. Watch 24 documentaries (0/24)

    15. Eat 24 different cakes / puddings (1/24)

    16. Go for a walk 24 places I’ve never been (4/24) 

    17. Complete 24 things on my master to do list (0/24)

    18. Run for 24 minutes (1/24)

    19. Try 24 new recipes (1/24)

    20. Post 2024 photos on Instagram (197/2024) 

    21. 24 outings / experiences with DP (1/24)

    22. Go to Slimming World 24 times (3/24)

    23. Sell 24 things (0/24)

    24. Do 24 things that make me look / feel better (3/24)

    I'm really surprised at some of these - I definitely thought there would have been more cake eating and days out with DP on here! March is a really busy month but I'll still try hard with this and hopefully tick a few things off. 

  • thechubbyunicorn
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    Week 9 update...a really busy week so not much ticked off. 

    2. Tick 24 things off my bucket list - Plant a tree
    8. Walk 2024km - Walked 34.71km this week 
    10. Save 24 of each coin / note denomination - 2/1p, 1/2p, 2/5p, 2/10p, 2/20p, 2x£1, 1x£5, 1x£20
    12. Buy 24 £20 gift cards to spend next Christmas - Next 
    20. Post 2024 photos on Instagram - 
  • DundeeDoll
    DundeeDoll Posts: 4,902 Forumite
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    @thechubbyunicorn you have inspired me - I had thought I would do 20 24s as it's 2024 but I'm going to go for 24 24s and 3 of my extra 4 will be taken from your list - 24 things I've never eaten before, 24 new recipes, 24 things that make me look / feel better - the last is bake bread 24 times - and a weekly update, good idea
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  • DundeeDoll
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    Friday update: 
    Workouts: 4 of a programme of 20 
    Show: the lovely Rev Richard Coles at the Whitehall
    Buses: travelled the #6 fpr the first time
    Non-fiction books: finished The art of stargazing and read A message from Ukraine
    House jobs: spare keys cut for new yale
    Lectures: 1 of a series of 6 on Astronomy - this week was the sun
    Documentaries: BB4 Discovering Ancient Music, Channel 5 Great British Cities (Liverpool)   and two Great Scottish Rivers 
    Which takes me up to 91. currently 5 of my 24 are still zero but I have plans for the weekend :tongue:
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  • Happy_Kitties
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    I’m late with my end of Feb update but this thread is giving me focus.
    @thechubbyunicorn recent post really resonated with me about needing more adventure in their life and I have to say I feel the same, health permitting and this thread will hopefully allow me to do this.

    1) 24 donations to local animal sanctuary. 3/24

    2) lose 24lbs in weight (def need to do this after finding out my weight yesterday)

    3) 24 jobs in the garden. Really want to attack the garden this year and do some work on it… free exercise

    4) 24 ‘me time’ activities. As bestie pointed out recently I never put myself first 1/24

    5) read 24 books

    6) save £2400

    7) save £240 on supermarket card for Christmas

    8) declutter 24 items from the house each month 11/Jan. 9/Feb 8/March

    9) sell 24 items

    10) 24 activities with family/friends 3/24
    (me and a bestie decided to book a trip away to London, wanted to do it last year but it never happened. Very much looking forward to this)

    11) 240 minutes of volunteering each week 6/52

    12) At least 24 mins of housework a day  Jan✅ Feb✅

    13) At least 240 minutes of exercise a week 4/52

    14) At least 240 items to favourite charities for fundraising x 2.  110+20=130+28=158+ 20=178+9=187+70 (delivered yesterday 17/3) =257. First lot done ✅

    15) Use up 24 candles 1/24

    16) 240 minutes spent on course each week. 6/52

    17) 24 letters to family and friends 1/24

    18) Watch 24 films

    19) 24 jobs in the house
    Decluttering challenge 2023🏅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 
    Decluttering challenge 2024 🏅⭐️
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