Complete Savings "Legal but crafty"

Hi All, 

I recently checked over a bank statement and noticed a £15 deduction from a company called WLY*CompleteSavings.  On further inspection I realised this transaction had been deducted from my account since 2016!  Now, you may think I'm silly, don't worry, you need not as I felt stupid enough.  The truth is, I rarely check my statement as I know my outgoing amounts roughly and am clear on what my DD's are.  
What makes this transaction slippery is that its processed as a card payment each month and to be honest, in my case, just went under the radar.  I do know however there are many others who have fallen for the same thing.  Review site are full of them!
The company are perfectly legal and offer a Cashback service that when used properly, have some potentially good benefits.  What makes it murky for me is how they begin taking from you potentially without your knowledge.  At the end of certain purchases, in my case a Beauty retailer, a box is flashed up and the offer of cashback on your purchase....For Free! Yet in the small print, and I mean small, there is a notice of it being a free 30 day membership and following that, £15 a month.  
If you click the box, they then lift your card details directly from the transaction you're making and begin taking payments automatically following the 30 days.
So, to help anyone else out there that experiences this problem Im telling my story, as I have just got the entire £1400 refunded back to me. 
Firstly, don't waste your time calling your bank.  Mine seemed so used to the call regarding this company that they did nothing but defend them and seemed to almost promote them!
Don't bother emailing them on their Website Help form.  All you'll get is a copy/paste response stating you knowingly signed up, (For the record in over 7 years I didn't receive one marketing email or request to set up my login credentials).  Call the company directly on this number 0800 389 6960 - There customer services line.  Request an immediate cancellation and don't give a reason.  Once thats done, which can be carried out on the call, request a full refund of all money's taken.  In my case the most they could transact on the call was three months worth.  The rest had to be requested via a claim form which I was told would arrive with me in 24hrs via email. 
THE EMAIL WILL NOT COME!  They're hoping you receive your £45 and forget all about it.  I gave them 48hrs and called again.  Within 2 minutes they agreed the rest of the refund and transacted the full amount there and then, NO FORM.
As I said, this is something you can very easily fall for.  Its a clickbox and nothing else.  Ive noticed that its regularly attached to train ticket purchases and also found a news article regarding B&Q who ceased using them due to there business practices. 
If you know about it and use it, i'm sure its a good service, but there seems to be an awful lot of people out there that are paying for it whilst unaware. 

Hope this helps


  • born_again
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    Good to see someone stuck at it.
    But this company are always good at paying back.

    As far as bank goes, until you have cancelled & they take more after that, nothing they can do. 
    All I do is tell people to do exactly what you did & they get their money back 👍

    Reality is it's not shady practise. It's made very clear in the tick box exactly what people are signup to. Thy even send email before the end of the free trial.
    Shame people don't read it, only see the cash back offer 🤷‍♀️

    Life in the slow lane
  • Pollycat
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    Pollycat said:
    Lots of threads about Complete Savings.
    Complete Savings — MoneySavingExpert Forum
    Complete Savings — MoneySavingExpert Forum
    Complete Savings scam — MoneySavingExpert Forum
    Complete Savings Cashback and Ebay — MoneySavingExpert Forum
    Moonpig & Complete Savings — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    If you 'unwittingly signed up to this service' would a dispute with your bank be successful?
    There may be some information about refunds in the above threads.

    It appears from a lot of complaints on this forum that a lot of people sign up to things without knowing they have done so.
    As said above, it's usually pretty clear if people actually take the time to read.
  • stuartp2000
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    edited 24 November 2023 at 1:08PM
    I use complete saving and do religiously make sure I am buying stuff that creates more benefit than I pay i.e. the £15.00.
    I am ok as my free trial come from an online grocery shop so eah month I need to do 1 shop send a recipt and I get the £15.00 refunded, so I am not spending money unduly.
    I did also have these about 18 months back but cancelled during the trial, unlike the others though I found it seemless, I notified I wanted to cancel and hey presto it was actioned.
    This time I have been a member for 4 months and it works so will keep it going until it no longer represents value.

    Moral here also is be on top of your bank statments, I am sure Martin mentions this quite a bit in his advice, but really does pay to know what is coming and going.
    I use YNAB these days so I know every penny that is spent in near real time, not for everyone and a simple monthly review would work but it does pay to check
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