What is your oldest item of clothing?

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Mine is an anorak I wore on my honeymoon 40 years ago !
It's disgustingly tatty now and not suitable for public viewing so I use it for dirty gardening chores but as it's of sentimental value, I can't bear to throw it away.



  • skylight
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    Mine is a suede jacket Nan gave me that she bought before Dad was born! (so about 55 years old!) I love it, but rarely wear it unless I can guarantee it won't rain (and then I take a carrier bag to put it in just incase it does!)

    I have had it re-lined a few years ago, but the 2 "professional" cleaners I have taken it to refuse to touch it because of the sentimental value and they cannot guarantee it will come back in one piece! It needs a good clean and was recommended by here to use steam and a good brush.
  • AliBow
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    Mines probably my scarves. I've got one that belonged to my great aunt (thats about 60 years old!) and a couple that were my mums in the 1960s. I love them. Wear them as belts or in my hair all the time :D
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  • Skint_Catt
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    Mine's an Adidas sweater that my Mum bought for Xmas or a Birthday when I was 15.

    She didn't really want to buy it because it was £40 - a hell of a lot even now for a sweater - but its lasted me til this day (I'm nearly 31), though its huge on me now as I was into 'big and baggy' back then and I've lost weight since too! I'm sure it'll last me another 10 years at least! :j
  • Mine would be a pair of 14 hole DR Martens that I bought when I was 16 so they will be 21 years old!! OMG!! never thought about that before. :rotfl: :rotfl: :eek:
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  • Just as an aside, but it made me laugh at the time and several times since...

    I was watching Blind Date many moons ago with Cilla and she was interviewing a particularly baby-faced chap and she asked him how old he was, he answered and she, quick as a flash, said "good grief, I've got tights older than you..."

    Just thought it was a good line.:D
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    A black suede jacket with tassles that I wore in 1984 as a Goth. Still in pristine condition.
  • stefejb
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    Mine is my long leather coat - it is over 40 years old and used to belong to my Mum. Exoh used to call it my SS coat but I love it
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  • I have a jumper that was bought for me 21yrs ago & it still fits.
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  • I have 2 pairs of knickers that I bought just after my youngest son was born & he's 21 & they get worn regularly. I also have a blouse & a pair of shoes that I bought when I was 40 & I'm now 56.

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  • I have two!

    One is a pair of Dr Martin police shoes that I bought when I was 17 (am now 33)and the other is a baggy Oshkosh sweatshirt we bought from the states about 10years ago...and I live in it with PJ bottoms:D

    OH has a pair of PJ bottoms from Next bought about 13 years ago. They have a hole in them and have been stitched loads of times...think he needs some new ones:rotfl: ...he loves them.

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