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What is your oldest item of clothing?



  • DKLS
    DKLS Posts: 13,459 Forumite
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    The oldest item I have would be an Edwardian frock coat, the one item I kept for myself after trading in vintage textiles and clothing for 10 years.
  • Margaret52129
    Margaret52129 Posts: 262 Forumite
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    I have a mac which I bought from a local posh shop way back in 1978 or 9. I don't wear it all the time because hemlines have been up and down but it's still in good nick and still wear it occasionally.

    Can anyone remember when comics gave you free gifts? Well I have a heart shaped pendant with a 'pearl' chain that was given with the Bunty comic when I was about 9 - so that would make it around 48 years old. I don't wear it though as it would only fit as a bracelet LOL

    My mum always had a saying about clothes/fashion - What goes around, comes around. And it's true. I had some platform shoes (from the 70's) which mum said was just like my aunts and she was wearing them for a photo way back in the 40's - I haven't got them though!

    This might not count, but I have a fur coat that was my nana's from during the war and my grandad's suit from the same time. They have the wartime markings in. Neither are worn, although i did wear the fur coat in the 70's, but just kept for the memories. Wouldn't know if moths would fly out if i dared to open the suitcase!!

    Hubby still has and wears the shirt he had when we were married (1977). M&S quality!
  • MrsBartolozzi
    MrsBartolozzi Posts: 6,358 Forumite
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    My oldest item of clothing is a leather biker jacket I wore in my teens (the 80's). It has autographs of members of several bands I went to see including Metallica and Black Sabbath from then - one of the autographs is Cozy Powell's who, sadly is no longer with us.

    It lives in my loft as I can't sqeeze my b00bs into it now.:D

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  • my oldest clothes are a dress and a skirt from my teens - must be about 16 yrs old - i wont wear them now but cant let them go....skirt is far too short for me to wear now.

    The shirt i'm wearing today is from Next and is abt 8/9 yrs old.
  • redhead26
    redhead26 Posts: 8 Forumite
    I have a gorgeous cream wool coat with fur (yes real!) collar, it was my mums "going out" coat from the 70's she left it with me 16 years ago when she emigrated, and I love it - Hubby not so keen tho!
  • ThinkingOfLinking
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    Nothing that old as I'm 23 and obviously was growing til about 5 years ago...I think though that clothes in previous decades were made to last more than the disposable fashion of today; a fair amount of my clothes are falling apart that are more recent purchases, although I still regularly wear 5 pairs of Gap jeans I bought in 2003. :)
  • The dress I wore to my 21st Birthday party some 23 years ago. Can't bear tp part with it, would be happy just to get in to it nowadays!!
  • hollystar
    hollystar Posts: 15 Forumite
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    Last weekend I found the top I wore on the night I met my OH,it was January 5th 1980(7.30'ish!!). It was black chiffon see-through,I wore it over a black boob-tube! He's such a push over!! I bought it from London in 1979, I must have cut the label out & now I can't remember where I got it from. My 16 yr old DD was 'no way' going to try it on..ha ha!
  • marionquine
    marionquine Posts: 25 Forumite
    A pair of Swiss lace shoes I got 45 years ago. Still like new. Have kept them for my granddaughters!!!
  • I'm 23 and I stil wear t shirts from when I was 7 or 8 :) People always really like them and want to know where I got them from!
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